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Teacher's gradebook. Weighting, averaging, and multiple classes.
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Teacher’s gradebook. Weighting, averaging, and multiple classes.
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Contents of the MANUAL.DOC file

Computer Grading System ver. 2.0
by Richard L. Rouse


Grader is a shareware software package. This means that you
may try the program to see if it is beneficial to you before you
buy it. If not, simply pass the distribution diskette on to someone
else who may be able to use it. If you decide that the software is
beneficial to you, please register it by sending your name, phone
number, and address along with a check for $25 to the author at the
following address (You may use the file ORDER.BAT to print an order

Richard L. Rouse
Route 1, Box 303-D
Glade Spring, VA 24340

A site license is also available for $75. Under the site
license, an unlimited number of users at one site (such as a
school, college, etc.) may use the software on any number of
different computers. However, all copies of the software must be
used by people at the licensed site.

Registering the software serves two purposes: 1) It registers
you as a legal user of the Grader software package. As such, you
will receive free updates as they become available. You will also
receive free technical support via written correspondence. 2) The
poor author will receive a little pocket change (giving him an
incentive to produce more software).

You may freely copy the distribution diskette and give it to
friends and associates under these conditions: 1) Distribute a
copy of the original distribution diskette only. Do not delete
or modify any of the files on the distribution diskette. 2) You
may not charge a fee for the software except for a nominal diskette
copying charge (not to exceed $5).


To install the Grader software onto your hard disk from a floppy
disk, simply place the distribution diskette in drive A and type A:INSTALL.
This will create a directory on your hard disk called C:\GRADER
and copy the needed files into it. If you received the Grader software
in a .ZIP file, simply unZIP the files into any directory of your choice.


The Computer Grading System is a software package which stores
numerical grades and computes averages for an unlimited number of
courses. The user will enter the roster for each course only once.
After that, the grades for any number of assignments may be entered
into the database. At any time, the grades for an individual
student may be displayed and printed, along with the current
average. Grades may be displayed and averaged for all assignments,
or for a group of assignments (such as only tests, quizzes, etc.).
When the user is ready to compute the final grade for each course,
the computer does it automatically. The user may assign a 'weight'
to each assignment, allowing some assignments to comprise larger
or smaller portions of the final grade.


To execute the Computer Grading software, at the DOS prompt,
type: CD\GRADER and then type GRADER. A menu will appear which
lists 9 options. To select an option from the menu, use the UP or
DOWN arrow key to highlight that option, then press ENTER. Each
option is explained below:

1 - Create Roster For New Course

This option is used each time a new course is to be added to
the database. You are asked to input a name for the course. The
name must be 8 characters long or less (i.e. ECON1000). If you
Press ENTER without entering a course name, you will return to the
opening menu. Next you are asked to input the number of students
enrolled in this course. Then, type in the last name of the first
student and press ENTER. Next, type in the student's first name
and press ENTER. The computer will ask: Is this correct? If the
name is correct, press 'Y', if not, press 'N' and you may enter
it again. Repeat the above process for each student enrolled in
the course. After the name of the last student is entered, the
computer will save the names in a roster file, which is sorted
alphabetically by last and first names. The menu will appear
again and you may have the computer perform another task.

2 - Input Scores For A New Assignment

After a roster file has been created for a course with option
number 1, you may input the score for each student for any number
of assignments. Menu option 2 will allow you to open a file for an
assignment and enter the scores for that assignment. First, you
will be asked to enter the name of the course in which the
assignment was given. A list of all courses currently in the
database will be displayed on the screen. Next, you will be asked
to input a name for the assignment. For example, if you want to
enter the scores from a test, you might call it TEST1. The names
of the students enrolled on the course will appear on the screen
and you will be prompted to input each score. Simply type in the
score for the first student and press return. You will then be
prompted to input the score for student number 2. Repeat this
process for each student. If you make a mistake, don't worry. You
will have a chance to correct any mistakes before the data is
saved. After the score for the last student is entered, if the
scores are correct, Press 'S' to save them in the database. If one
or more scores were entered incorrectly, press "C" to change them.
When all the scores are correct, press 'S' to save them. The Menu
will appear again.

3 - Change Scores For Existing Assignment

You may change a student's score for an assignment at any time
by using Menu option 3. Simply enter the name of the course and
press ENTER. Then enter the name of the assignment and press ENTER.
You will then be prompted for the last and first names of the
student for whom the score is to be changed. The current score will
be displayed and you will be asked to input the new one. Next, you
may change the score for another student or return to the menu.

4 - Display Scores For One Student

You may display the scores for any student with this option.
You must enter the course and assignment names followed by the
student's last and first names. Then, you may choose to display the
scores for all assignments (by typing the search string: ALL), or
selected assignments. For example, let's assume that you have the
following assignments for a course in the database: TEST1, TEST2,
TEST3, QUIZ1, QUIZ2, QUIZ3, MIDTERM, and FINAL. if you enter the
search string 'TEST', only the test scores will be displayed and
averaged. If you type 'ALL', the scores for all assignments will
be displayed and averaged.

5 - Compute Final Grades For A Course

At any point (usually at the end of a semester), you may have
the computer average and print the final grade for a course. All
you have to do is input the course name and assign a 'weight' value
for each assignment. All of the weight values must total 100%. The
final grade for each student will be calculated and printed.

6 - Add Or Delete A Student

If a student add/drops a course, his/her name may be added to
or deleted from the course roster. If you add a student, a score
of 0 (zero) will automatically be entered for that student for each
assignment currently in the database. When the student attains a
score for an assignment, simply use Menu option 3 to change the 0
to the correct score. If you delete a student, his/her name will
be deleted from the course roster along with the corresponding
grade for each currect assignment. After you enter the name to
delete from the database, you will be asked if you are sure you
want to delete it. Be careful.

7 - Delete Record For A Course (Be Careful!)

When the records for a course are no longer needed, they may
be deleted from the database. Be careful because once they are
gone, they are really gone. Again, you will be asked to confirm
that you really want to delete a course from the database.

8 - Print Roster For A Course

This option displays and prints the complete roster for a
course in alphabetical order.

9 - Quit

Exits the Grader program.

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