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Several recipes for various types of beer.
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Several recipes for various types of beer.
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This recipe will produce 3 3/4 gallons of a Premium Australian style
Lager.A couple of interesting points about the beer are that it uses
Authentic Australian hops for bittering and flavoring - and the Aussie
hop taste comes right on through. In addition, toasted malted barley
was added for flavor and aroma, as well as for enriching the color.
Also, the beer was krauesened, rather than primed.

3.3# American Classic Light Malt Extract
1.65# American Classic Light Malt Extract
1/2# Toasted 6 Row Pale Malted Barley
1/2 oz. Australian Green Bullet Hop Pellets
1/4 oz. Australian Sticklbract Hop Pellets
1/2 oz. German Hallertauer Leaf Hops
#308 Wyeast Pure Liquid Culture Lager Yeast
1 tsp. Irish Moss
1 tsp. Ascorbic Acid
1 tsp. Gelatin

24 - 48 hours before making the beer, start the pure yeast culture.
Begin the beer by spreading out 1/2 pound of the pale malt one
layer deep on a cookie sheet. Preheat the oven to 350 and toast
the malt for 10 minutes. You may wish to use a lower temperature
and, or, less time as the above will produce a fairly robust color
and toasty flavor. Crack the malt with a rolling pin while still
warm. Put it into 4 cups of cold water and bring to a boil, then
strain the liquid into your boiling pot. Rinse the grains with an
additional 4 cups of warm water and add this water to the boiling
pot. Discard the spent grain.

Add at least 2 more quarts of water, the Irish Moss, both malt
extracts, and 1/8 oz. of each of the Australian hop pellets. Boil for
20 minutes. Now mix 1/8 oz. each of the hop pellets and add half of
this mixture to the wort. Boil for 5 more minutes, shut off the heat
and add the other half of the hop pellet mixture. Cool the boiling
pot in the sink with cold running water.

When cool, pour the wort into the fermenter and top up to 3 3/4 gal.
with cold water. Thoroughly mix and remove 1 qt. of the mixture to a
clean jug, cap and refrigerate. Add the yeast starter to the
fermenter. After 5 days remove 1 cup of wort from the fermenter and
add to the jug.

24 hours later, using the coffee pot method, run 4 cups of water
through 1/2 oz. German Hallertuer leaf and 1/4 oz. Green Bullet
pellets into a carafe containing the ascorbic acid and the gelatin.
When cool, put this into the priming vessel and add the jug of
starter and the batch of beer.Carefully stir and bottle as


This recipe will produce an original gravity of 1.045, and a terminal
gravity of 1.013. The alcohol content will be about 4.3%. Be careful
not to overdo the malt toasting. You can see how much additional color
was added. Maybe cut the time or temperature of toasting. Great malt
to hops balance. Excellent hop flavor and aroma. Great Brussels lace.
It's on my list to do again - soon. 10/15/88 MORE

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