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Simple, but very powerful mailing list management system.
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Simple, but very powerful mailing list management system.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Welcome to LnL!

LnL is designed as a very simple to use mailing list manager, with a
few extra goodies tossed in to keep your work as enjoyable as can be.

You'll be able to prepare mailing labels and form letters in a snap,
as well as print general purpose lists.

Best of all, almost no setup is required to use LnL.

If you received this disk from a friend or a club, it is a good
idea to erase a file called -- LNL.DEF -- from your disk if it is
there. By doing so, you will insure that you can read the letters
on the screen regardless of the display type you have.

P.S. If you receive a copy of the program that does not function
properly, or appears to be missing files, send $5.00 to the
following address to recieve a complete disk:
- Robert n Rufus, 611 Market St. #11, Kirkland, WA 98033 -

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