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Appointment/TO DO list manager. Very good.
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Appointment/TO DO list manager. Very good.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

DESK ORGANIZER will not operate "right out of the box" !

You must install the data files in the appropriate directory as
described in the documentation. If you are converting from the old TICKLE
program, you will need to run CNVTDTA and CNVTLOG on them as described. If
you are presently running DESK ORGANIZER having a version number less than
1.06, you will need to run CNVT106. If you are converting directly from
TICKLE to version 1.06, you will need to go through both steps.

If the DOC file does not solve your problems, please feel free to
give me a call at (319) 365-6530 evenings and weekends.


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