Dec 122017
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Category Databases and related files
Database Program Generator – Interesting – express a database application in a 4GL. Generator produces C. Appears to be a students senior project. Full C souce included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DPG.C 46971 9965 deflated
DPG.DOC 309938 63201 deflated
DPG.EXE 29518 17719 deflated
FILES.C 21750 4295 deflated
FILES.H 624 176 deflated
TITLE.DOC 2455 934 deflated
VIDEO.C 22039 5024 deflated
VIDEO.H 1500 545 deflated
VRENT.C 11012 1945 deflated
VRENT.DPG 4494 1077 deflated
VRENT.EXE 31778 17076 deflated

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