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Public Domain DBMS by Tom Rettig from DataBase Advisor.
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Public Domain DBMS by Tom Rettig from DataBase Advisor.
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Contents of the FREEBASE.DOC file

FreeBase (tm) Version 1.00 IBM/MSDOS

FreeBase is FREE dataBASE management software. You may use this program,
copy it, give it away, place it on bulletin board systems, and generally
have fun. Anyone may charge a small handling fee (up to $15) for
distributing FreeBase on diskette in unmodified form.

This program is self-documenting. Run it for instructions on how to use.

Disclaimer: there may still be a few bugs in FreeBase, it comes with no
warranty whatsoever.

Based on DOT.PRG by Kevin Shepherd. Compiled with Clipper. Placed into
freeware distribution by Tom Rettig Associates.

Your code contributions and FreeBase design suggestions are invited:

9300 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 470
Beverly Hills, California 90212-3237
Phone: (213) 272-3784 -- Telex: 4996426 RETTIG
CompuServe: 75066,352 -- The Source: BCR480

Keep in touch with the database community of users and vendors:
1975 Fifth Avenue, Suite 105
San Diego, California 92101
Phone: (619) 236-1182

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