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A dBase written program to help organize job hunting.
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A dBase written program to help organize job hunting.
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PROSPECT.DBF 2048 611 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

To run this program type "DO PROSPECT" from the dot prompt.

I wrote this program shortly after graduating from C.L.C. as a means by
which I could accurately keep track of the hundreds of resumes I was mailing
during the course of my job search.

The importance of following up on job leeds can not be understated. Calling
a prospective employer every week and making polite contact can do wonders.
One particular employer whom I was making regular contact with, called me
personaly to tell me of an opening that he had heard about at another firm.
You're probably saying: "Yeah, to get you off his back". But I know differen-
tly. The reason he called me was because I had planted myself in his memory
as an eager, polite young lad who did not give up easily.

I hope this program is as much help to you as it was for me!

Jim Moss
10820 Georgia Avenue
Wheaton, Maryland 20902

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