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Simple, yet useful, freeware appointment calendar utility.
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Simple, yet useful, freeware appointment calendar utility.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CAL.EXE 223764 119715 deflated
CALERROR.DAT 21200 2737 deflated
CALHELP.DAT 86240 18300 deflated
CALPOPUP.COM 12 12 stored
CALREMOV.COM 279 241 deflated
README.DOC 5221 1982 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Current date is Tue 8-29-1989
Current time is 10:16:51.65

Personal Calendar
for IBM PCs and compatibles

Copyright (C) 1985-1989 by Paul Muoz-Colman.

All rights reserved.

Executable Files
Introductory Information

Introduction. The free Personal Calendar (PC) program on this diskette is
contained on a self-extracting archive (using PKWARE's PKSFX utility program),
named in the following format:


where "nnnn" is the version number (CAL-1230.EXE is the self-extracting archive
for Personal Calendar Version 12.30).

Extract Process. To install this version of Personal Calendar (either new or
as an update), just type the name of the self-extracting archive (use the
appropriate version number) as shown in the following example:

CAL-1230 Extracts to your current directory
or CAL-1230 d: Extracts to drive d:'s current directory
or CAL-1230 \path Extracts to subdirectory "\path" on your current drive
or CAL-1230 d:\path Extracts to drive and subdirectory "d:\path"
or CAL-1230 /h Help with PKWARE's self-extracting archive program

Installation Files. When you type the name of the archive, the extract program
will cause the following files to be extracted and written to the drive and
directory you specified above:

CAL.EXE Personal Calendar Program
CALERROR.DAT Error Message Data File
CALHELP.DAT Help Text Data File

CALPOPUP.COM Utility Program to Pop Up Personal Calendar if it is
Memory-Resident and Popped Down (may be used
from DOS or from a batch file)
CALREMOV.COM Utility Program to Remove Personal Calendar From Memory
if it is Memory-Resident and Popped Down

README.DOC This information (a copy of READ.ME on the diskette)

Update Procedure. If you already have an older version of Personal Calendar in
the directory to which the self-extracting archive is are writing, you will
receive messages of the following type during the extract process:

PKSFX FAST! Self Extract Utility Version 3.5 04-27-87
Copyright (c) 1987 PKWARE, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PKSFX/h for help

Unarcing: C:/PC/CAL-1233.EXE
unSquashing: CAL.EXE
Warning! file CAL.EXE already exists! overwrite (y/n)?

Just answer "y" for each file for which the message appears, and the old
version will be replaced by the new one!

Cleanup. After extracting the files, you may delete the CAL-nnnn.EXE file if
you wish.

Program Operation. To run the program, at the DOS prompt, type --


Documentation. For more information, consult the help text once you are within
the program. New features in recent versions of Personal Calendar are
documented in this manner.

Distribution Policy. You may copy this program and its data files and
distribute it freely to anyone, as long as you or anyone charge no fee AND make
no profit. You may not sell or lease it to anyone. If you give the program to
someone else, be sure to give the file CAL-nnnn.EXE (the archive), or give all
the program and data files listed above.

In Closing. Enjoy! I welcome discussion of my program design or any related
topic, if you are interested. Upon request, the source code is available
(send me one diskette).

Paul Muoz-Colman Phone numbers:
11645 Charter Oak Ct., Apt. 201 (703) 435-1110 -- home
Reston, VA 22090-4526 (703) 437-2410 -- office


P.S: With the exception of READ.ME, the contents of this self-extracting
archive are:


PKARC FAST! Archive Create/Update Utility Version 3.5 04-27-87
Copyright (c) 1986,1987 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. PKARC/h for help

Searching Archive: CAL-1242.ARC

Filename Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC
-------- ------ ------ ------ ----- ---- ---- ---
CAL.EXE 223764 Squashed 168496 25% 08-28-89 17:56:56 58D2
CALERROR.DAT 21200 Squashed 4147 81% 07-25-89 10:57:26 4EC9
CALHELP.DAT 86240 Squashed 25383 71% 08-28-89 17:33:24 8D1A
CALPOPUP.COM 12 Stored 12 0% 07-06-89 17:52:52 24F2
CALREMOV.COM 279 Crunched 264 6% 12-07-88 09:15:00 C1F2

---- ------ ------ -----
0005 331495 198302 41%

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