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Financial records program - accounts, deposits, withdrawals, etc.
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Financial records program – accounts, deposits, withdrawals, etc.
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Version 1.1

July 26, 1987

This program and documentation are being
distributed as Shareware. This means that
you may make copies for others to try. But,
you may not sell it. Shareware software is
supported by your becoming a registered
user. Please read the introduction for
further details. This program is NOT PUBLIC

IMPORTANT: This copy of MONEY MANAGER could earn
you big dollars. See the REGISTRATION
information at the end of this text for

(C) Copyright 1987 - All Rights Reserved

Joseph M. Albanese
5500-D Foxridge
Blacksburg, VA 24060

License Agreement

MONEY MANAGER is copyrighted, all rights are reserved. As
SHAREWARE, MONEY MANAGER may be copied and shared with others.
However, to protect the quality of the distribution of this
program and to support future development certain limitations

Copies of MONEY MANAGER may be made for trial use by others on
a private non-commercial basis only. MONEY MANAGER may not
be re-sold under any conditions. MONEY MANAGER may not be
distributed in connection with any other product or service.

This software is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any
kind. We have no liability to you for any damage or loss,
including special, incidental, or consequential caused by this
software, directly or indirectly.

You agree to the terms of this license by your decision to use
this software.


MONEY MANAGER is not just another check book balancing program,
although it will do an excellent job of that, MONEY MANAGER is
a bank account manager. This means you'll be able sort,
search, balance, graph and lots more.

With ease of use as a primary concern, MONEY MANAGER is
menu-driven and designed to require very little external
documentation. From the main menu, all you have to do is hit
"H" and you'll get all the help you will probably aver need.



If you plan to use this program on floppy disk it is highly
recommended that you create or modify a file called
"CONFIG.SYS" which contains: "BUFFERS=20" Refer to your DOS
manual for details on the use of CONFIG.SYS files, but you
should know that this could speed up processing by as much as
ten times during I/O intensive operations such as searches and


When you are ready to begin using the program the first thing
you will probably want to do is begin entering checks,
withdrawals and deposits. Hit "A" from the main menu to begin.

Once you've got all your transactions entered you will be ready
to take advantage of the full power of money manager. Use the
"H" key to help you figure where to go from this point.

NOTE: A sample account has been provided so the user can become
aquainted with the program right away, without having to
enter large numbers of transactions first. To go directly
to this account type: (from the DOS prompt)

A>money sample

When the program comes up it will automatically be in the
"SAMPLE" account and you'll be able to try all the functions
including graphing, sorting and searching.


When you enter data you will usually choose "NO" for the
"VERIFIED:" field, but when you get your bank statement in the
mail you will want to change all those entries which are found
on the statement to "YES." Once all the verificatons have been
made, hit "F4" to get the VERIFIED balance -- which should be
equal to the balance on the statement.


o To start entering DEPOSITS, WITHDRAWALS or CHECKS you must
begin by pressing "A" for (A)dd.

o Once at least one check has been entered, the computer
keeps track of what the next check number should be and to
take advantage of this, simply hit after chosing
(A)dd from the main menu.

o A red key "o" next to the filename indicates that the
file is password protected.

o The value next to "Credits(+):" heading represents the
total of all positive cash flows (DEPOSITS).

o The value next to "Debits(-):" heading indicates the total
of all negative cash flows (CHECKS/WITHDRAWALS).

o To generate a full color, 3-bar, monthly graph, choose F0
(F10) from the main menu and then answer prompts as

o The "YES" or "NO" next to the "VERIFIED:" field indicate
whether or not that particular entry has been verified
against a bank statement. You normally enter a "NO" here
first, but change it to "YES" once you see it is on the
statement you get from the bank.

o Hitting at the DATE prompt when entering data will
automatically enter the date that is in the computer.

o Multiple accounts are possible and easy with MONEY MANAGER.
To create a new account simple hit F6 from the main menu
and respond to the subsequent prompts as required. If you
want to switch to another account without exiting the
program, hit F7 from the main menu and answer with the name
of the account -- password may be required.

o Account name parameters are allowed. For instance, if you
have created an account called "ACCOUNT" so that there is a
file called "ACCOUNT.DAT," and you want to run MONEY
MANAGER and go directly to this account, just type the
following: (from the DOS command line)

C>money account

NOTE: if the account is password protected, you will still
be required to enter it as usual.


MONEY MANAGER is copyrighted. It is not a public domain
program. It is being distributed as Shareware which means
that unmodified copies of the software and documentation may be
freely copied and shared. We ask in return that should you
find MONEY MANAGER to be useful, you become a registered
user. You become registered by sending $25.00 + $5.00 for
postage and handling to:

Joseph M. Albanese
5500-D Foxridge
Blacksburg, VA 24060

IMPORTANT: Use the order form called: ORDER.FRM with your

Don't forget to send the serial (Reg. No.) from
your copy of the program so you can earn money from
other registered users. This number can be found in
the upper right-hand corner of the screen and it
will be in red.


We also encourage that you send with your fee some comments or
suggestions for improvements or enhancements to future

What do you get by becoming registered?

o A FREE copy of the latest version of MONEY MANAGER
including documentation and serialization.

o Money making potential - registered users will receive
$5.00 for each person who registers with the serial
number of their registered copy.

o Periodic notifications of improvements and enhancements.

o A chance to help improve a great product, by submitting
with your registration, suggestions for enhancements to
future versions.


I hope you will enjoy using MONEY MANAGER as much as I do and
that it will help make keeping track of you money as fun and
accurate as it has mine.

Thanks for using MONEY MANAGER and please register your copy.
This will help fight the high cost of software and to perhaps
earn you a few bucks in the process.


Joseph M. Albanese (author)

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