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Database of Top 40 pop songs 1955-59 (& info on getting later editions).
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Database of Top 40 pop songs 1955-59 (& info on getting later editions).
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Contents of the POP.DOC file

POP40 Manual Version 1.0

* *
* POP40 Documentation Version 1.0 *
* *
* printed: March 14, 1990 *
* *
* Copyright 1990 by Eric Hanson *
* *
* P.O. Box 526 Middleboro MA. 02346 *
* *

Table of Contents

1.0 ... Introduction ............ 1
1.1 ... Copyright information ... 2
1.2 ... Distributing POP40 ...... 2
1.3 ... Registering POP40 ....... 2
1.4 ... Business Users .......... 2
1.5 ... How to Register ......... 2
1.6 ... Problem Reporting ....... 3
1.7 ... Warranty ................ 3
1.8 ... Distribution Files ...... 3
1.9 ... Hardware Requirements ... 3
1.10 ... Software Compatibility ... 3
1.11 ... POP40 and Multitasking ... 3
1.12 ... Installing POP40 ........ 4
1.13 ... Getting Started ......... 4/5
1.14 ... Registration/order ...... 6


POP40 Music Information Base
Copyright (c) 1990, 1991 by Eric Hanson All Rights Reserved
P.O. Box 526, Middleboro MA. 02346

POP40 was originally developed for my own personal use as a
tool to help me with my music hobby. Being a retired DJ and
record collector, I found the need to have information about
the recording industry at my fingertips. Not only did I need
the information handy, I also needed it fast. That's when I
decided to place all my data into a database. The data POP40
contains was researched from Billboard TOP40 Charts that had
there beginnings in 1955.

The POP40 copy you have, contains information from 1955-1959
and is what I call a starter kit. Additional data, in 5 year
segments can be purchased. This extends POP40's information
base to the year 1984 (1988 at the writing of this document.
there may be further databases at the time of this reading.)
Shortly after the release of POP40, it became clear that some
users had a requirement for informationon a yearly basis.
With this request in mind, I'm trying to develop an additional
way to package the data to meet this need. If successful, POP40
will be available on sometype of subscription basis.

As soon as subscriptions become available, all registered users
will be notified. For the time being registered users can obtain
5 additional databases available now to increase POP40's power.


1985-1989 is currently in development.

Each of the above datafiles is available for $10.95 and comes
complete with everything you need to install it in your current
POP40 database. If you wish to have the complete set of added data
(1960-1984) it is available for $49.95. In order to receive the
additional datafiles, you must be registered, registration is
$14.95 and is required in order to purchase any further data. It
also places you on the registered users list so that you will be
notified of future releases that you may purchase to keep your
POP40 database up to date. By having the data bundled in 5 year
segments, you are not forced into having a large database full of
information you're not really interested in. You can tailor the
database to the years or decades that interest you. We will not
separate databases by individual year(s). They must be ordered as

The years from 1955 to 1958 had 3 separate charts being published.
With this in mind, you may see 3 number 1 records on the same date.
I did not make the decision on which chart would be considered the
most accurate hence the conflict. The data is also from National
charts. This means the dates reflect national statistics not from
regional charts. Keep this all in mind when using POP40.

Page 1

1.1 Copyright Information

POP40 is a copyrighted work by Eric Hanson. All commercial and
republication rights to POP40, its trademark and its auxiliary
files are reserved exclusively by the author.

1.2 Distributing POP40

It is expressly prohibited to sell POP40 for profit or to include
it in any package of files sold for money. It is prohibited to
upload POP40 or any of its files to BBS systems which claim an
automatic copyright on such uploaded material. Distribution of
POP40 with any alterations to any of its release files is forbidden.
All Copyright notices must remain unaltered.

Should you distribute POP40 to others, you must include all its
release files and documentation in their original archived form.
Do not distribute POP40 with any nonstandard or modified files
in the same archive.

Except for these restrictions, you are encouraged to distribute
this software to others and to upload it to other BBS systems.

1.3 Registering POP40

POP40 is "user-supported" software. In order to offset the cost
of maintaining, improving and distributing this software, a
$14.95 registration fee is requested of all private, non-commercial
users of POP40. You may freely use the program even if you don't
choose to donate but you will not be able to purchase any future
database releases. The $14.95 registration fee is just that. It
does not cover the cost of any additional database purchases. Let
your conscience be you guide.

1.4 Business Users (Commercial/Enterprise)

Business users are not permitted to use POP40 without a site
license. Commercial users must register with a donation of
$69.95 as a site license fee. Sorry but I think if POP40 helps
you in your business the wealth should be shared.

By definition, business use would be any POP40 site operated by
and on equipment located on the premises of, a for-profit
business or enterprise for which POP40 provides some service
or enhancement to the enterprise.

Site Licenses are for registration, use and notification of
future releases only. It does not include any additional databases.
They must be purchased separately. This is a one time registration

1.5 How to Register
There is a preprinted registration form in the back of this
manual. Please send license applications (and your kind donations)

Eric Hanson
P.O. Box 526
Middleboro MA. 02346

page 2

1.6 Problem Reporting

Because POP40 is a user-supported program we cannot afford to

maintain a permanent technical person to answer user inquiries.
Bug reports and any technical help will only be made available
to REGISTERED users and only by mail. Please be as detailed as
possible in your inquiry. Phone calls will not be entertained.

1.7 Warranty

A great deal of effort has been put into verifying the integrity
of this database. However like everything else there is a chance that
errors have occurred. Eric Hanson makes no implied warranties regarding
the serviceability of this software for your needs nor will accept any
liability for loss or damages incurred as a result of the use of this
software. You use POP40 entirely at your own risk.

1.8 Distribution Files

The following files are supplied as part of the POP40 package:

POP.DOC POP40 Manual
POP40.EXE POP40 Main Program
TOP40.BIN POP40 1955-1959 database
*.NTX 5 of these files

1.9 Hardware Requirements

In order to use POP40 you will need the following:

An IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible with at least 512k of memory.
A DOS compatible operating system of 2.11 or later.
A hard disk is recommended

1.10 Software Compatibility

POP40 has NOT been tested with any memory resident programs.
If problems are encountered, POP40 should be loaded with NO
resident programs. You may add them as needed.

1.11 POP40 and Multitasking Software

POP40 has NOT been tested with Multitasking software. If used
with such software, results are unpredictable.

page 3

1.12 Installing POP40

The following is written assuming a hard disk is used.
If no hard disk is available, you would simply run POP40
from the floppy.

Copy all the files from the floppy to the area on your hard disk
in which you wish POP40 to reside.

Once completed, remove the floppy and store it away.

1.13 Getting Started

To run POP40 set your default to the POP40 directory.
Type POP40

You will now have the POP40 Menu displayed showing you 4
different options.

1) Search by Year
2) Search By Artist
3) Search by Title
4) Search by Number 1 records by Year

Enter your Selection:

Selecting Option 1 allows you to search the database by Year.
(Remember you will not be able to display years greater than
1959 unless you have purchased the database containing that
year(s).) The same rule applies for any of the other search

By entering 1955, all records that made the TOP40 chart will
be displayed in chronological order of date.

Example for Year 1955:

ArtistSong1st Date Best
NameTitleon Chart Position

Ray CharlesHit the Road Jack02/15/55 10

Only 1 screen full of information will be provided and then you
will be prompted to press any key to continue. Then the next
screens worth of Information will be displayed ETC... Follow this
procedure or press (x) to return to the Main Menu.

page 4

Select Option 2 and you will prompted for the Artist Name.
You only have to enter part of the name. So if you can't remember
the whole name, just enter a part of the first name.

For example, Typing BEAT will display all records with an artist
name that begins with the letters BEAT. The display is similar
to the display used in option 1 and follows thesame procedure.

Select Option 3 and you will prompted for a Song Title. Again,
as in option 2 you may enter part of the title name. However,
be careful, you will receive a display for all records that
match your input. For example, if you type A as your song title,
you will receive every song in the database that begins with A.
The information that's displayed is quite different. You will be
given much more detail about the specific Song you searched for.

Example of song title HARD DAYS NIGHT:


Artist : BEATLES

Date on chart : 01/01/65

Best Position : 1

Record Label : Capitol

Total Weeks on Chart : 16

Weeks # 1 : 6

Record # : 00010

Date on chart shows the date the song first appeared on the TOP40

Best Position shows the best position the record achieved on the
TOP40 Charts.

Week's #1 shows how long the record remained at number 1. (This is
only displayed if the record actually achieved a number 1 status
otherwise its not shown).

Record # shows the record number assigned by the record company.
This information is useful if you were to order a record from a
record company but really has no further value.

The other categories are self explanatory.

page 5

P O P 4 0 R E G I S T R A T I O N

Check one : Qty. $ Amount

( ) Software Registration only .............. $14.95 ___ _______
( ) Commercial Registration only ............ $69.95 ___ _______

Must be registered to order the following :

( ) Bundled database 1960-1984
(must be registered) .................... $49.95 ea. ___ _______

Single Database ordering (must be registered).. $ 10.95 ea.

( ) 1960-1964 ___ _______
( ) 1965-1969 ___ _______
( ) 1970-1974 ___ _______
( ) 1975-1979 ___ _______
( ) 1980-1984 ___ _______

MA. Sales Tax 5% _______

Shipping U.S. $2.95
Canada $3.95
Overseas $4.95

Total $ ________


Name ___________________________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________

City, State, ZIP _______________________________________

Telephone Number _______________________________________

POP40 Version # ______Version 1.0________________________

Where did you get POP40 _________________________________

Whats your opinion of POP40 _____________________________


Make checks payable to Eric Hanson and Mail to:

Eric Hanson
P.O. Box 526
Middleboro Ma, 02346 USA

Only Checks and Money orders will be accepted.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy POP40.

page 6

POP40 and any of it's data modules may also be ordered on-line
from the priZm Image Center BBS at (508) 697-7771. Log on and select
Main Menu Option #4 (Shopping Mall), Shopping Mall Option "E", and
select the "priZm Info-Bases" store. We accept MasterCard and VISA, and
you may download your modules after your order is processed and charge
is approved (usually within 24 hours).

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