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(2of2) Zoomracks, uses a rack & card system, very intuitive.
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(2of2) Zoomracks, uses a rack & card system, very intuitive.
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Contents of the HELP.TXT file

Most-Used Zoomrack Keys

F1 - Loads Help Rack

F2 - Pulls cards out of rack so you can read them & puts them back
in the rack after you are through with them.

F3 - Moves you to Disk Directory Rack if you are in a database rack,
or loads a highlighted rack if you are in the Disk Directory

F4 - Toggle the "Multi-Rack" mode on and off.

F5 - Expands the view of a field that is highlighted on a card.

F6 - Allows you to edit the field you have highlighted on a card.

F7 - Allows you to activate a macro you have defined.

F8 - Search for an iten in a highlighted field on a card.

F9 - Moves you backward one card in a rack.

F10 - Moves you forward one card in a rack.

ESC - Puts the command menu in a "Safety Zone"; Sort of a Panic

Up & Down Cursor Keys - Moves the highlight bar up and down through
a rack.

CTRL + Cursor Keys - Lets you move the highlight bar around in the
Menu Window.

--------------> How to start demonstration rack <------------------

Type ZR at a DOS prompt to start the program.

Zoomracks will load and it will display the disk directory rack.

Use the cursor key to move the highlight bar down to the file

Press [F3] to load the rack into memory.

Follow the instructions on the cards. They will show you what can be
done with Zoomracks. To move forward through the cards, press the
F10 key.

-----------------------> How To Quit <---------------------------

Alt-E followed by Q followed by D - Quits Zoomracks program and
Discards racks.

Alt-E followed by Q followed by S - Quits Zoomracks program and
Saves racks.

Alt-E followed by Q followed by R - Saves Racks but doesn't quit
program (Save work in progress)

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