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Version 1.3 of Baseball Stats Manager. New stats values added based on user requests. Check it out if you're managing a team.
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Version 1.3 of Baseball Stats Manager. New stats values added based on user requests. Check it out if you’re managing a team.
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Contents of the BBALL.DOC file

April 1992
Baseball Statistics Manager V1.3

This product is released to the public domain. It is written in
Clipper S87. Source code is available on request. It should be understood
therefore that I take no responsibility whatsoever for any use to which
the program and its constituent components may be put.

I wrote this program as a quick and simple way to track
softball/baseball statistics for the players in the game. The
program keeps the following statistics for each player in each game:
o At bats (also for team)
o Base on balls (also for team)
o Singles (also for team)
o Doubles (also for team)
o Triples (also for team)
o Home Runs (also for team)
o Errors (also for team)
o Sacrifices (also for team)
o RBIs
o Attempts (defined as the total of Putouts + Assists
+ Errors).
o Slugging Percentage
o On Base Percentage

A hard disk is highly recommended: Running on a floppy will cause

If you only need a little more data, write me or leave a message at
the locations listed at the end of this treatise, and I'll entertain
them with gusto. I've added sacrifices, RBIs, Attempts, Fielding
Percentage, Slugging Percentage, and On Base Percentage since version
1.0: all based on user requests.

Normally, a program like this would request that you build a "player
roster", from which you then select players for each game. I have a
heavy dislike of databases like this. Therefore, the list of players
is dynamically built and maintained by the program, based entirely on
past player entries.


The executable image is called "BBALL.EXE." By running this
program, you will be greeted with the "main" menu. This high-level
menu lets you select the direction you want to go.

The first time you run it, select option 4, "Initialize Databases."
If you want to play around with the data that is already there, then
do the initialization later, and plunge in. The database
initialization will wipe the databases clean, and allow you to enter
your own team name, and the season information.

NOTE: To print on an HP Laserjet or compatible laser, select "Modify
YOUR Team Name." There is an option to select an HP Compatible printer
there. When you print, compressed line print is used to get all the
data on a single 8.5 X 11 inch page. If you use any other type of
printer, do the following:
1) Make sure "HP Compatible" is NO in the "Modify YOUR Team
Name" Option.
2) Before you print, set your printer into Compressed print
mode. You'll need at least 14 characters per inch to
print the statistics sheets.

You're now ready to enter game information. Select option 1 "Add or Modify
a Game." This option provides another menu, allowing you to select "Add a
New Game" or "Modify an Existing Game." Both are identical in basic function,
but "Add a New Game" lets you enter the opposing team name and game date.
"Modify a Game" allows you to modify any and all players and opponent
information, and add players in case you were interrupted in your work.

game for easy reference. If you skipped a game, and want to come back
and do it later, just select "Add a New Game", and put one player in.
That will hold the game's place. This shouldn't be a problem, because
it is difficult for you to produce team statistics without putting in
all the prior games played to date...

The rest of the items are maintenance and print functions, which are
(I think) pretty self-explanatory. If not, press the F1 key, whereupon
you will receive the proverbial HELP text.


Requests for changes, comments, and complaints:

Buck Webb
810 Ruxshire Drive
Arnold, MD 21012-1355

Leave me a message on:

The Programmer's Corner BBS
(301) 995 - 1508

Revision History

V1.0 August 1990 - Initial Write.
V1.1 July 1991 - Added "Sacrifice" as a stat column on
Changed color scheme somewhat.
Re-linked Using Blinker instead of RTLINK.
V1.2 January 1992 - Added on-screen realtime clock to
display. Courtesy of Funcky.
Fixed potential Sacrifice calculation
bug that could cause the dreaded
integer-divide-by-zero error.
Realigned procedures/functions into
smaller, more efficient overlays.
In tribute to the many users that
thought they could "fool around"
with the databases using the Dbase
browse command, a verify/validate
sequence occurs at initialization. It
slows down start-up, but it will
attempt to recalculate the databases.
Normalized data structures being what
they are, anecdotal user changes in
one database were wreaking havoc on
the program.
V1.3 April 1992 - Added Attempts, Fielding Percentage,
and RBIs to the system on request.
Relinked with Blinker 2.0!
Modified "At Bats" to be "Appearances",
because that's what it really is.
Added Slugging Percentage and On Base
Percentage on Request.

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