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Simple time management program, small and quick.
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Simple time management program, small and quick.
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Time Manager -- by Christopher D. Bonatti
Revision 1.00, March 15, 1990.
Copyright General Technologies International, 1990.
All rights reserved.


This program provides a rudimentary worklist manager. The
data file for this program, called THING2DO.DAT, normally resides
on E:\ but can reside elsewhere if specified in the command line
as follows:

TM d:\

where d is the desired disk drive for storage of the file.


Copyright is not claimed as to any part of an original
work not prepared by, or on behalf of, or upon the direction
of General Technologies International (GTI).

This product is shareware. Development of GTI (tm)
shareware is financed entirely by user contributions. You
are granted a limited license to use this program on a trial
basis. If you find this program useful and wish to continue
using it, please register by sending a $20 registration fee
to the address below. Registered users will receive
notification of the next major revision. Your contribution
will also help to support further shareware products from
GTI. All software and data files remain the exclusive
property of GTI.

General Technologies International
P.O. Box 11276
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Please include the program name and revision number in all
correspondence. Constructive commentaries or suggestions
are welcomed.


This program is a first cut at a simple and fast time
manager. It can hold up to 20 items containing a description,
relative priority or importance code, and target completion date.
The program maintains these values in a data file, called
THING2DO.DAT, maintained on the user's network drive or fixed
disk. The default path for the location of this file is E:\ but
this can be overridden by placing any valid path as a parameter in
the program's the command line as follows:

TM d:\

where d is the desired disk drive for storage of the file.

The 20 items are display in order sorted primarily by date,
and secondarily by importance. The options in this program allow
the user to add, delete, or modify options. Items can be assigned
no completion date by pressing enter at the date prompt.

Planned enhancements to the GTI Time Manager may include the

On-screen highlighting with light bars and in-place
editing of items (such as used by many

Mouse support,

Capability to store more than 20 items (exact
number to be determined),

Capability to store items that automatically
appear in the list periodically according to user
defined rules,

On-screen gradations of color depending on the
timeliness of each item (e.g., red for due
immediately, yellow for action this week, etc.),

Capability to print an action list.

Additional capabilities may also be added. I will consider any
realistic suggestions for improvements.

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