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BandIt Version 1.1 is a band calculator displaying mileage and relative band between cities in the US. Many database options, from 790 cities to over 100,000.
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BandIt Version 1.1 is a band calculator displaying mileage and relative band between cities in the US. Many database options, from 790 cities to over 100,000.
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Contents of the BANDIT.TXT file


Unregistered Shareware Version 1.1a
(c) Copyright 1992, Richard Hammer, Hammer Innovations, Inc.

About BandIt

Welcome to BandIt, Version 1.1a. BandIt is a band calculator for cities in
the continental United States. A "band" is defined as a mileage range.
There are many applications for a band calculator. Telephone carriers use
"bands" to price calls. The costs associated with a call from a home city
to a city 100 miles away is different than that of a call from that same
city to a city 1500 miles away. Therefore, telephone carriers developed a
system for pricing those calls. Below is AT&T's standard banding schedule:

Band 0 0 to 10 Miles 5 293 to 430 Miles
1 11 to 22 Miles 6 431 to 925 Miles
2 23 to 55 Miles 7 926 to 1910 Miles
3 56 to 124 Miles 8 1911 to 3000 Miles
4 125 to 292 Miles 9 3001 to 4250 Miles*
* Band schedule provided by AT&T System Sales

BandIt Files

There are currently four (4) versions of BandIt available. The only
significant difference in the versions is the number of cities available in
the database. Database breakdown is as follows: DEMO, roughly 100 cities;
SMALL, roughly 800 cities; MEDIUM, roughly 30,000 cities; LARGE, roughly
100,000 cities. A MONSTER database, containing roughly 300,000 cities will
be available in late 1993. I've found that the LARGE database contains
virtually every city in a U.S. Atlas, from "A AND F TRAILER PARK, AZ" to
"ZYLONITE SUBDIVISION, MA." The LARGE database takes up less than 1.2 Meg,
with an average city find time is less than 2 seconds (IBM AT [10MHz]
w/software and data installed on a 40 Meg hard drive). If a city is not
found in the LARGE database, please contact Richard Hammer, Hammer
Innovations, Inc.

A note about the databases. While every effort has been made to verify all
data presented in BandIt, neither Hammer Innovations, Inc. nor Richard
Hammer assume liability for the correctness or completeness of the
information and/or data provided. Should it appear that any information is
erroneous or incomplete, please inform Richard Hammer or a representative
of Hammer Innovations immediately so that a review of the information can
be made. Any verified errors will be corrected in a future software

BandIt Distribution

This file grants you specific permission to copy and distribute this
shareware version of BandIt as long as all files remain intact and
unchanged. Distributed disks, zip files, etc. must include the following

Using BandIt

At the DOS prompt (A:\>), type BANDIT [/switches] and press .

If this is the first time the program is run, or you access the DOS switch
/DEFINE, a band definition window will appear. Enter the mileage ranges
and press . If the Intra-State option (calls within the same state)
is selected, an "I" will appear in the Band column on the data screen.

BandIt will then ask for a file name to save banding information to. If no
file is needed, press (or access the DOS switch /NOFILE). Type in
the name of the file. Note, the extension ".DAT" is already assigned. All
data will be stored in the current directory.

BandIt will then ask for the base city and state. Enter at least the first
three (3) letters of the city name. Entering a state is optional.
Example: Oakton, VA. Enter "OAK, VA" and press . A match box will
be displayed in the upper right hand corner. Use the '+' and '-' keys to
scroll through the selections. Press to select or to re-

Please do not use abbreviations. Use SAINT, MOUNT, FORT, and SAINTE.

BandIt then asks for the called to city and state. This is entered the
same manor as the base city and state. BandIt then calculates the distance
between those two cities and displays the mileage and band information to
the screen and specified file.

BandIt Registration

This is shareware, not freeware. Use without registration beyond 30 days
is illegal. Registration provides access to newer and larger databases and
BandIt upgrades. This release of BandIt contains the DEMO database (100
cities). Registration costs are as follows:

BandIt Plus:
DEMO database: 100 Cities $ 15.00
SMALL database: 790 Cities $ 25.00
MEDIUM database: 30,950 Cities $ 45.00
LARGE database: 124,000 Cities $ 65.00
Plus U.S. Postage and handling: $ 5.00

Data base upgrades will be credited upon purchase of a larger data base.
Example: Register SMALL, $ 25.00, future MEDIUM upgrade $ 20.00

To register, send the BandIt order form, with check or money order to:

Richard Hammer
3967 Fairfax Square
Fairfax, VA 22031

Note: Please make checks payable to "RICHARD HAMMER"

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