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Full-featured professional mailing list database program. Execellent.
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Full-featured professional mailing list database program. Execellent.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
3_5X1X1.LBL 1034 78 deflated
3_5X1X2.LBL 1034 74 deflated
3_5X1X3.LBL 1034 75 deflated
4X1_5X1.LBL 1034 83 deflated
BBMAIL.DOC 90752 25429 deflated
CHESHIRE.LBL 1034 76 deflated
ERROR.TXT 7296 1281 deflated
LABELS.MEM 22774 606 deflated
MAIL.EXE 361472 170457 deflated
README.1ST 13056 4225 deflated
SAMPLE.FRM 1990 479 deflated
UPGRADE.DBF 546 174 deflated
UPGRADEL.NDX 1024 265 deflated
UPGRADEZ.NDX 1024 269 deflated
UPGRSTAT.DBF 2416 551 deflated
UPGRSTAT.NDX 2560 729 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

You can now safely copy ALL files from an upgraded version of B&B Mail to
your disk. All file renaming and updating will be handled automatically
as soon as you enter 'MAIL'.

B&B Mail will automatically upgrade to the newest file version whenever it
detects an older version AND the existence of the upgrade files.

1. Put New B&B Mail files on a disk in A:
2. Hard disk users: Change directory to location of B&B MAIL (CD\MAIL)
AND copy all files to this directory (eg. C:\MAIL> COPY A:*.*)
2. Floppy disk users: COPY MAIL.EXE file to Current System disk in B:
(eg. B:\> COPY A:MAIL.EXE).
Put Data disk in B: and Copy All other files to data disk.

B&B MAIL Version 2.4 changes

1. Allowed more than 9 lines (now up to 99 vertical lines) between labels.

2. When encountering a record with a blank city value, B&B Mail will
print a blank line without a comma. Previously a comma would appear
alone on a blank line.

3. Flexi-SELECT option now appears when deleting records, allowing
Deletions 'en masse' by selecting deletion criteria.

4. Records marked for deletion can be recalled (un-deleted).

5. Prior to printing labels, you will be prompted to skip X number of
records. (Useful if printing is interrupted, and you want to continue
where you left off later).

6. Screen displays current count of # of labels printed.

7. The original .dbf file was called mail.dbf. B&B Mail will convert
the data from mail.dbf to customer.dbf.

8. There are now two files created upon installation and initial use.
One is called config.mem and the other is called lblsetup.mem. ERASE
lblsetup.mem if you encounter errors during the label set-up process.

B&B MAIL Version 2.5 changes

1. The addition of FLEXI-REPORT and FLEXI-SORT features. FLEXI-SORT
allows sorting the file based on ANY field(s) of data in the file
before printing labels or reports. Thus, you can sort on customer
number within zip within name, or name within zip within state, etc.

FLEXI-REPORT allows listing to the printer or screen, ANY field(s) of
data in the file. These two features give you complete control over

2. When printing labels, you can elect to use the Nth sampling technique.
This technique allows you to print every 10th (skip 9), or every 20th
(skip 19) label for sampling purposes.

B&B MAIL Version 2.6 changes

1. A new data base file called STATES.DBF has been added, along with an
index file called STATES.NDX. This file is used to 1. Verify that you
used the correct state abbreviation, and 2. allows printing of the
full state name on labels. COPY these two files to your disk/directory.
You will notice a new option from the maintenance menu, allowing you
to maintain this file.

2. Improved editing features.

3. Ability to print message, information or greeting on labels.

4. A Duplicate checking option has been added which compares records
either phonetically or on exact spelling. A report is produced of
possible duplicates based on last, first and city names. If the
report appears to have accurately identified your duplicates, you can
re-run the process to have B&B Mail automatically delete all

B&B MAIL Version 2.7 changes

1. When printing multiple copies of labels, a page eject was
automatically sent between copies. Now, when selecting multiple
copies, you will be prompted if you want the page eject. For example,
answer [N]o if you are printing multiple copies of only one label so
that a full page of labels is not wasted for one label.

2. More Fields are listed on the report when checking for duplicates.

3. Zip code expanded to 10 characters for those who want the dash in

4. FLEXI-SELECT feature added which will allow you to select certain
records when printing reports or labels. You will be prompted to
select any of the fields in the data base, and then place a condition
on it (eg. Last Name='Smith'). You can select multiple conditions at
one time, and each Selection will be saved for possible future use.

B&B MAIL Version 2.7B changes 4-18-88
1. Re-indexing problem fixed.

2. The upgrading process was simplified. You can safely copy ALL files
from an upgrade version to your disk (without fear of overwriting
existing data base files, and your data). This was accomplished by
naming most upgrade files: upgrade?. B&B Mail renames them for you

B&B MAIL Version 2.8 changes 4-30-88
1. On some monochrome systems, the FLEXI-SELECT screen wasn't displayed.

B&B MAIL Version 2.9 changes 6-28-88
1. LABELS- The Nth sampling process was made more consistent in both
label production and Zipgroups report.

2. Improved control over vertical spacing of labels - allowing closer
spacing, down to zero lines between labels.

3. Faster label printing speed.

4. Default to Zip Code Sort more consistent.

5. 'PAUSE PAGE' message no longer prints on label stock.

6. Added features such as: Ability to print three lines of text above
label, and indent the label name/address/city information. This
feature was incorporated not just for labels, but can be used to
produce self-mailers/postcards by using the three text lines for the
return address.

7. Export/Import Capability now includes Lotus 1-2-3 WKS files.

8. The Sales $ field is now totaled properly when using Flexi-Report.

9. Automatic recovery for certain types of errors. For example, if
Index files are corrupted, Error #32, Re-indexing will automatically
B&B MAIL Version 3.0 changes 12-1-88
1. More Menubars for ease of use. For example, when using FLEXI-SORT,
FLEXI-REPORT, or FLEXI-SELECT, you will choose which fields you want
to SORT on, REPORT on or SELECT on, from a menubar list of fields.

2. More extensive use of Memory files (*.MEM), and separate
'MAILSORT.MEM', 'MAILSELE.MEM' and 'MAILRPT.MEM' files which will be
automatically created and used to save your different sorts, record
selections and report definitions without having to re-define them
each time.

3. Duplicate checking has been improved to print 'multiple' duplicates
(ie. triplicates, etc.) continuously on the printed list.

4. A 'QUICK LABEL' feature has been added to allow printing of single
labels by entering 'L' or 'ctrl-L' while in the EDITING mode.

5. A new field has been added for long addresses, ADDRESS OVERFLOW.

6. Ability to RUN dBaseIII type LABEL & REPORT files from with B&B MAIL.

7. Ability to send REPORT OR LABEL output to the Screen, Printer,
or a Disk File for manipulation by other software packages.

8. Exporting a file: you can now Flexi-SORT your file, Flexi-SELECT
certain records, and even select the individual fields (and their
order) that will be exported, in the export process. Also, export
Ventura Publishing type files (for address book type files).

9. The Biggest Change is the introduction of:FLEXI-LABEL. Choosing
this option will present you with a theoretical label 20 lines long
which allows you to enter ANY FIELDS or ANY TEXT in ANY POSITION
or ORDER. You will still be able to print up to 4 across labels,
using any starting position, and any vertical/horizontal spacing.
ALSO, you have the capability to enter Printer Control codes ON ANY
label line, allowing you to underline, change fonts, whatever.

10. When choosing to ADD while in the Edit mode, the new record will
contain data from the record currently marked by the cursor. Handy
when a new label is desired very similar to an existing label.

11. When in the EDIT mode, in addition to searching for Specific records
based on Last Name or Record # (Quickest way), you can elect to
use a GENERAL Search by entering data in ANY of the other fields,
and B&B Mail will search for the first matching record. If can
also search for data contained anywhere in the field by preceding
the search data with a ? (eg. ?xx).

12. A handy Printer utility has been added in the Maintenance Menu.
You can select from a variety of predefined printer control codes
to send to your printer. The defaults are Epson Compatible codes,
but they can be modified for use with YOUR printer.

13. The use of color codes is now automatically dependent on the computer
being used, so re-installation is not required if moving from
monochrome to color. In order for this to be controlled automatically,
you must ERASE config.mem and re-install version 3.0.
14. Mail.exe files dated after 2-8-89 will allow you to FORCE the use
of monochrome screen definitions for those systems (ie. laptops with
flat screens) that are considered color, but do not provide the best
resolution. Just type 'MAIL MONO' at DOS.

B&B MAIL Version 3.1 changes 5-1-89

1. Flexi-Label has been improved to properly space label lines
when a value is missing. If you are printing a Company Name
on labels, and the value is missing for one label, the subsequent
lines are 'brought up' to avoid blank lines.

2. Vertical Spacing between labels has been corrected.

B&B MAIL Version 3.2 changes 6-15-89

1. When Deleting in Edit Mode, the current record marker is now reset
to the prior selection.

2. When Adding in Edit Mode, screen clearly indicates which fields need
to be blank in order to exit Add mode.

3. Field titles in Freport are reset to blank values when the page width
is exceeded. The title for the "Customer#" field is properly spaced.

4. Record counts include deleted records.

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