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Indexing utilility. Useful for book collections, inventories, etc. Very fast, and easy to use.
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Indexing utilility. Useful for book collections, inventories, etc. Very fast, and easy to use.
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Contents of the EDSINDEX.DOC file

E D ' S I N D E X E R P R O G R A M D O C U M E N T A T I O N

Version 1.0

COPYRIGHT 1989 (c)


Cross Indexing

Fast & Simple Shareware

Register Use of this Software by sending $25 to:
Ed Thrush
5803 Gwynn Oak Avenue
Woodlawn, Maryland 21207

Copyright (c) 1989 by Ed Thrush

Ed Thrush will not be liable for any damages, including
loss of computer euipment operation or usefullness, loss of computer
peripheral operation or usefullness, damage to magnetic media in any
format or courruption of meidia or loss of usefullness, lost profits,
lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out
of the use of or inability to use ED'S INDEX, even if Ed Thrush has
been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim
by any other party.




The purpose of "Ed's Indexer" is to provide an indexing
utility for a wide range of projects in a speedy manner. The types
of projects this program could be applied to are:

* Documents & Manuscripts
* Books
* Record Album Collections
* Filing Systems Reference
* Phone Numbers
* Inventories
* Outlines
* Newspaper Clippings
* General Lists



* Automatic Sorting
* Cross Index Option
* Alphabetic Leading Letter Output
* Automatic Document Index Aid
* Stop Word File
* User Changeable Options
* Super Fast Processing Using Btrees

How The Program Works

"Ed's Indexer" takes words and automatically sorts them as
they are entered in the indexing utility. The words are entered in
the format of Heading, Item and Subitem. The Item and Subitem can
be turned off. Each of the three also has a location (this can also
be turned off). In addition a toggle exists that allows cross
indexing of Item with Headings making for a powerful index and
saving time. The output is a text file which can be imported into
any word processor or sent directly to the printer. Details are
below on all of this.



After hitting any key to continue past the opening screen, you
are them prompted for a file name (Figure 1). If no file name is
given, a file name of "test" is used for default. Following this
is the main menu (Figure 2).

Figure 1 ...............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
File Name:

Figure 1 ...............

Figure 2 ...............
File = test

Enter Records
View Records
Cross Toggle
Document Index
Alter Settings
Quit Ed's Indexer

Cross Index Off 2/6/1990

Figure 2 ...............

Enter Records:

Text input for major leading indexed key word.
Format is Heading, Item, Subitem. Unless Item
or Subitem is turned off, you will be prompted
for each with a location. An enter (carriage
return) with no input will merely continue to
the next step or escape to previous menu.
Window input area is text length allowed.

Figure 3 ...............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue

Figure 3 ...............

PAGE 3 View Records:

Quick list to screen of Index.

Figure 4 ...............

cats (33)
breeds (56)
toys (66)
dogs (12)
feeding (45)
health (23)
houses (77)
building permits (44)
selling (78)
buying (89)
contract (47)

________________________________________________________________ End of List

Figure 4 ...............


Allows searching of or paging through index.
A heading at a time will be displayed for
editing (Figure 5).

F2 Saves current edit
F3 Insert an Item, allows additional items under
F4 Heading Find, looks for part or whole of text
F5 Item Find, part or whole
F6 Insert Heading, Adds new heading to index
F7 Deletes Line from Index, If Heading then all
that is under it
F8 Left Heading Find, Search left to right instead
of within text

Figure 5 ...............
ESC F2:Save F3:Ins-I F4:HFind F5:IFind F6:Ins-H F7:Del F8:LH
cats (33)
breeds (56)
toys (66)
dogs (12)
feeding (45)
health (23)

Figure 5 ...............

PAGE 4 Print:

Prints out index in two formats. One is
the standard format that is seen in the
view listing with indents provided. The
other is alpha leading as in:

Growing (23)
Eating (33)
Indexing (77)
Plain Vanilla (45)
Fancy (22)

Figure 6 ...............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
Regular or Alpha Capital Leading R/A:

Figure 6 ...............

The other option is to print to file. A file
print will result in a DOS ASCII TEXT file
which can be imported into your word processor
for document or book inclusion.

Figure 7 ...............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
Printer or File P/F:

Figure 7 ...............

Cross Toggle:

Turns on cross indexing feature. Switches item
and heading and copies to index, subitems are
not carried.


This is an Additional Menu
Figure 8 ...............

Record Counts
Add Stop Words
Create New Stop File
Make Stop Text File
Debug List Keys
Edit Stop Words
Quit Utility

Figure 8 ...............
PAGE 5 Record Counts:
Number of Headings, Items & Subitems.

Figure 9 ...............
Number of Heading Records = 2
Number of Item Records = 4
Number of Subitem Records = 6

Figure 9 ...............

Add Stop Words:
Adds stop words by reading
from a text file. See
Stopwords section.

Figure 10 ..............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
File to Read Stops:

Figure 10 ..............

Create New Stop File:
Erases old file starts
with new when reading
words list from text file.
Before using this option,
rename the file "stopfile.btr"
to "stopfile.bak". This will
preserve the current stopfile.

Make Stop Text File:
Reads from any document or
file and creates a unique
word list you can edit and
then use to add to the
stop file or create a new
stop file.

Figure 11 ..............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
File Name for Text:

Figure 11 ..............

Debug List Keys:
Used to help determine
problem with this
software, use to print
screen and send to me if
there are lost words or
incorrect attachments to
key words.

Figure 12 ..............

Heading: animals -> 0
Heading: houses (77) -> 1
Item: 0000000^cats (33) -> 1
Item: 0000000^dogs (12) -> 0
Item: 0000001^building permits (44) -> 2
Item: 0000001^selling (78) -> 3
Subitem: 0000000^feeding (45) -> 0
Subitem: 0000000^health (23) -> 1
Subitem: 0000001^breeds (56) -> 2
Subitem: 0000001^toys (66) -> 3
Subitem: 0000003^buying (89) -> 5
Subitem: 0000003^contract (47) -> 4
....any key to continue....

Figure 12 ..............

Edit Stop Words:
The same Search/Edit
window applied to the
actual stopword file. You
can directly add or modify
words in this manner.

Figure 13 ..............
ESC:Exit F2:Save F4:HFind F3:Ins-H F7:Del

End of Index

Figure 13 ..............

Help specific to the Utility Menu.

Return to Main Menu. Esc
Key or Q will select

End of additional Utility Menu


Document Index:
Will attempt to extract unique words
and put them in the current index.
The stopword file must be present if
stopwords are to be used. Ignores
graphic characters so a binary or
word processing file can be used,
text file is always 100% sure
though. Possibility of words being
combined or joined together in
binary files.

Figure 14 ..............
ESC:Abort Enter:Continue

Figure 14 ..............

Alter Settings:

This is an Additional Menu

Change colors, indent & location
characters and toggle index item,
subitem and locations.

Figure 15 ..............

A. Entry_Left = (
B. Entry_Right = )
C. Item_Space = 3
D. Sub_Space = 6
E. Menu Text Color
F. Menu Border Color
G. Normal Win Text
H. Normal Win Bord
I. Head_Loc On/Off = ON
J. Item On/Off = ON
K. Item_Loc On/Off = ON
L. SubItem On/Off = ON
M. Sub_Loc On/Off = ON
N. Total Sub Toggle = OFF
O. Save Settings
P. Defaults
Q. Quit Alter Settings

Figure 15 ..............

Entry Left:
The location character as in "horses (23)".
The default is "(" for left and ")" for right.

PAGE 8Figure 16 ..............

Current Symbol is --> (

ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
New Symbol for Left Side:

Figure 16 ..............

Item Space and Sub Space:
The numbers of spaces to indent the item and
the subitem. Item is indented from where heading
starts, subitem is from where item starts.
Figure 17 ..............
Current Number Is --> 3

ESC:Abort Enter:Continue
New # of Item Spaces:

Figure 17 ..............

Menu Text and Border Color:
These are menus and windows that pop up in the
middle of the screen. Page up and Page down change
the colors. You must save to retain your selection.
The Search/Edit window is one of these.

Figure 18 ..............

Sample Menu Text
* Page Up = Forward *
* Page Dn = Reverse *
Esc = Exit

Menu Text # ---> 78
Menu Border # ---> 14

Figure 18 ..............

Normal Window text and Border Color:
The area underneath the menus and pop up windows.
This is where the quick View display is.

Figure 19 ..............
File = test

1234567890~`[email protected]#$%^&*()

Window Text # ---> 31
Window Border # ---> 13
Cross Index Off 2/6/1990

Figure 19 ..............

Location, Item, Subitem toggles:
Turning off a location will stop the prompting
for location. Turning off item or subitem will
also stop any prompt for either.

Total toggle:
If a number is in the subitem, turning this
feature on will cause a total to be displayed
for all subitems. Do not precede the number with
any other characters or it will be ignored,
unless this is your intention. Characters after
the number will be ignored but the number will
be in the total. Decimal units, as in dollars can
be used.

$400 will not be included in the total
400 will be counted
400.23 will be counted with decimal retained
400dollars will be counted but dollars ignored


End of additional Alter Menu

Help specific to the Main Menu.

Quits main program. Saving the files is automatic.


Stopwords are words that are compared to the words found in
your document to be indexed. If a word in your document matches one
of the stopwords it is not added to the indexer listing it is
stopped. If the word "listing" and "stopped" were stopwords found
in the last sentence they would be passed over, "indexer" could be
used if it were not a stopword.

The default stopword list contains some common terms, computer
terms and ignores small words (under 4 letters) and adverbs. This
tends to leave mostly unique words. Without an extensive dictionary
it is difficult to eliminate all common words. A major attempt is
made to extract the majority of words that you will probably want
to look at for possible inclusion into the index being created.
Since a built in utility is provided you can expand the stopword
list or create a new one. To turn off the default stopword file move
stopfile.btr out of the directory or rename the file.




test.prm Parameters, Configuration File
Colors, Location Characters...

test.hed Heading Keyword

test.itm Item Keyword

test.sub Subitem Keyword

test.log Keeps Count on Headings, Items &

stopfile.btr Created if default is absent, is
blank with no words


stopfile.btr Stopword file for Auto-indexing of
Documents. Contains 2,375 words.

edsindex.exe Main Program

edsindex.doc This Program Documentation PC Magazine utility to exchange
graphic ASCII characters for text
ASCII printable ones for most
printers, small RAM resident TSR

printdoc.bat Prints documentation using


If you turn off the computer or exit improperly(as in usage
of the keys CTRL-ALT-DEL to cause a reboot in the middle of the
program) the files with the keywords will be corrupted. To avoid
this problem keep a current backup. This is the tradeoff for high


To successfully backup your files to floppy simply
"copy FILENAME.* a:"
filling in FILENAME with whatever you named the file when prompted
at the beginning of the program. This assumes you are in the
directory where the index program is located, otherwise use the CD
command to get there or use the drive and path.
If the program is in c:\index "copy c:\index\FILENAME.* a:".


This program uses btrees written by:
BPLUS file indexing program
Version 1.0 Copyright (C) 1987
by Hunter and Associates

Memory Required: 256K RAM
The btrees use cache.
Direct screen writes used.
Text Windowing used.
Keyboard Scanning for Function Keys, Normal Edit Keys.
All files are open at once.
Files are written to frequently.



* Produced and Edited with Ed's Indexer.
--> Main Menu, Document Index, give text file name with page
breaks, Search/Edit to delete and modify, then Print to
a text file. I did not use the stopfile in this case
because I wanted several common words to show through.


abort (3,5,6,8,9)
adverbs (11)
alphabetic (2,5)
alter (3,8,10)
appendix (11)
ascii (5,12)
automatic (2,10)


backup (12)
binary (8)
border (8,9,10)
bplus (12)
btrees (2,12)


cache (12)
cataloging (1)
characters (8,10,11,12)
clippings (2)
collections (2)
colors (8,9,11)
computer (11,12)
configuration (11)
corrupted (12)
counts (5,6,10,11)
create (5,6,11)
cross (1,2,3,5,10)


database (1)
debug (5,6)
decimal (10)
default (3,8,11)
deletes (4)
dictionary (11)
directory (11,12)
documents (2,3,5,6,8,11,12)
dollars (10)
drive (12)


editing (4,13)
eliminate (11)
entered (2,3,5,6,8,9)
entry (8)
erases (6)
escape (3)
exchange (12)
expand (11)
extract (8,11)


features (2,5,10)
figure (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
files (8,10,11,12)
floppy (12)
format (2,3,5)


graphic (8,12)


heading (2,3,4,5,6,7,11)
headings (2,6,11)
hfind (4,7)


ifind (4)
ignores (8,10,11)
imported (2,5)
indexer (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)
indexing (1,2,5,12)
input (3)
insert (4)
instructions (3,4)
introduction (2)
inventories (2)
items (4,6,11)


keyboard (12)
keyword (11)
keywords (12)


leading (2,3,5)
lists (2,5,11)
location (2,3,8,10,11,12)
locations (8)


magazine (12)
manuscripts (2)
memory (12)
menus (9)
modify (7)


newspaper (2)
normal (8,9,12)
numbers (2,6,9,10)


opening (3)
option (2,5)
options (2)
outlines (2)
output (2)


printer (2,3,5,6,12)
prints (5,12)
problem (6,12)
processing (2,8)
processor (2,5)
program (2,10,12)
projects (2)
prompted (3,10,12)
prompting (10)
prswap (12)


quits (10)


reboot (12)
record (2,5,6)
records (3,4,6)
register (1)
rename (11)
required (12)
reverse (9)


saving (2,10)
screen (3,4,6,9,12)
search (3,4,7,9)
searching (4)
settings (3,8)
sorting (2)
sorts (2)
space (8,9)
spaces (9)
stopwords (6,7,8,11,12)
styles (5)
subitem (2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11)
subitems (5,6,10,11)
symbol (9)
systems (2)


technical (12)
toggle (2,3,5,8,10)
toggles (10)
total (8,10)


unique (6,8,11)
utility (2,3,5,7,11,12)


version (12)


warnings (12)
window (3,7,9,10)
windows (9,12)
words (2,5,6,7,8,11)

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