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Useful Notes lets you create, organize, and access information on electronic notes. Similiar to Tornado Notes.
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Useful Notes lets you create, organize, and access information on electronic notes. Similiar to Tornado Notes.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The programs and documentation in this archive are
Copyright (c) 1990 by Useful Software


Useful Notes (Uno) is a small, fast, information manager that is
suitable for a wide variety of productivity tasks. Some of Uno's
features include:

- can be run from command line or as TSR
- number and length of notes only limited by available memory
- notes can be copied, moved, sized, ordered, and locked
- establish "hot links" between notes, files, and programs
- typeover and insert mode editing
- search keyword or full text (case sensitive or insensitive)
- cut and paste
- word wrap and paragraph reformat
- smart indentation
- easy to use consistent interface
- user configurable preferences

This Archive

You should find the following files in this archive:

uno.exe - Useful Notes
unores.exe - Useful Notes Resident
unocfg.exe - Useful Notes Configurator
uno.doc - Documentation for Useful Notes - A Useful Notes tutorial pile. - Some sample Useful Notes applications
readme.1st - This "read me" file.

Quick Start

You should find two sample "piles" of notes with this distribution; and A good way to introduce yourself to
Useful Notes is to try the tutorial. Simply type:


at the DOS prompt then follow the on screen instructions. You should
be able to work through the tutorial without having read the

To explore some ideas about how Useful Notes might be used, type:


at the DOS prompt and again follow the on screen instructions.


The programs and documentation in this archive are
Copyright (c) 1990 by Useful Software

Uno is a shareware information manager. This means that you only pay
for it if you decide to continue using it. If you don't think that it
is worth the asking price, delete the program, or better yet give it
to someone who might find it useful. However if you do decide to keep
Uno after a 2 week trial period, please send $20 (see REGISTRATION
FORM on next page) to:

Useful Software
340 Dale Crescent
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2J 3Y3

The shareware fee pays for unlimited use of Uno by a single person.
You are allowed (and encouraged) to give away copies of Uno with the
understanding that each person receiving a copy is under the same
obligation as you are to send in the shareware fee if they decide to
keep it. You can upload THIS VERSION ONLY of Uno to other computer
systems, either free or commercial, as long as this archive remains
intact, with the copyright and shareware notices unchanged.

Useful Notes can be installed on LANS. In such situations I ask only
that the LAN Administrator estimate the maximum number of people that
will be making "simultaneous" use of Uno and pay the shareware fee
based on that estimate. I do not expect that the limit be closely
monitored or enforced (I appreciate how much trouble that would be),
but I do expect that the estimate will be revised (and additional fees
paid) should a substantial increase in the number of nodes on the LAN
and Uno usage occur.

No guarantee is made as to the functionality of this software; however
it has been tested quite thoroughly by a large number of people. If
it doesn't do what you want, don't keep it and send no money.

Please support the shareware concept. Shareware means useful programs
at a fraction of the cost you might pay for them commercially. You
can try-before-you-buy, and you are not subjected to copy protection
or other atrocities that many software vendors inflict on their
customers. Software updates can also be distributed much faster than
is possible through normal channels.

Any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, can be mailed to the above
address. Enjoy.

Useful Software

Registration Information

All registered users of Useful Notes will receive one update with the
most recent version of the program, and notification of subsequent
major updates (available for $2.00 on request).

Discounts are available if you register both Useful Notes and Useful
Editor (see "Bundled" price schedule below). If you are already a
registered user of Useful Editor, remit only the difference in price
between what you have already paid and the "Bundled" price. (For
instance if you own 1 copy of Useful Editor at $20, you pay only $10
for the registration of 1 copy of Useful Notes).

Registration Bonus

As a bonus, all registered users will also receive a version of Useful
Notes Resident which has EMS support and configuration control of the
amount of memory to use for notes.



Useful Software Name: ___________________________________
340 Dale Crescent
Waterloo, Ontario (Company): ___________________________________
Canada, N2J 3Y3
(Title): ___________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

City,State: ___________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________

Useful Notes Price Schedule

1-9 copies - $20 per copy
10-49 copies - $15 per copy
50-99 copies - $10 per copy
100+ copies - One time fee of $1000

Useful Notes/Editor Bundled Price Schedule

1-9 copies - $30 per bundle
10-49 copies - $25 per bundle
50-99 copies - $15 per bundle
100+ copies - One time fee of $1500

I would like to register _______ copies of Useful Notes Version ____
for single person use.

(Yes/No) I am already a Useful Editer Version ____ user.

(Yes/No) I would also like to register _______ copies of Useful Editor
Version ____ for single person use at the bundled price.

Signature: _______________________________

Update Log

The following changes were made in version 1.1

- added Fit To Text and Zoom options to the Scroll... option
- default note pile option now included in the unocfg program
- modified tab support to recognize Data Entry Points while in Edit
- added configurable option to backup piles (to a .bak file) prior
to saving
- Alt-x can be used as an alternate to Quit (F10)
- Esc can be used to exit Uno Resident
- memory % Free added to Resident version

Planned Enhancements

- cut and paste from application screens (Resident version)
- alarm clock notes (Resident version)
- note history
- auto clean property

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