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Inventories personal communication.
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Inventories personal communication.
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1. If a friend of mine had a "personality conflict" with a mutual
friend of both of us, I would:

A. Tell my friend that I felt he/she was partially responsible for
any conflict with our mutual friend, and try to indicate how the other
person was being affected.

B. Not get involved because I wouldn't be able to continue to get along
with both of them once I had entered in any way.

2. If one of my friends and I had engaged in a heated argument in the past,
and I realized the he/she was ill at ease around me from that time, I

A. Avoid making matters worse by calling attention to his/her behavior and
let the whole thing drop.

B. Comment on his/her behavior, and ask how he/she felt the argument has
affected our relationship.

3. If a friend with whom I worked began to avoid me and act in an aloof and
withdrawn manner, I would:

A. Call attention to his/her behavior and suggest that he/she tell me what
was on his/her mind.

B. Follow the friend's lead and keep our contacts on a "business as usual"
basis since that seems to be what he/she wants.

4. If one of my fellow supervisors, one of my subordinates, and I were talking,
and my subordinate slipped and brought up my private plans for a change which
concerned my colleague's department, of which he.she was not yet aware, I

A. Change the subject and signal my subordinate to do the same.

B. Fill my colleague in on what my subordinate was talking about and
suggest we take it up later.

5. I f a friend of mine were to tell me that, in his/her opinion, I was
doing things that made me less effective than I might be with my co-workers,
I would:

A. Encourage the friend to spell out or elaborate on what he/she has observed
and suggested changes.

B. Resent the criticism and attempt to make it clear to him/her why I behave
the way I do.

6. If a friend of mine aspired to do more skilled work than I thought he/she
had the qualifications for, I would:

A. Not mention my misgivings and let the friend handle things in his/her
own way.

B. Tell my friend of my misgivings and then leave the final decision to

7. If I felt that my colleagues was being unfair to me and my fellow
co-workers, but none of them had mentioned anything about it, I would:

A. Ask several colleagues how they perceived the situation to see if
they felt he/she was being unfair.

B. Not ask the others how they perceived our colleague, but wait for them
to bring it up with me.

8. If I were preoccupied with some personal matter and a colleague of mine
told me that I had become irritable with him/her and others, and that I was
rebelling against him/her on what seemed unimportant things, I would:

A. Tell the colleague that I was preoccupied and would probably be on
edge for a while, and would prefer not to be bothered.

B. Listen to the complaints but try not to explain my actions.

9. If I had heard some of my colleagues discussing an ugly rumor about
one of my friends which I know could hurt him/her and my friend asked me
what I knew about it. if anything, I would:

A. Plead ignorance of the matter and suggest that no one would believe such
a rumor anyway.

B. Tell the friend exactly what I had heard, when I heard it, and from whom
I heard it.

10. If one of my colleagues pointed out that I had a "personality conflict"
with a colleague in another department with whom it was important that I
cooperate for my department to get its work done, I would:

A. Consider the comments "out of line" and discourage further discussion
on the matter.

B. Discuss it openly with the colleague to find out how my department was
being affected by this.

11. If my relationship with one of my colleagues had been damaged by repeated
arguments on an issue of importance to us both, I would:

A. Be cautious with the colleague least the issue come up again and worsen
our relationship further.

B. Point to the effects the controversy was having on our relationship and
suggest that we discuss it until we got it resolved.

12. In in a critique or evaluation session with one of my colleagues, he/she
suddenly suggested that we discuss my performance as well as his/her own,
I would:

A. Forestall the comments by suggesting that a third party would probably be
in a better position to judge my performance.

B. Welcome the opportunity to learn how he/she evaluated my work or conduct
and encourage his/her comments.

13. If a colleague of mine began to tell me of his/her hostile attitude
toward one of my other colleagues whom he/she felt was being unfair to
others (and I agree wholeheartedly), I would:

A. Listen, but not express my own negative views to the colleague so he/she
would know where I stand.

B. Listen and also express my own concurrent views so he/she would know
where I stand.

14. If I had reason to suspect that an ugly rumor was being circulated about
me among my colleagues and that one of my friends in particular had quite
likely heard it, I would:

A. Avoid mentioning the issue and leave it to the friend to tell me about
it if he/she wanted to.

B. Risk putting the friend on the spot by asking him/her directly what
he/she knew about the whole thing.

15. If I had observed one of my colleagues in his/her relationship with
co-workers and I felt that he/she was doing a number of things which
limited his/her effectiveness, I would:

A. Keep my own opinions to myself lest I be seen as interfering in things
that are none of my business.

B. Risk being seen ass a "busybody" and tell the colleague what I had
observed and my reactions to it.

16. If two of my co-workers and I were talking and one of them inadvertently
mentioned some of their plans which would affect me in some way, but of
which I had not heard, I would:

A. Press them for further information regarding the plans and their
opinions toward them.

B. Leave it to my colleagues to tell me of not tell me, letting them
change the subject if they wished.

17. If a colleague of mine seemed to be preoccupied and began to rebel against
me on seemingly unimportant things, and to become irritated with me and others
without real cause, I would:

A. Treat the colleague with "kid gloves" for a while on the presumption
that he/she was having some temporary personal problems which were none of
my business.

B. Try to talk with the colleague about it and point out how he/she was
affecting people.

18. If I had begun to dislike one of my co-workers to the extent that it was
interfering with my ability to work with him/her effectively, I would:

A. Say nothing to the co-worker directly, but let him/her know my feelings
by keeping our relationship on a "strictly business" level.

B. Get my feelings out in the open and clear the air so that we could get
on with our work.

19. In discussing his/her job performance with one of my more "sensitive"
colleagues, I would:

A. Avoid calling attention in his/her mistakes to no injure his/her morale.

B. Focus primarily on his/her mistakes to upgrade his/her work.

20 If I knew I was being considered for a promotion or for some position
that was important to me, and my colleagues attitudes toward me had been
rather negative during my association with them, I would:

A. Discuss my shortcomings with my colleagues so I could see where to

B. Try to assess my shortcomings by myself so that I could do a better
job in the future.

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