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A very simple and easy to use label printing utility.
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A very simple and easy to use label printing utility.
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Starlab is a FREEWARE utility label maker. It utilizes 15/16 by 3 & 1/2
inch "1-Up" labels. It will save the label to a disk file and recall it
later. It allows you to edit easily and to print almost any reasonable
nuber of copies of a label.

Try it. You'll like it.

The only restriction on the use of Starlab is that you may not sell it.
Give it away, put it on a bulletin board, or sell the media (Disk) its on.

All I ask is that if you like it and use it you send a Donation.

Starlab V 1.02
Cunningham Computer Services
200 N. Long Street
Caseyville, Il. 62232

$10.00 per user terminal for commercial operations is requested.
U.S. Government Installations may use this product with no charge.

Source code is available to registered users.


The main menu offers 6 simple single keystroke selectable commands.

reate a Lable. This option presents you with a blank label form
to fill in.

dit Allows you to edit the label currently in memory.

rint Print the label currently in memory.

uit Exits the program

ecall Load an existing lable from the currently logged

ave Save the label currently in memory to the logged

The Label Form.

The label form is a rectangular box on the screen with a marker at the
end of each line. The box is 5 lines high and 69 characters wide. The
max size of a label printed at 17 characters per inch. The default
text size is 10 CPI so the end markers are set at position 36 allowing
35 characters on each line.

The program stores 6 lines of text and will display the 6th line below
the box but will not print that line. The 6th line can be recalled
with the editing commands.

Entering Information.

Just type what data you want on each line of the label use either the
ENTER (RETURN) key of the down arrow to move to the next line. The
Arrow keys function as cursor movement commands. Do not try to
manually center text, the the auto center function .

Formating the text.

Each of the 5 lines of text cam be formatted independently. Formatting
commands are listed on the left side of the screen along with a status
display for each command.

Blank the current line.
Center this line. ON will center the line.
Double Strike this line of text.
Emphasized Print when ON.
Italics when ON.
Change the Text size. (CPI when printed)
Underline this line when ON.

Special Features

Several simple but effective commands have been preprogramed in the
function keys.

Insert a blank line. This will push the current line and all
those under it down one line.

Delete the current line. This will pull up all the lines
below the current line one position. Line 6 will recover to
line 5.

Swap the current line with any other line to include line 6.

Copy the current line to any other line position to include
line 6. Data and format on the destination line will be

Convert the case of every character on a line to either Upper
or Lower case. (Prompted Choice)

The Delete key will delete the character currently under the cursor.

function in this version.

Printing the Label.

Starlab currently supports only the IBM compatiable printers.

The first prompt will ask how many labels are to be printed. Remember
only the one label in memory is going to be printed answer with the
number of copies you want. The first time you print you may want to
get only one label as a test.

The next prompt will ask how many spaces to the right to move the
label. Spaces are inserted at 10 CPI to move the left margin. This
allows some lattitude in positioning the labels in the printer.

The last prompt is to insure the printer is ready.

A final note. I have applied the KISS rule extensively during the
development of the screens and user prompts. This program is meant to be
used by your employees who are virtually computer illiterate. If you
experience a problem with somebody not understanding a prompt or display
please write me even if you don't want to register your copy of the

Registration Form.

1. Name or Company ____________________________________________________

2. Address ____________________________________________________

3. City / State ____________________________________________________

4. Zip ____________________________________________________

5. Phone ____________________________________________________

6. Number of copies being used. _______________________

7. Donation $_____________________________________

If you want the source code and the latest version on a 5 & 1/4 inch 360 K
format diskette a minimum of $10.00 per user is required.

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