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Football Cardfile - tracks your NFL football cards.
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Football Cardfile – tracks your NFL football cards.
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Contents of the FOOTBALL.DOC file


written by Charles V. Steed
9 Nov 1990, Tampa, Fl

I decided one evening after watching my son's interests in football cards
continue to grow that I would attempt to write a simple, yet effective
program that would allow him to enter his cards into a record and then later
on be able to search for a specific card or print a cardfile. I feel that
this program accomplishes those tasks rather well, although there are
numerous improvements that could be added.

In short, the program allows you to enter the basic esential items from a
football card which consist of the following:
Year of the Card
Card Manufacturer
Card Number
Football Team Name
Player' name
Value of card
Card Condition

Once a card is enterd, it may then be re-edited, or deleted if desired. The
program has been extensively tested on an XT Turbo Clone computer running
MS DOS ver 3.21. I have also tested this program on a 286 clone using MS Dos
ver 4.01 and noticed no problems.


I have not allowed for change of colors in this current version so you will
have to bear with what I selected as comfortable and pleasing to the eye!
You need about 92K to run this program and it will run fine from a single
floppy disk, although running from a hard disk improves file access time.

I have tested this using CGA and Mono, but will have to assume that it will
function fine otherwise.

This program should on a 360k floppy, allow for about 3600 seperate card
entries, and on a hard disk, almost limitless!


I will assume no liability for any damage to equipment or loss of data from
misuse, etc.

Since this is my first venture into programming I welcome any and all comments
regarding the FOOTBALL CARDFILE program. I am very much interested in making
improvements to this program, and feel the need for such a program may be
viable. Please let me hear from you on any improvements that you think you
would like to see, or suggestions to make this software better!

Here is how the program works:

Main Menu selections

(A)dd new card - adds a new card to the cardbase

(E)dit existing card - allows you to edit or mark card
for deletion

(S)can cardbase - performs a quick scan of the current
cardfile in use

(P)rint Cardfile - will print the "current" cardfile
including date, and page numbers

(U)tility Section - Allows you to change current cardfile
or delete cards marked for deletion.
You can also shell to DOS, or log
a new drive into the system.

(Q)uit Program - ends current program execution,
restores the screen to the way it
was prior to program start

I feel the program is user friendly enough to warrant a short set of
docs on its use, so this is where I leave off. I have always felt that
if the software was really good, then I didn't need a bunch of manuals,
etc to have to read through to figure out how to make the program work.

Hope you enjoy it!

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