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Hamburger recipes for Meal Master.
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Hamburger recipes for Meal Master.
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Well, here it is the first of the month and after I
have paid the bills, I am broke. But Hamburger to the
rescue. During the summer months, because of the barbecue
season, hamburger is on sale in almost all of the stores
every month. So here are some more Hamburger recipes from
Betty Crocker. I plan on using some of them to make my
dinner as well as having tried many of them before. I
have tried the Cheeseburger Pie last month and loved it.
NOTE: I used the Bisquick name in this recipe only
because it would fit and give the idea of biscuit baking
mix. Use whatever you like in it. Also the Souper
Sandwich is good. But as I now have about 20 lbs of
hamburger in the freezer and refrigerator, you can be sure
that I will be eating more of these recipes. This file
contains main dishes mostly, but also has a few side
dishes in it also.



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