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A single- and multi-user Help Desk program. Tracks calls, problems. Allows you to create a database of problems and solutions for online searching.
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A single- and multi-user Help Desk program. Tracks calls, problems. Allows you to create a database of problems and solutions for online searching.
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Contents of the VENDOR.DOC file

HOTNET - Version 3.09
Author: Joey Robichaux, member ASP. CIS: 71336,336, GENIE: JEROBICHAUX
P. O. Box 82311 phone: (504)752-2620
Baton Rouge, La. 70884
Last update - Mar 18, 1992

Vendor Description
HOTNET - Multi-User Phone Support System -- Category: Business, LAN
Short Description --
Single/multi user help desk phone support/call tracking system.

Long Description --

Do you use a telephone in your business? Do you run a help desk -- you
may call it a hotline, a trouble desk, a customer service center. No matter
what you call it, wouldn't it be nice to have and easy way to track just WHO

Maybe you provide phone support to users of a software package, or maybe from business owners
needing tax advice. You may be trying to trouble-shoot mechanical problems from
lawn-mower dealers; perhaps you're part of a legislative committee that's
explaining new laws introduced in the current session. Maybe you're just trying
to collect feedback from people on a new product you've introduced -- or maybe
you're just trying to get a handle on your phone calls!

All of these scenarios have common business problems:

1) They're fielding questions from a wide body
of end-users.
2) Many different people may be answering the phone.
3) These people may not know the "product" or "service" in
great detail.
4) Many common questions are asked frequently.
5) The phone personnel may not know if a question has already been solved or
6) Managment needs some kind of way to track what kinds of
questions and problems end-users have.
7) Management needs to know which problems are unresolved
so they can concentrate resources to solve those
8) Management needs a way to track the activity and
performance of phone personnel.

HOTNET, a PC-based multi-user shareware system, can help solve
these business problems. HOTNET is network capable and supports NETBIOS
record locking.

HOTNET captures caller information (thousands of characters per call!)
to help phone personnel record and solve common problems and also to
provide management with the necessary information to help make business

By the way, HOTNET works great for single users who want to
keep a record of their phone conversations! It's now easy to confirm
just "who said what" way back in September of 1990!

Vendor Distribution Information:
Vendors who are ASP Associate Members in good standing are hereby given
permission to distribute HOTNET. I ask that you send me notification
that you are carrying this program (postcard and/or catalog) so I may
serve you better (provide updates, send new products, etc).

To ensure you have a current version, non-ASP members should request
permission from me to distribute HOTNET (if you receive a direct mailing
from me, then please consider that permission). Also, you may not list
any of my products in advertisements, catalogs, or other literature which
describes my products as "FREE SOFTWARE". Shareware is "Try-Before-You-Buy"
software, it is not free.

Thanks --

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