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MILE-PRC is a program which will collect information for individuals who must account for time, money and miles.
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MILE-PRC is a program which will collect information for individuals who must account for time, money and miles.
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Contents of the MILE-PRC.TXT file

Introductory to

MILE-PRC.EXE is a program which was created to provide information to
individuals who must account for time, money and miles(TMM). This
means an ability of transferring daily data into record format.

Some of the features of this version of MILE-PRC are:

Date & Time
Start & Finish
Location of Client
Business Mile, Personal Miles.
IRS Deduction
Hours worked. Rate per Hour,
Preparations & Trip Charge
Parking, Tolls, Additional Expenses


Licensing Agreement

MILE-PRC.EXE is a shareware product, that is to say, you are granted
a limited license to use it to determine if it will meet your
needs. While it is impossible to ensure your honesty, I urge you
to register MILE-PRC.EXE if you find that you use it for more than 1
month. Doing so will place you on our update mailing list

While there is no way to compel you to register MILE-PRC.EXE, you
really will be hurting the shareware concept by not doing so.
MILE-PRC.EXE is one of the many fine programs which are developed by
programmers on a try-before-you-buy basis. If you do not pay for
these products (pirate them), you only prompt these software
developers to stop providing software on these terms.

It is therefore my hope that you will register this and other
shareware products so that you will keep the Shareware ideal
alive and well.

Permission is granted for the transfer of the MILE-PRC.EXE package by
any means under the condition that the programs, this document,
and the Licensing document are together on the transfer medium.
What this means is that you are granted permission to transfer
this program as long as it is accompanied by this document and
the Licensing document to electronic bulletin boards (BBS's),
commercial communications services, shareware libraries, CD-ROM
libraries, or to your friends. You are not permitted, however,
to make any changes to any of the documentation or programs
contained in the original MILE-PRC.EXE package. You are also not
permitted to charge money for the MILE-PRC.EXE.

In order to register MILE-PRC.EXE, please print and fill out the
accompanying file REGISTER.DOC and enclose your payment ($20 (US
funds) for each copy that you are registering) payable by check
or money order to Peter R. Calendo. Residents of New York must
add a 8% sales tax to this amount. Remit your payment and
registration information to:

Peter R. Calendo
968 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14216-2615

Once your payment has been received and processed, you will be
sent a new diskette containing a current release copy of MILE-PRC.EXE.
In order to facilitate processing of your order, please write your
address information legibly.

MILE-PRC.EXE (v 1.xx) is copyright (c) 1990 by PRC Software. All
rights are reserved by the copyright owner. This documentation
is copyright (c) 1990 by PRC Software. All rights are reserved
on this documentation by the copyright holder. No part of MILE-
PRC or this documentation may be reproduced, stored in a
retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic mechanical, photographic, magnetic, or otherwise
except in accordance with the Licensing Agreement contained in
this document, or without the express written consent of PRC

MILE-PRC.EXE is provided on an "AS IS" basis. What this means is
that if you decide to use MILE-PRC.EXE.WK1 or MILE-PRC.EXE. it is at
your own risk. In plain English, this means that if you use MILE-
PRC.EXE and your machine blows up, the developers and distributors of
MILE-PRC.EXE are not responsible in any fashion. If you use MILE-
PRC.EXE and it loses all of your billing information, once again the
developers and distributors of MILE-PRC.EXE are not to be held
accountable. While these scenarios are rather extreme in nature,
they serve to indicate that PRC Software does not warrant,
guarantee, or make any other representations regarding the use,
or results of use, of MILE-PRC.EXE or its documentation in terms of
accuracy, reliability, correctness, currentness, or otherwise.

PRC Software will not be held responsible for any direct,
indirect, incidental, or consequential damages including, but not
limited to, damages for loss of business profits, business
interruption, loss of business information, or otherwise arising
from the use or inability to use MILE-PRC.EXE, even if PRC Software
has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Registration for MILE-PRC.EXE Program
------------ --- --- -------

Please complete the following information and return this
form with your check or money order (please do not send cash) to
the address below.

Name: __________________________________________________

Company: __________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________


_____________________ ___ ______-_____


Machines: < > 8088/86 < > 80286 < > 80386 < > Portable
Disks: < > 360K < > 720K

Kind of Work You Do:
< > Programming < > CAD/CAM < > Engineering
< > Accounting < > Word Processing
< > Other (Please Specify) _____________________________

I would like to register ____ (copy)(copies) of MILE-PRC.EXE at $20
each. This entitles me to receive a serialized copy of MILE-PRC.EXE
and to be informed of product updates at a special price and of
bug fixes. I will receive information on contacting you to report
If you are a resident of NY, please add 8% sales tax per copy.
Enclosed with this please find a (check)(money order) for

Where did you find this product: _______________________________

Comments/Suggestions about this product:



Please submit to:

Peter R. Calendo
968 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14216-2615

Instructions and Directions:

To make it easier for the novices & advance power user I have taken the liberty
or protecting the program using a complier.

Following are a description of the cell involving user input:

A50: To change the date press the F2 key and use your cursor to change the
current the 5 to the current month.

B50: Do Not Enter (DNE) Protect cell. I have placed an string to detect the
day of the week.

C50: Press F2 to change Start of Job time.

D50: Press F2 to change Finish of Job time.

E50 Enter the Name and Location of Client

F50 Non-Business Mile

G50 Enter Business Mile

H50 Do Not Enter (DNE) Protect cell.
I50 IRS Miles Calculated cost per IRS deduction ($.26)

K50 Reason that you were requested to this location.

L50 Expenses personal costs as telephone calls or mailing information.

M50 Enter your hours worked for this current job of this day.

N50 Rate Per Hour enter the rate per hour this job.

O50 Preparation & Trip Charge this covers your preparation before arriving
at client location.
P50 Total Income . Do Not Enter (DNE) Protect cell.

Q50 Parking tolls

R50 Additional Expenses --Like Parking ticket or speeding ticket ect.

S50...T50 User input... Your Choice.

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