Dec 192017
Scanner Database Frequency Program Beta Ver. DL and give suggestions.
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Scanner Database Frequency Program Beta Ver. DL and give suggestions.
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Download File SCANITB3.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome to SCANIT! Beta test edit/entry screen.

Scanit is a Frequency Database Organization facility, you comments will
help shape the outcome of SCANIT! Scanit is in its early beta stages
there are many more features to be added. Look for new versions wherever
you downloaded this program.

For scanit to run properly you must have 3 megs of extended memory, a 386sx
or better CPU, and ANSI.SYS must be loaded in your config.sys, and DOS 5.0
or higher then Simply run SCANIT.EXE...

On a 4 meg computer your hard drive cache should be no more than 512k
when running scanit. On a 8 meg system your hard drive cache can oviously
be more.

Example config.sys
device=c:\dos\emm386.exe /noems

Example autoexec.bat
@echo off
path=(your path)
c:\dos\smartdrv 512 <--- for 4 meg systems, 8 meg systems use 2048

If you have a questions or comments please contact Dave Kone @ the Logic
Board BBS 410-756-2193 Email 'Dave Kone'....

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