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Managment tool for reviewing employees'performance.
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Managment tool for reviewing employees’performance.
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Review 1.0


Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue
Elmhurst, NY 11373

March 28, 1986

(C) Copyright 1986 by Ralph Iskaros. All Rights Reserved.

The Review distribution diskette, containing the program file
and a text file including a copy of this manual, maybe copied
and distributed upon your agreement to the terms in this manual.


1.0 Introduction to Review...............................1
2.0 Who should use this program?.........................1
3.0 Before you start the review..........................1
4.0 Getting Started, and Some Hints......................2
5.0 Scoring System.......................................3
6.0 Topic Description....................................3
7.0 Appendix.............................................6
7.1 Limited Warranty.....................................6
7.2 Disclaimer...........................................7
7.3 Permission To Copy...................................7
7.4 Registration.........................................7

Review 1.0 Page 1 User's Guide

This program is a computerized system to rate an employee based
on his score in several topics. Those topics range in variety,
from quality and quantity of performance to attendance and

This system was developed because most commonly used systems
distribute the importance of all topics rated (e.g. Knowledge
and Physical Condition) equally, where a top score in
Knowledge of job should contribute to the employee's
performance score more than a top score in Physical Condition

The user of this program will evaluate employees under his
supervision in sixteen different topics. The compiled
score for an employee in those topics will make up his final

Who should use this program?

o If you are a supervisor or the personnel officer in a
company that has not yet established a standard for
performance evaluation.

o If you are currently unhappy with your present system this
system could be an improvement. We also offer a customized
version of this program that is altered to meet your

o If you are under an obligation to use your company's
standard system, Review can be a cross reference system.

Before you start the review

This program should be completed with impartiality and sober
judgment. When evaluating the employee, be neutral and fair.
Concentrate on the employee, his responsibilities, and his
performance. Don't make personal feelings be a part of judging.

When the program is run and completed, a hard copy should
remain as a permanent record of the employee's contribution to
the company. Therefore, give yourself enough time to cover all
topics unbiasedly.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Review 1.0 Page 2 User's Guide

Getting Started, and Some Hints

First, make a backup copy of your Review disk, or program
files (Check your D.O.S. manual on how you can format and copy
a disk).

To start Review, at the disk prompt (e.g. A>) where
is, type review .

Read the opening title screen, then hit any key to move on.

The next screen will display a brief description and a bar
chart of all the topics to be reviewed.

On the bottom of the screen, you will be asked to type either
S , to start the program, or P to print a form
you use to register your copy of Review, and answer a compact

If you choose to start ( S ), first, you will be
prompted for some personnel data (e.g. Name, Payroll #, etc.).

For versatility purposes, the program does not check your
personnel data. For example:
If Date Hired is 11/23/1984, when prompted, you can use any
format for the date. The date, and all other data will be
printed exactly the way they're entered.

If some of the data you are prompted for does not apply to
your company, simply hit to skip them.

After you enter all the personnel data, hit Y , to
continue, or hit N , to re-enter the data if you've
made a mistake.

From this point, all your options can be chosen from clear
screen prompts.

Keep this manual handy when filling out the Review. It will
give you a little more detailed description of the topics.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Review 1.0 Page 3 User's Guide

Scoring system

A scale of one to five (1 - 5) is used to rate each topic:

5 = Excellent - Admirable Effort
4 = Above Average - Surpasses Expectations
3 = Average - Meets Expectations
2 = Below Average - Below Expectations
1 = Unsatisfactory - Not Acceptable

For each topic, the program will ask your input of a value of
1 - 5. To make this program more flexible, fractions (e.g.
3.75) are supported for maximum accuracy.

The final score will determine the employee's rating:

85-100 = Excellent - Admirable Effort
70-84 = Above Average - Surpasses Expectations
55-69 = Average - Meets Expectations
40-54 = Below Average - Below Expectations
Under 40 = Unsatisfactory - Not Acceptable

Topic Description

This section describes the topics in a little more detail.

a. Knowledge:

Consider the employee's extent of knowledge vital to perform
his job. Consider his response to training, understanding
assignments, growth of skills, and comprehending the over-all
system and work flow.

Consider his knowledge and contribution to his co-worker in
backing up jobs and assisting during pressure times.

b. Quality:

Consider the quality of the output. The accuracy of details in
the production. The neatness of reports.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Review 1.0 Page 4 User's Guide

Consider the amount of errors in the performance.

c. Quantity:

Consider the number of assignments and tasks performed. The
number of duties being backed up and assisted on regular

d. Dependability:

Consider the general sense of responsibility. Is the work
always on time?

Consider the amount of supervision required by the employee
under normal conditions, and his ability to follow
instructions promptly.

e. Communication:

Consider the communications skills possessed by the employee.
His ability to converse with customers and associates. His
proficiency in contacting management.

Your expectations should largely depend on the job nature. If
the employee you are rating is a Receptionist or a Company
Representative, your expectations of him should be higher than
your expectations of a C.R.T. Input Operator that does not
require to possess good communications skills but good typing
speed and accuracy.

f. Education:

Consider the quality and magnitude of education acquired.
Seminars, training sessions, and conferences attended.

Consider the specialty skills possessed by the employee.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Review 1.0 Page 5 User's Guide

g. Attendance:

Refer to attendance records if possible.

Consider the number of times arriving late or leaving early.
Consider the causes and if employee was attempting to have a
perfect attendance record.

h. Cooperation:

Consider the example employee sets in cooperating with
supervisor and associates. The manner in which he complies
with instructions, and his promptness in following up on

i. Decision-making:

Consider the employee's managerial quality. His potential to
grow in the company.

Consider ability to conduct routine manners, and ability to
act promptly and properly under abnormal circumstances.
Consider his ability to work with minimum supervision.

j. Innovation:

Consider employee's initiative. His ability to adjust and
adapt new systems. His effectiveness with his work without
being briefed on little details.

Consider employee's desire to improve things, do better, and
learn more.

k. Leadership:

Consider leadership qualities possessed. Subordinates and
associates amount of respect for employee.

Consider his disposition supporting others.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Review 1.0 Page 6 User's Guide

l. Planning:

Consider ability to sort out, delegate, and perform important
jobs per schedule.

Consider his ability to foresee conflicts and problems before
the develop.

m. Attitude:

Consider employee's disposition, his general attitude to
toward job, associates, and supervisor.

Is he courteous, cheerfull, well mannered?

Consider his desire to do better and learn more.

n. Physical:

Consider enthusiasm for own responsibilities. Physical energy,
endurance during pressure periods.

Consider employee's health, efficiency and speed.

o. Appearance:

Consider daily appearance of employee. The degree in which he
considers his above all image.

p. Housekeeping:

Is the employee well organized? Is he concerned about
neatness and cleanliness of equipment and and supplies.


Limited Warranty

This program is provided as is, with no warranty of any kind.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Review 1.0 Page 7 User's Guide


The author of this program shall have no liability or
responsibility to you , the user, or any other person with
respect to any loss, damage, including, but not limited to
loss of profit, loss of savings, or any consequential damages
suffered by the use of this product.

Permission To Copy

Individuals, business', organizations, and clubs are granted
permission to copy and distribute Review and this manual, so
long as:

a. No price is to be charged for the software and manual,
other than your distribution cost, so long as it is not more
than $8.00 total.

b. In no way should this software or it's accomaning files be
altered, changed, or modified.


Review is a User-Supported Software. You are encouraged to copy
and share it, however, if you actually use it or find it of
value, you should register by printing out the Purchase Order
form, and mailing it with a payment of $15.00 for each user.

Review (C)Copyright 1986 Ralph Iskaros
79-17 Grand Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373


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