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Roadways PC is an easy to use program to help you find the shortest route from one city to another.
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Roadways PC is an easy to use program to help you find the shortest route from one city to another.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Roadways PC version 3.1a Readme file:

This is the newest maintenance release of Roadways PC, released
on 4 February 1992. All of the files should have the following
date and time stamps on them, with the possible exception of the
files, which are all text files that can be user modified:

02/04/92 8:00 a.m.

Version 3.1a is a maintenance release of version 3.1 which was
released on 10 January 1992. You may not have received 3.0, as
it turned out to have a couple of rather (VERY) nasty
undocumented features (BUGS). Fortunately, these were caught
before too many were sent out. This release fixes these
undocumented features that crept in while adding other features.

The list of things that were done in this version are detailed in
the documentation under Summary of Changes, but the primary thing
is that Roadways now uses a different method for locking out the
registration screen. Take a look at the section on registration
in the manual for more details.

Also, even more exciting is the addition of three new road types.
You can now differentiate between state roads, U.S. roads and
rural routes, and if a turnpike has a route number assigned, it
can be used now. This is something that folks have wanted for
some time, and is finally available in this release! Thank you
all for taking the time to tell me what you wanted. Most of the
changes in Roadways PC are the result of your kind letters.

The City Editor mentioned in the manual is now ready for
shipment! If you would like to order it, the cost is $10.00.
See the registration form in the documentation, or print out the

Specify that you want to order the City Editor and send a check
or money order made out to:

Doug Fitler

and sent to:

Roadways PC
Box 424
Scott AFB, Il. 62225

Enjoy Roadways PC, and don't forget to support the Shareware
concept! Register your copy now if you haven't already!

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