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Simple phone number database. It will act as an on-line Rolodex.
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Simple phone number database. It will act as an on-line Rolodex.
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Contents of the PHONES.DOC file

********************** PHONES DOCUMENTATION **********************

If you have not already done so, please read the REGISTER.TXT file
included with this program.

PHONES is a stand alone database application. Specifically,
it allows you to maintain your own custom 'telephone directory' of
personal friends and business contacts.

++++++++++ INSTALLATION ++++++++++

PHONES is very easy to install. It may be run either from a
hard disk (recommended) or from a floppy diskette.
It's recommended that you run from hard disk because the
PHONES database is limited in size only by the amount of disk storage
space available to it. Obviously, there is less storage space avail-
able on a floppy diskette than on a hard disk.

PHONES runs from the disk and path that the PHONES.EXE
program is first run from.

To run it from a floppy disk, copy PHONES.EXE to the floppy
and at the DOS prompt type 'phones' (without the quotes of course).
You'll be off and running.

To install PHONES on a hard disk do the following:

1) Create a subdirectory to hold PHONES. Example:

C:>mkdir c:\phones

2) Copy PHONES.EXE to your new subdirectory.

A:>copy phones.exe c:\phones

To run the program, change to your phones subdirectory and
type 'phones'. Example:

C:\PHONES>phones <-- This will run it.

The first time PHONES is run it will take the Main Menu a
little time to appear. This is normal, as PHONES must create it's
database and index files.

++++++++++ USING PHONES ++++++++++

PHONES is completely menu driven. The first thing you will
see is the Main Menu.

There are three choices available from the Main Menu:

Add phone numbers

Print Directory

Quit (to DOS)

================== ADDING PHONE NUMBERS ==================

Selecting this option from the Main Menu brings up another
menu, which allows you to decide if you would like to work with your
personal or your business phone numbers (PHONES maintains a seperate
database for each).

Having selected either Personal or Business numbers, you
will be presented with a scrolling window that lists all names and
numbers currently in your database. You may use the cursor keys to
scroll through the entries.

If this is the first time you have used PHONES in either it's
personal or business mode, you will be presented with a data-entry
form. Simply fill in the name and phone number of the first person
you wish to add to your database.


NOTE: PHONES automatically maintains all entries in alphabetical
order. This means that if you want Tom Jones to appear before Linda
Smith, you need to enter people's names in lastname, firstname
format (example: Jones, Tom or Smith, Linda).


Now let's take a look at this scrolling window of people
and their phone numbers.

The window is divided into three 'sections'. The top section,
consisting of one boxed line, is the 'quick find' and title section.
It shows (on the far right) the title for the entire window - either
Personal Directory or Business Directory.
You'll notice a blinking cursor on the left side of this
section. This cursor is the 'quick find' feature. This allows you to
go immediately to any record in your database. Simply type in the name
of the person you're looking for. As you type, you'll see PHONES go
immediately (in the main, center portion of the screen) to the person
whose name you're currently typing. PHONES often locates your record
before you finish typing in the entire name.

The second 'section' of this window is the large center area.
This area lists all the people in your database, with their phone
You'll notice a highlight bar. You may scroll through the
people in your database by moving the highlight bar up and down using
your up and down cursor keys. As you move the highlight to the
bottom of the window, the names will continue to scroll upwards until
such time as you reach the last of your entries.

The third and last 'section' of this window consists of the
small box at the bottom. This is a small menu box and shows you the
options available to you when using this window.
With the highlight bar in the center portion of the window on
any entry, pressing your Insert key will bring up a data-entry form.
Here you can enter the name and phone number of a new person to be
added to your database. Don't worry about where in the database the
new name will be added. PHONES will automatically insert it in alpha-
betical order among those names already in your database.
If you wish to edit a name or phone number already in your
database, first highlight the name in the center portion of the window.
Then, as shown in the bottom box, press the Enter key. A data-entry
form will pop up with the highlighted person's name and phone number
already entered. You may use your cursor keys to move around the
name and phone number fields, typing in any corrections you need to
make. Once you've made your changes, press the Escape key to save
the altered record to your database.
To delete any record from the database, simply highlight the
name you wish to delete. Then, as shown in the bottom box, press your
Delete key. The highlighted person will be immediately deleted.

================= Printing your Directory ================

This is the second option on the Main Menu.

Choosing this option will bring up another menu, allowing you
to choose whether to print your Personal or your Business phone

Highlight the option you want using your cursor keys. Make
sure your printer is ready and press your Return key. Your Personal
or Business phone directory will be sent to your printer. Printing
is set to 59 lines per page, and each page will be numbered.


Well, that's about it for documentation. The program is
really quite self-explanatory.

Be sure to read the REGISTER.TXT document. There you will
find the author's name and address, as-well-as his BBS number.

I welcome any and all * constructive * criticism about this
or any of my software.

I support my software! Registered owners will recieve im-
mediate answers to their questions either via my BBS or by US Mail.

Unregistered users may or may not recieve support - when and
if I have the inclination to provide it (maybe I'm feeling generous
that day), but by no means on any sort of priority basis.
Sound harsh? Not really. It takes time and effort to write
software and I (or any other software author) am entitled to ask
compensation for my work. If you won't support me, why should I
go out of my way to help you?

================== ALTERNATIVE REGISTRATION =================

I offer two alternative forms of registration.

If you wish, you may register this program by sending me
proof of a $10.00 contribution to the American Heart Association.
This proof must be in the form of a receipt from the Heart folks,
dated no more than one month prior to my receipt of your
registration form and the receipt.

Or, if you have written a shareware program, you may
become a registered owner of PHONES by sending me a fully
functional, registered copy of your program.

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