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Simple database that will keep track of a company's customers.
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Simple database that will keep track of a company’s customers.
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Contents of the CUSTOMER.DOC file

CUSTOMER - Version 1.00
Copyright (c) 1988 - Jimmy Holder - All rights reserved

"CUSTOMER" is written in Dbase III Plus code. You must have Dbase III+
in order to run it.
"CUSTOMER" will allow a company to keep track of its customer names,
addresses, phone numbers, contacts, marketing codes and dollar sales

"CUSTOMER" may be freely copied and distributed, provided that:
1) it is distributed under the name "CUSTOMER".
2) this documentation file always accompanies it.

Vendors wishing to distribute "CUSTOMER" commercially, or with commercial
products may contact the author at the address below for terms.

"CUSTOMER" is made available under the "share-ware" concept. If you find
this program useful, you are asked to send its author a license fee of
$15 for each machine on which you use it. This will encourage the
development of other useful, affordable tools. It will also entitle you to
receive any future updates and additions to this program.

Send checks to:

Jimmy Holder
10105 Hammerly #304
Houston, Texas 77080

Bug reports or suggestions may be sent to the above address or via
the Houston SwingShift BBS at 713-955-6901. Leave message to Jim Holder.

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