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This is a great program to print audio cassette labels.
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This is a great program to print audio cassette labels.
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CoverMate v3.01

CoverMate v3.01 is written and programmed by Ara Hacopian.
And brought to you by CrunchWare (as I'm a CrunchWare programmer).
Anyway, CoverMate v3.01 is much easier to use, and doesn't need any docs.
You can basically figure everything out. CoverMate works on any LaserJet
II compatible. The Laser Printer routines were written on a LaserJet IIP.
If there are anymore versions the new features will probably be the use
of ASCII characters on the print-outs. And better editing features. I hope
everyone registers. (FAT CHANCE!) Anyway, thanks for using CoverMate v3.01.

Version History - for anyone who cares.

I was a real geek on doing the version history. Before I even released CoverMate
I would change the version numbers on each feature I put in. Anyway, CoverMAte
was first called MaxiCover. And after about MaxiCover v1.63 I decided that
MaxiCover sounds like a tampon. So I changed the name to CoverMate. CoverMate
was released as v2.13 to the BBSs. There were some bugs though, and I had to
update to v2.145 before everything was okay. Anyway v2.13 was not very
proffesional, but I was writing it for a school project, so I didn't care.
Anyway, this year we had a semester final project in AP Computer Science. So
I decided to re-hash CoverMate, at the apathy of my teacher. So I looked at
a program called Pianoman because I liked the look of it. So I imitated the
borders in CoverMate v3.00. I also had to add more a better way of editing
the songs. For instance in the old versions if you spelled the song wrong to
fix the spelling you would have to re-type the song. A big pain. So I put in
a Full-Screen Editor (in one line). You can use DEL, INS, HOME, END, LEFT, RIGHT
in the song editor. I also added the menus. There were some more bugs and I
fixed those (after releasing v3.00) and made v3.01. Now everything is great.
Since I am supposed to be working on an online game for CrunchWare, Maelstrom
asked me if I wanted to make CoverMate a CrunchWare product. So I said yes.
Anyway there you are, pretty interesting story. Thanks for reading.

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