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Survey version 3.6. Survey results analyzer/manager.
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Survey version 3.6. Survey results analyzer/manager.
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READ.ME 793 418 deflated
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SRVYADD.EXE 47070 29905 deflated
SURVEY.DOC 71571 19062 deflated
SURVEY.EXE 36752 19198 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


The SURVEY instructions are contained in the file SURVEY.DOC.
you can send this to your printer by typing
and follow by pressing ENTER. These instructions consist of 33
pages of text. Abbreviated instructions and help can be obtained
from Option 3 in the Main Menu of the SURVEY program.

Be sure, however, to PRINT and READ the complete instructions.
It will be much easier to proceed after you have read them.

Before designing your survey you will find it helpful to review
the section in the instructions entitled "Designing a Survey".

To start SURVEY, type from the DOS prompt and follow
with ENTER.


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