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Household Good Inventory. Keeps track of what you own.
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Household Good Inventory. Keeps track of what you own.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONV_102.EXE 20475 19772 deflated
CONV_103.EXE 20475 19767 deflated
DUMMY.HHG 6200 2061 deflated
HHG.EXE 42909 41226 deflated
HHG.MAN 11917 4721 deflated
HHG_CONV.DOC 1133 524 deflated
READ.ME 746 417 deflated
WHATS.NEW 291 211 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

HHG(v1.05) -- THE Household Goods Inventory Manager.
Copyright 1989,1990 by M.J. Cloutier

READ.ME ------- this file
WHATS.NEW ----- list of enhancements in this version
HHG.EXE ------- the main HHG program file
HHG.MAN ------- a SHORT manual (you don't need a long one!)
CONV_102.EXE -- a conversion program for v1.01/1.02 files
CONV_103.EXE -- a conversion program for v1.03 files
HHG_CONV.DOC -- explanation on the use of CONV_102/CONV_103
DUMMY.HHG ----- an example HHG file so you can see how the
program can be organized

If any of the files are missing or damaged, please leave me a message
on the CRICKET BBS (408) 373-3773 (Jim Robeson, SysOp).

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