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Two recipes for homemade beer.
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Two recipes for homemade beer.
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These recipes are not for the beginner. Before attempting these, you should
familiarize yourself with the homebrewing proceess by reading on of the
following books: "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" by Charlie Papazan, or
"The New Brewer's Handbook" by Patrick Baker.

Righteous Real Ale

The taste of Righteous Real Ale is excellent and authentic within 14 days
of brewing. It is brewed in a style of "ordinary bitter" served in parts
of London and in hop country to the south. It is a disctinctly hopped ale
with a beautiful hop bouquet. Bear in mind that authentic bitter may not
be as carbonated as you are used to. If more carbonation is desired, add
1/4 cup additional corn sugar at bottling time.

Ingredients for 5 gallons:

5 lbs. dried amber English malt extract
1 1/2 oz. Cascade hop pellets (boiling)
1/2 oz. Hallerhauter hop pellets (finishing)
2 tsp. gypsum
1-2 pks. English ale yeast
1/2 c. corn sugar (for bottling)

Original Specific Gravity (O.G.): 1.036 (9)
Final Specific Gravity(F.G.) 1.007-1.010 (2-2.5)

Boil for 45 minutes with 1 1/2 gallong of water the malt extract,
Cascade hops and gypsum. During the final 1 minutes of boiling add the
Hallerhauter hops, after whih immediately transfer to a waiting 3 1/2
gallons of cold water in the fermenter.
After the 10th day you should be able to bottle with the addition of 1/2
cup corn sugar. Store for 4 days and try it. It will be terrific within
7 days of bottling.

Wiss Ass Red Bitter

Wiss Ass Red Bitter is a rich tasting bitter ale that offers a bead of
head that stays with the brew and the sides of the glass right to the
last lucious swallow. Excellent body and malt aroma coupled with a deep
garnet red (contributed by the roasted barley) appearance satifies the
palate's great expectations. Hopped malt extract is used, giving this
ale a sharply bitter bite.

5 lbs Premier Malt hopped light malt extract
1 lb. dried light plain malt extract
1/8 lb. (or 1/2 cup) roasted barley
2 oz. Cascade hop pellets
1/2 oz. Hallerhauter hop pellets
1-2 pkg ale yeast
3/4 c. corn sugar (for bottling)

O.G.: 1.038 (9.5)
F.G.: 1.009-1.011 (2-3)

Brewing procedures are indentical to "Righteous Real Ale" except that
more priming sugar is used and aging in the bottle for 2-3 week may be
necessary in ornder to develop carbonation.

Both of these recipes make a beer that is fairly low in alcohol (2-3%).
If you want to put a little more kick in your beer, add 1 lb of Corn
Sugar during the boil. Doing this will raise the Original and Final

So as not to infringe on any copyrights, these recipes came from "The
Complete Joy of Homebrewing" by Charlie Papazian.

Most of these ingredients, and the aforementioned book can be found at
Brew Masters, in Rockville, MD. Brew Masters, as do most stores, sell
beginners kits that contain everything you need to make your first batch
of beer (ingredients, instructions, fermenter, etc.) for around $50. If you
have any questions, you can reach me on SNUBBS SEKC (301) 890-4388. Drop me
a note on the private vines, and address it to MVD. Good luck and don't worry.
Have a homebrew.

Here is a list of Brewing Supply Stores:

Brew Masters Ltd. (This is not a Mail Order Store)
12266 Wilkins Ave.
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 984-9557

The Cellar
14411 Greenwood Ave. N.
P.O. Box 98133
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 365-7660
(206) 365-7677 FAX
1-800-342-1871 Call for Catalog

E.C. Kraus
P.O. Box 7850
Independence, MO 64053 Write for catalog
(816) 254-7448

Box 784-P
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Box 11476R
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Sebastian Brewers Supply
7710 91 Ave.
Vero Beach, Florida 32967
(407) 589-6563

Beer & Wine Hobby
180 New Boston Street
Woburn, Mass 01801

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