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This program makes it easy to input all the information needed to keep track of your beer experiments.
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This program makes it easy to input all the information needed to keep track of your beer experiments.
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Contents of the BEER.DOC file

David C. DeStefano

Instructions on Use:

This program was written to make it easy to input all the information
needed to keep track of your beer experiments. This program assumes you have
all the needed knowledge of brewing beer and what is involved. This is the
first stage of the program, it will be updated if there seems to be a demand
for this type of product. If no-one writes with suggestions or sends in the
minimal required payment to continue using this program, I probably wont
make the updates available to the public domain. Future updates will be
discussed later in this document. To make sure you have all the necessary
files, here is a list of what should have unpacked:

BEER.EXE - The program itself
ALES1.EXP - File for keeping track of ales
BITTERS1.EXP - File for keeping track of bitters
LAGERS1.EXP - File for keeping track of lagers
STOUTS1.EXP - File for keeping track of stouts
MEADS1.EXP - File for keeping track of meads
PORTERS1.EXP - File for keeping track of porters
PILSNER1.EXP - File for keeping track of pilsners
BOCKS1.EXP - File for keeping track of bocks
SPEC1.EXP - File for special brews (ex. Cherries in the Snow)
BLANK.EXP - A blank file for creating more files (explained later)
BEER.DOC - You are looking at this file
HINTS.DOC - Some hints if you are having problems with the program
REGISTER.DOC - A form to fill out and mail to me for registering BEER

Okay, you have all the files, now what? Well, you probably already ran the
program to see what it looks like, and probably tried out all the commands,
but here is how to do that anyway:


Well, this is the easy part, just type in BEER hit and you are
off! The first screen you will see will show you all of the available
experiment files located in the current directory. NOTE! It is assumed
(and recommended) that you put all of the files into their own directory,
if you write a batch file to run this program, make sure you enter the
directory before running BEER, future updates will take care of this problem.
Just select one of the Experiment files and hit , you will now see
all of the information contained in the first experiment for that file. NOTE!
Most of these will have at least 1 experiment already in there, you might
like to try it, you might not. You will also see a command line down at the
bottom of your screen highlighted in blue. This shows you all of the commands
you have access to at this time, here is a brief discription of what they

[F1]: Upon hitting this key, all of the fields will be cleared, you can then
type in the data for each field followed by a , when you have
gone through all the fields, you will be put back into the "main menu
mode." NOTE: The experiment number can never be changed, the program
will automatically set this to the next spot available, and this is
where it will stay.

[Rt. Arrow]: This will send you to the next experiment, i.e. if you are on
experiment 1, this will take you to 2. If there are no other
experiments, the current one will stay on the screen. NOTE:
You can also use [F2] to scroll forward through the experiments.

[Lf. Arrow]: This does the opposite of the above, you will scroll backwards.
When you reach experiment 1, you cannot go back any further.
NOTE: You can also use [F3] to scroll backwards through the

[F4]: This will allow you to go to ANY experiment in the current file.
NOTE: You are not allowed to go to an experiment that doesn't exist,
you will just remain at the current experiment number.

[F5]: This enters the Editing Section, editing records will be
explained in detail below.

[F10]: This will exit the file, you will receive a prompt asking you if you
would like to save your changes; if you have changed or added new
experiments and you want them saved, push [F1], all of the updates will
be saved; if you hit [F10] at this prompt, none of your changes will
be saved. After this decision, you will be returned to the opening
screen, where you can choose another file of experiments or exit
to DOS with [F10].


When you choose [F5], your list of possible commands will be changed, the
line becomes red, and you only have 3 choices available:

[TAB]: This will scroll you through the different fields, just position the
cursor to the field you would like to change. NOTE: You can also
use the [F1] key to scroll through the fields.

[F5]: This will blank out the current field and you will be allowed to enter
new data, follow this with a .

[F10]: You have made all the necessary changes, hit this to return to the
"main menu mode" (the blue line at the bottom).

NOTE: You must save your changes when you exit the program to keep these
changes! If you don't save them, they wont be there next time you
run the program!


Experiment Number: This record is taken care of by the program, there is
nothing you can do to change this. It is just so you
can keep track of your experiments in a chronological

Name: This is for the name of the recepie you are trying.

Date: So you always know what day you started the experiment!

O.G.: This is for the Original Specific Gravity reading (before you pitch
the yeast).

F.G.: This is for the Final Specific Gravity reading (right before you
bottle the beer).

O.G. Temp.: This is the temperature of the O.G. reading.

F.G. Temp.: This is the temperature of the F.G. reading.

Time of Foaming: This is how long it took for the foaming to subside or to
start, it's your choice, just be consistant, for the
experiments suplied with the program, this is used for
foaming to stop.

Time until Bottling: This is how long it took before you bottled the beer.

Ingredients: This is to list all of the ingredients used in the experiment.

Remarks: This is just for general notes, if something strange happened, put
it here.


*1*) The O.G., F.G., O.G. Temp., and F.G. Temp. fields are for DIGITS
ONLY. If you input anything other than numbers (and decimal
points i.e. 1.041 for O.G.) nothing will be output to the screen.
The program knows there will be numbers there, so it will only
accept number inputs. Leaving the field blank will produce a 0.


1) Creating more space for certain fields and updating the display screen.

2) Adding a "break-away" page that will calculate the approximate alcohol
content and other calculations.

4) Adding a "print-out" function that will print a nice output page.

3) Changing the editing feature for easier use.

4) Make the whole program mouse driven.

Upgrades will be sent free via modem to all users of this program
or sent on disk for the cost of the disk.


If you encounter any problems with this program, strange bugs, any
suggestions for future updates, feel free to write to me at the below address.
I will be constantly updating this program, but if no-one registers their
program (or if there is no need for this program), all of these updates will be
for my own personal use. Remember, this is shareware, I feel a $5 charge is
really insignificant, this is the first version of the program, but it will be
getting continually better; as this happens, the price will go up. With this
in mind, remember that all registered users get free updates via modem or sent
to them via disk for the cost of the disk.

NOTE! Each file can hold 98 experiments, when you fill these up, you can
easily make another file by copying BLANK.EXP to say LAGERS2.EXP,
the command for this is the DOS prompt type...
you now have 98 more spaces and a new file to choose! This will
also work if you want to make a new file of a different nature...
say LAMBICS1.EXP, just copy BLANK.EXP to that name and there you

NOTE! You can also remove files you don't feel you need, say you
don't plan on brewing any pilsners, just delete the PILSNER1.EXP
file and you don't have it cluttering up your system! To delete
the file is the DOS prompt type...
You can do this for any of the files, remember, you can always
create that file again later with the BLANK.EXP!


David C. DeStefano
P.O. Box 1841
Tempe, AZ 85280

$5 Registration Fee:Write Checks to David C. DeStefano


This program took a lot of time and effort to create. A $5 charge for
this program is a very small price to pay to continue using this program.
As an attempt to get people to register their copies, future versions will
be using a different saving style for the experiment files, unregistered
users will have to re-type all of the old experiments into the new format
whereas registered users will be sent a CONVERSION file that will convert
all of their old files into the new format. Please think of registering
this program if you feel it is something you would like to continue using.
All registered users will receive the new upgrades before the release to
public domain if possible. As a side note, upon completion of this program
with all the features added, a special SHAREWARE version will be released to
the public, this version will be DRASTICALLY cut down so that unregistered
copies will only allow a greatly reduced amount of recepies to be entered
before filling up completely.


v0.0 : This program was very basic, it had very limited space for the input
of all the fields and you could only work from one file BEER.EXP.
Also, had problems where if characters were input in O.G., F.G.,
O.G. Temp., or F.G. Temp., the program would break down. Only used
F1-F10 as choices of commands. 8/25/92

v0.2 : Added some error checking for O.G., F.G., O.G. Temp., and F.G. Temp.,
now when characters are input the results go to 0, new problem: when
the F.G. Temp. is input as a character, it skips the next field.

v0.4 : Added use of [TAB] for skipping through fields in editing, and also
added use of arrow keys to move forward and backward through the
file listings. Fixed the bug in v0.2, all fields are working
properly. 8/27/92

v0.6 : Expanded the fields and re-arranged the display screen, now more
space to store information, only thing is, it is still working off
of one file, started work on next version. 8/28/92

v0.8 : Program now can use many files with a small prompt for the filename,
have created many different files and will give a BLANK.EXP file for
the addition of new files. 8/29/92

v0.9 : Nice interface for loading files now completed, program is just
about finished for the initial release, only bug is when typing in
a field, it allows you to type out of the region. 9/5/92

v1.0 : Program bugs finished, interface is finished, ready for release to
shareware. Now to begin adding new features and mouse support.
New features already being added for v1.2 release.

v1.2* : Addition of 2 new fields, calculation of alcohol content, main
screen updated, and print option added. Program revamped for speed
and space saving. Conversion file for registered users.


If you continue to use this program, please send $5 to the address above,
make checks payable to David DeStefano. Help Dave support his experiments!
If you have sent the $5, THANK YOU! You will be receiving a notice of receipt,
and information regarding current upgrades and conversion files shortly! Also,
all input would be appreciated, if this file is lacking something that you
feel is needed, LET ME KNOW! If you give me a really good suggestion that
increases the need of this program, you will be credited with the idea, and
will receive a free REGISTERED standing as well as all the free upgrades that
come with that standing.


I have tested this program thoroughly on my PC, a 386/25, I have not had
any opportunity to test it on older machines or faster machines. This program
has caused NO side-effects or file-corruption whatsoever. However, I take NO
responsibility for lost or destroyed files on your machine. This program was
released bug free, and you should SCAN ALL NEW FILES FOR ANY VIRUS before you
install them on your system.


For those of you who downloaded this and would like more information on
how to brew beer, pick up the book The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing by
Charlie Papazian, this book will give you all of the information needed to
start you off on this wonderful hobby!

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