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Software Susie v2.0. Database for keeping information about your software.
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Software Susie v2.0. Database for keeping information about your software.
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CATEGORY.RPT 2748 1294 deflated
CATSORT.RPT 3534 1353 deflated
CATSUMRY.RPT 2355 1241 deflated
COMMENTS.RPT 2355 1405 deflated
DISKID.RPT 3927 1602 deflated
EDITOR.HLP 2988 1063 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 24519 23734 deflated
INVOICE.DOC 2274 762 deflated
PUBLISH.DBF 914 259 deflated
PUBLISH.DBT 513 9 deflated
PUBLISHR.RPT 4713 1483 deflated
READ.ME 2028 837 deflated
SSII.DOC 29044 7759 deflated
SSII.EXE 147988 141033 deflated
SSUSIE.DBF 821 289 deflated
SSUSIE.DBT 513 9 deflated
SSUSIE.RPT 5499 1528 deflated
TPUB.RPT 5106 530 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 3728 1557 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

COPYRIGHT 1991, 1992,1993
P.O. BOX 164
OWASSO, OK 74055-0164

Installation Instructions

If you are upgrading to version 1.20 from a version of Software
Susie II before 1.10, you should run the UPGRADE.EXE program instead of
You will be asked if you are upgrading from version 1.05 or earlier.
If you are, answer yes so the DVCONV.EXE program will be installed and
executed to convert data files. If you are upgrading from version 1.10,
or 1.10a, answer NO so the DBCONV.EXE program will not be installed or
If you run INSTALL.EXE, it will overwrite any files, including data files,
which exist in the destination drive or directory.

If you are upgrading to Software Susie II from the original Software Susie
through version 1.51, run the INSTALL.EXE program. Software Susie II is
a different program, and data conversion is not possible from the original
Software Susie.

UPGRADE.EXE will run the DBCONV.EXE program to convert your publisher data
file (PUBLISH.DBF) to the fomat required by version 1.10 and above. This
conversion program is supplied only with registerd copies of Software Susie II.
No conversion is possible from the original Software Susie to Software Susie

The program can be installed from any drive's ROOT DIRECTORY to any drive.
If you have received the program in a zip file, unzip the files to any
drive and you can run install.exe from the ROOT DIRECTORY.

If you wish to install the program on the same drive the original is on
now, use diskcopy to make a working copy of the original diskette.
Remember to store the original in a safe place.

To run the program, change to it's drive or directory and type SSII and
press ENTER.

Please read the SSII.DOC file for operating instructions.

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