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EDUCAT Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!CRAYON2.ZIP202789Dec 1 1992MAGIC CRAYON is a collection of three colorful and fun games for children 3 to 12 years old. A creative and challenging experience for young children who like to explore and experiment with color and shapes.
#1WHIZ.ZIP67843Aug 8 1990Vocabulary quiz game from Apogee.
$AMATH.ZIP399085Sep 25 1992Adventure Math, Epic's new educational game. Great for grades 1-5 for teaching addition and subtraction. Adlib or Sound Blaster sound, 256 VGA color.
1%.ZIP8706May 23 1989Program 1% converts a real argument to the closest value in the standard one percent resistor series. Includes TP source code.
11CHAOS.ZIP38995Feb 5 1989Chaos program from PBS Nova w/TP source.
123-SB.ZIP347185Feb 8 1993Talking teacher for sound boards, teaches numbers, counting and math.
123-TALK.ZIP177418Oct 13 1991NEW educational game that teaches kids how to say numbers, counting and math. Works thru your PC speaker, excellent voice quality - TRY IT.
1ERP89.ZIP321461Jan 14 1990Tables from the 1989 Economic Report to the President prepared by the council of Economic advisers in Lotus .WKS file format. Part 1 of 2.
2ERP89.ZIP182474Jan 14 1990The 1989 Econmic Report of the President. Part 2 of 2.
3DGRAPH.ZIP17008Sep 3 19863D Graph is a 3 dimensional equation plotter that uses an imaginary xyz coordinate system.
3DSURFAC.ZIP40958Jan 3 1980Maps functions in three dimensions.
3DV.ZIP73457Aug 27 19913DV displays 3-dimensional wire-frame objects or data, with real-time rotations. It works on IBM PC/AT compatibles, with VGA, EGA, CGA or Hercules graphics. A Microsoft-compatible mouse is required.
3RDOCT2.ZIP19595Jan 14 1991Calculate the acoustic spectrum level if you have band levels from a 1/3rd oct ave filter set (e.g. B&K 2131). Answer in terms of dB sound pressure level (re: 20 microPascals). Includes C source code.
92F_TUNE.ZIP2717Sep 15 1988Tune up the Beretta handgun. Modification makes this gun more accurate.
A555TIME.ZIP86455Mar 2 1991Menu driven program to help design circuits utilizing the popular 555 timer chip.
AA-51.ZIP154229Mar 20 1993This program computes the orbital positions of planetary bodies and performs rigorous coordinate reductions to apparent geocentric and topocentric place (local altitude and azimuth). Includes C source code.
AASPAN11.ZIP157362Aug 13 1990A fairly extensive Spanish tutor with tests and drills.
ABC40.ZIP111930Jan 9 1989ABC FUN KEYS is a learning program designed to introduce a child from the ages of 2 to 6 years to the concept of letters, the alphabet, and computer keyboards .
ABCS.ZIP22833Jul 28 1987LEARN ABC's, ages 3-6 years old.
ABCTLK25.ZIP280867Sep 25 1992ABC-TALK is a NEW EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM with REAL HUMAN SPEECH that teaches children how to talk, learn the alphabet, read, spell and work with a computer. The hi-res graphics are designed to bring out the child's creativity
ACC50D1.ZIP273430Oct 23 1991ACCEPT Geneology Prog V5.0 File 1 of 3.
ACC50D2.ZIP279063Oct 23 1991Geneology Program V5.0 File 2 of 3.
ACC50D3.ZIP13596Oct 19 1991ACCEPT Geneology Program V5.0 File 3 of 3.
ACE120-1.ZIP162921Feb 25 1987AstroSoft Computerized Ephemeris V1.20. ACE is a general-purpose astronomy software package. Part 1 of 2.
ACE120-2.ZIP125319Feb 25 1987AstroSoft Computerized Ephimeris. Part 2 of 2.
ACG101.ZIP50992Jun 7 1988ACG will allow the displaying of 2- dimensional graphs of functions, their first four derivatives and integrals in vivid color on a color monitor. EGA/VGA and a 8087 are recommended.
ACS13DOS.ZIP114370May 8 1994ACS v0.13 for DOS is an interactive general purpose mixed analog and digital circuit simulator. It performs nonlinear dc and transient analyses, fourier analysis, and ac analysis linearized at an operating point.
ADQ212.ZIP45344Mar 20 1993ADVANCED DOS QUIZ (Version 2.12) This is a 20 question test of your real DOS knowledge. The questions are meant to test the depth of your DOS knowledge.
ADVMATH.ZIP399085Sep 25 1992ADVENTURE MATH: Epic's New Educational Game! An excellent shareware learning experience from the makers of Jill of the Jungle. Solve addition & subtraction problems in 256 snazzy VGA colors.
AEIUSL.ZIP52796Oct 8 1988The Aeius Gradebook and Lecturegrade programs will allow teachers to spend more time on teaching and less time on paperwork.
AFTSKL.ZIP121900Oct 9 1989Teacher's grading program that gives the teacher the tools to "play" with different averaging method and weighting schemes, print out the results and see what difference they make.
AGR103.ZIP65007Jun 7 1988Parametric plotting with full Basic source code.
AHNEN.ZIP35153Mar 17 1990AHNENtafel Chart Maker for Personal Ancestral File data files.
AIMAY89.ZIP40593Mar 29 1989AI Magazine files for May 1989.
AIRCOND.ZIP50147May 29 1990Central air conditioning system trouble shooting program.
AIZ451.ZIP320645Apr 14 1991SV1AIZ is a complete HAM Radio packet BBS.
ALG2RPN.ZIP21274Jun 24 1993A utility I wrote recently in generic 'C' as part of a larger home project. It converts an algebraic expression , entered at the prompt, to a sequence of RPN operands/operators.
ALGEBRA.ZIP110383Oct 7 1988Algebra Tutor - configurable for your monitor.
ALGEQG.ZIP69650Jun 21 1994ALGEBRA EQUATION GENERATOR will generate and print worksheets that are used to practice and reinforce basic equation solving skills.
ALGEWEIS.ZIP132612Jan 11 1993Professor Weissman's Algebra Tutorials 2.12: Random problems with step-by-step solutions. The program maintains a record of the student's progress and has five levels of difficulty.
ALMANAK.ZIP215178Sep 3 1989A computerized almanac. Very cute, and interesting.
ALPHA-1.ZIP152562May 8 1990Animated Alphabet v1.0 - combines EGA graphics with animation in an exciting way to learn the alphabet. Your child matches the correct letter to a displayed picture, they are then rewarded with a movie-like animation (.GL
ALPHA-2.ZIP111578Apr 12 1990Animated Alphabet v1.0 - this is file 2 of 4.
ALPHA-3.ZIP117654May 7 1990Animated Alphabet v1.0 - this is file 3 of 4.
ALPHA-4.ZIP103948Apr 12 1990Animated Alphabet v1.0 - this is file 4 of 4.
ALPHA10.ZIP40023May 5 1989Alpha is an elementary program for very young children that may help them learn the alphabet and counting. It is intended to be fun first and educational second.
AMATH1.ZIP128539Feb 15 1991Visual Math learning game for children.
AMINOGLY.ZIP12189Nov 13 1990Aminoglycoside dosing program includes TP 4.0+ source code.
AMP.ZIP242563Apr 8 1989AMP 3.0 is a symbolic calculation tool for students, teachers, and professionals in engineering or mathematical sciences. AMP allows the user to edit and simplify numerous expressions or equations.
AMTUTOR.ZIP61501May 9 1989MATHOMATIC is a super-smart calculator program that can solve complicated symbolic math equations.
AMVAC.ZIP43595Feb 15 1989Fit a user defined curve to a set of data.
AMY23.ZIP88451Apr 4 1992"Amy's First Primer" games for children 4-8 (Ver 2.3).
ANAGRAPH.ZIP140094May 18 1988Analyze and graph various waveforms on your PC.
ANALYS40.ZIP60684Mar 31 1993Analysis v4.0 provides digital signal analysis capabilities for ascii data files.
ANGLE102.ZIP87710Sep 29 1990Solve Triangles Easily. Enter known components, then it's done.
APCALC10.ZIP62019Jul 7 1993Arbitrary precision line-oriented RPN calculator. Includes financial and date functions.
AQ202.ZIP372504Jun 1 1993Animal Quest 2.02 from Alive S/W. Nifty shareware game: pick your place in the food chain and try to survive predators as you make your way home.
ARS12.ZIP80647Jun 25 1989Avian database for bird watchers. Includes a pre-installed database containing all of the birds found in North America and Canada.
ARTE12.ZIP234845Jul 5 1991An Implementation of Adaptive Logic Networks that runs under WIndows 3.0.
ASCIIRF2.ZIP60954Aug 24 1989ASCIIREF facilitates the use of popular relational-type databases for bibliographic purposes. Formats ASCII files for importation into a database.
ASTRO2.ZIP31557Jun 5 1988A complete astrology program that will produce a graphic working model of the solar system. Will use EGA and an 87 chip.
ASTRO202.ZIP96720Jul 21 1992Astro, version 2.02. Micro-planetarium program written to support a university course called "Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics". It has both text-menu and graphical interface, supports math coprocessor & mouse.
ASTROVU2.ZIP76117Aug 31 1990Graphic display of sun, moon, and planets in horizon coordinates for any user defined time and geographic location. EGA or VGA required.
ATLAS.ZIP153316Mar 5 1988Atlas Geographical Library of World Countries and cities. Excellent search capabilities.
ATLAS1.ZIP235963Aug 18 1991ATLAS 1.0 -- A Demo program with VERY detailed information of the largest countries in the world, including population info, GNP & economic info, cultural info, geographic info, political, etc. Registration gets all countr
AUTOMATE.ZIP153908Aug 26 1993Latest release of Home Automation System using X-10.
AVIATORW.ZIP11436Oct 14 1993Aviator's calculator. Assists in making weight and balance calulations, fuel consumption, etc.
AYRFCAL1.ZIP172096Sep 7 1989The purpose of the program is to hone skills in those parts of algebra which are essential for success in business calculus.
AZMATH1.ZIP448085Nov 14 1989Pre-Calculus/Calculus math review.
BAACC32.ZIP351004Sep 12 1993Bert's African animals coloring program for kids.
BABYNAME.ZIP39755Mar 8 1989Large collection of names that can be used for picking baby's names.
BAL400.ZIP149073Nov 15 1989BALLISTIC is a program that generates ballistic tables for shooters. Given easily obtainable data, it calculates such useful information as the ballistic coefficient and sectional density, remaining velocity, energy, etc.
BANG10.ZIP65898Jul 3 1990Ballistics analysis program.
BANKMG2.ZIP230962Oct 31 1992This program is designed to help you manage the many radio frequencies for your scanner.
BANKMNG.ZIP230962Oct 31 1992Scanner Bank manager. This program is designed to manage the many radio frequenices for you Scanner.
BARLOW.ZIP18459Feb 16 1990Interesting article on cyberspace and virtual reality by Barlow.
BCALC.ZIP32911May 31 1989BigCalc v4.4, HP emulation with 1075 digits precision.
BCAST102.ZIP250546Jul 30 1992Daily Solar Geophysics database manager/analyst.
BCC247.ZIP21071Oct 8 1992BCC version 2.47. Serves as a simple calculator accessable from the operating system prompt (C>).
BCCC32.ZIP413919Sep 12 1993Bert's Christmas coloring program for kids.
BCLS.ZIP21198Mar 17 1989CPR review/test for BCLS.
BEAM.ZIP79867Dec 16 1986Wood and Steel Beam Analysis. Computes required materials for a specified length and weight.
BEAR_BEE.ZIP205796Jul 22 1993"The Bear & the Bee" animated children's story for Windows.
BERTS.ZIP115664Jan 8 1993Berts Dinosaurs, coloring book for kids.
BESSEL.ZIP83888Dec 14 1988Find the roots or plot the response of Bessel (LInear Phase) Filters.
BIBLCOM.ZIP142672Sep 5 1991Bible companion study aid. Maps, charts, texts, etc. Very useful.
BICYCLE.ZIP139522Feb 16 1991Simple bike maintenance manual.
BIOMORPH.ZIP34439Sep 27 1989Creates interesting biomorph creatures. (Scientific American).
BIOMRF.ZIP59599Jul 13 1989A BioMorph tutorial and simulation program. Includes full QBasic source.
BIRDBODY.ZIP48508Sep 18 1989Learn the body parts of birds. Only works on CGA monitors.
BK51A.ZIP50618Jan 7 1992Brother' Keeper genealogy program version 5.1. Part 1 of 5.
BK51B.ZIP289304Mar 2 1993Brother' Keeper genealogy program version 5.1. Part 3 of 5.
BK51C.ZIP352741Mar 2 1993Brother' Keeper genealogy program version 5.1. Part 4 of 5.
BK51D.ZIP440440Feb 17 1993Brother' Keeper genealogy program version 5.1. Part 5 of 5.
BK5DOC.ZIP334098Feb 16 1993Brother' Keeper genealogy program version 5.1. Part 2 of 5.
BKACHE56.ZIP190663Dec 4 1992This is a multi-chapter tutorial on the physics and construction of the spine, its problems, treatments, and exercises. Dry but informative. If your back hurts, download this file.
BLACKHOL.ZIP6899Nov 16 1988Document talking about Black Holes in space.
BLUESKY.ZIP498690May 29 1990Excellent planetarium program from Japan. Lots of features.
BOLOGNA.ZIP15821Apr 23 1988Generate unlimited amounts of pseudo-scientific text, complete with footnotes. Very funny. Includes C source code.
BONSAI.ZIP7480May 15 1992How to keep your bonsais alive. Also contains history of the bonsai tree.
BOOKS_1.ZIP196872Oct 24 1990This is part one of three files. This file contains a list of computer book titles with a brief description of the book. This list will be a good starting point if your searching for a computer book on a specific subject.
BOOKS_2.ZIP208001Oct 24 1990File 2 of 3. This file contains book descriptions for titles beginning with letters M thru U.
BOOKS_3.ZIP9724Oct 29 1990File 3 of 3. This file contains some batch and .com files to manipulate the book list files and an order form.
BOOKTREK.ZIP194010May 16 1989ShareWareBook on computer programming using startrek game as example.
BOUNTY.ZIP46654Oct 4 1988Great game for children - teaches geography, states, capitals.
BOX_4_55.ZIP189092Dec 28 1989Box 4.5 -- Speaker cabinet design program. Gives graphical representation of output of speaker. Gives dimensions, port sizes and lengths. Math co-processor speeds up calculations but is not a necessity.
BPACC32.ZIP421518Sep 12 1993Bert's Prehistoric animals coloring for kids.
BREWFAQ.ZIP9110Feb 21 1993FAQ on home beer brewing. Jan.93'.
BTB102.ZIP91686Feb 8 1993"Beat the Bomb" is an animated math game that uses fast, high resolution EGA/VGA color graphics to help students learn their addition facts.
BTU12SW.ZIP139427Feb 25 1990Program that will evaluate a/c-heat-btu requirements of a building.
BTULYSIS.ZIP132222Aug 17 1989This program is designed to simplify the process of sizing heating and cooling units that are to be used in commercial and residential applications.
BWDCC32.ZIP357586Sep 12 1993Bert's Whales and Dolphins coloring for kids.
BYTE.ZIP17799Aug 6 1989This program allows you to look at how a computer uses a byte of memory to store decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary, ASCII, and color attribute values. Very educational.
CADUCEUS.ZIP26372Oct 31 1993Excellent experiments using a caduceus coil.
CAF23.ZIP30071Apr 30 1992Memory-resident calculator with formatted displays and direct paste to text.
CAGENBIB.ZIP7502Apr 9 1989Bibliography of books on computer-aided genealogy.
CAL2.ZIP99771Sep 7 1989U. of AZ. Calculus II Tutor and Review.
CALC-1.ZIP207388Dec 8 1988Calculus and Differential Equation tutorial. Very good.
CALC.ZIP31331Apr 23 1987Claculator (rpn) gose up to the 300 and sonthin power.
CALC10S.ZIP24470Aug 15 1990Simple Math Calculator. Supports most common function and operators.
CALCPLUS.ZIP54746Jan 6 1987CALCPLUS is a computer version of a scientific calculator, specifically a Reverse Polish Notation calculator such as those manufactured by HP.
CALCULUS.ZIP145241Mar 4 1988A very good pre-post CALCULUSTUTOR.
CALWATCH.ZIP219473Jan 11 1992Check the calorie count of your meals. Contains 4,000 items with calorie counts, and even a list from the top 10 fast food joints.
CANTONES.ZIP129001Jul 12 1987A Cantonese Speech Tutor.
CAPITALS.ZIP44534May 27 1991Learning States and Captials. Has both tutorial and test sections.
CAQUIZ12.ZIP91011May 4 1993Creates pleasantly appealing multiple choice quizes and tests.
CARTOG.ZIP127957Nov 4 1988Extension to the article "Mapping the world in Pascal" that was in Byte magazine. Lots of Pascal source code, and very interesting.
CATMED20.ZIP152834Mar 15 1992Feline medical disorder/illness analysis utility.
CATVFREQ.ZIP3066Jul 15 1989A listing of the most common cable television frequencies. Includes Audio, Color, and Video frequencies.
CBMATH.ZIP50003Feb 1 1992Computer Based Math instruction for young children. Written for Windows 3.0. Uses ADLIB or SB boards.
CC4.ZIP269460Apr 14 1991CC - The Calculus Calculator V4.0. A powerful and convenient mathematical worksheet. With CC you can compute the value of any expression composed of algebraic, exponential, trigonometric, and inverse functions.
CDNPILOT.ZIP99969Jul 18 1988Waypoint planner for pilots flying in Canada.
CELSPHER.ZIP72729Jun 12 1990CELSPHER is a program which displays the positions of the Sun, Moon (with phases), and all the planets on a flat map celestial sphere. Its design is taken from the centerfold of Sky and Telescope.
CEMV31.ZIP207588Nov 12 1991Really nice cemetary data base. Good for genealogists.
CFK.ZIP79510Feb 14 1994Cash For Kids 1.0T: An easy way for your children to save money and spend it wisely. Your child sets future spending goals; graphs show if they are reachable. For Windows.
CFP.ZIP47613Jul 19 1993The CFP Toy Box (TM) 3.03 Shareware toys for kids lets you draw, play music, transport to another universe, and more. C source code is in the book, "C for Fun and Profit," by Steve Schstack.
CHAOS.ZIP43515Mar 21 1989Two programs that demonstrate the behavior of chaotic relationships between multiple points on a circular plane. Includes C and BASIC source.
CHAOS1.ZIP57998Aug 10 1990Chaos Simulations - Double Pendulum Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA support.
CHAOS1A.ZIP75002Feb 24 1989Chaos theory demo from U of Wisconsin.
CHAOS2.ZIP59358Aug 10 1990Chaos Simulations - Two Coupled Pendula Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA support.
CHEBFILT.ZIP87068Nov 14 1988Find the Roots/Plot the Freq. response of 1-10 pole Chebycheff filters.
CHEM305.ZIP136779Aug 15 1989CHEMICAL is a molecular modeling Program to aid in the formation of three dimensional pictures of chemicals. Excellent!
CHEMBAL.ZIP14177Jan 26 1987Balance chemical equations, with PAS source.
CHEMREF.ZIP161375Mar 3 1989AI chemistry reference program.
CHEMTUTR.ZIP110883Jul 15 1985Chemistry Tutor.
CHEMVIEW.ZIP42829Jan 1 19803D Chemical Modules, Enter formula see the results, EGA/CGA.
CHILLDOC.ZIP1355Dec 18 1987A simple text file that shows the Wind-Chill Index.
CHINESE.ZIP139253May 30 1986A program to help one learn chinese.
CHIRPZ.ZIP27355Dec 13 1985Similar to Fourier Transform routines.
CHPAL251.ZIP47912Mar 23 1990This program is designed to help students learn the periodic table.
CHSOLV.ZIP22254May 13 1989CheapSolver will help solve mathematic equations and was written to help high school and college students survive their math classes.
CIBOX.ZIP72550Mar 8 1987"Coins in the Box" was developed by a mathematics specialist for use in elementary schools, grades 3 thru 6. This program presents game-like activities which promote creative thinking in a problem-solving context.
CIRCUM.ZIP181940May 14 1993CIRCUMSPACE v1.0 A space travel simulator from the author of SkyGlobe. Displays the sky as seen from anywhere within several hundred light years of Earth.
CIVILWAR.ZIP61587Jan 1 1980Time Line of Civil War events with names, places, and dates. Interesting display, very educational.
CLERC301.ZIP82541Dec 6 1989Teachers' utility - tracks students' marks.
CLOCKGAM.ZIP14763Apr 27 1986Helps small children learn to tell time.
CNC.ZIP42060Mar 24 1990Complex Number Calculator Ver. 1.0: evaluates expressions containing real or complex numbers.
CNSTTUTN.ZIP85394Jun 10 1992A study of the US Constitution. Includes the Declaration of Independence. In Windows .hlp format. Hypertext organization.
COBE.ZIP14390Nov 20 1989Presskit about the COBE satellite.
CODE.ZIP35810Jul 30 1989Good Morse code practice program.
CODE2.ZIP57219Jan 26 1990Another very good shareware Morse Code learning system.
COILSV2.ZIP23115Dec 22 1989Corrected version of COILS.ZIP. Wind your own inductors. With full Mix C source code.
COINBOX.ZIP90049Mar 15 1987Educational game-teaches money-very good.
COLDFUSI.ZIP11670Jan 1 1980A document entitled 'Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter'.
COLEGE92.ZIP173358Nov 15 1991Select a College data base. Asks lots of questions, then suggests colleges which match your preferences.
COMPFFT.ZIP55660Jan 2 1989Compute/display Forward (time > freq) and Inverse (freq > time) FFT.
CONCALC.ZIP63268May 31 1993Converts between Metric, English, and Troy systems. Calculates many scientific formulas. Enter the known quatities and the unknown quatities are automatically calculated.
CONTEST.ZIP148158Apr 23 1990G3ZCZ HAM Radio contest logging program. Includes BASIC source.
CONVERT.ZIP43224Mar 12 1988A very complete and useful units conversion program.
CONVERTS.ZIP31794Apr 1 1989Pop-Up unit conversion utility. Handy and powerful.
CORR.ZIP755615Sep 17 1992Tutorial on statistics from Australia. Covers ANOVA , CORRELATION,etc.
COSMOS16.ZIP162557Dec 29 1992This is a VERY impressive astronomy program that will show not only constellations and planets, but also allows visual comparisons of planet and moon sizes.
COUNTIES.ZIP26265Mar 17 1985A list of all the counties in the U.S., sorted by state.
CP222C.ZIP33228Jan 16 1993Morse Code Practice Utility v2.22c by VU2ZAP.
CPTHERMO.ZIP111833Dec 17 1986Educational problems in thermodynamics. Excellent tutor.
CRAYON20.ZIP110904Jul 4 1992A coloring and sketch book, plus a math, counting and color quiz all rolled into one program. Fun and educational. Young children will love it.
CRIME.ZIP80594Aug 9 1989Solve a crime with the Crime Lab. Very educational.
CRS40.ZIP11997Mar 12 1989This program performs the Carroll self rating scale for depression. Helps identify depressed attitudes, includes full BASIC source.
CRTV-1.ZIP184563Mar 17 1992A three disk set to help stimulate your creativity. CRTV-1 is the book "Think Thunder! And Stimulate Your Creativity". It is an explanation of the nature of creativity and techniques to develop it.
CRTV-2.ZIP196109Mar 17 1992Part 2 of the 3 part CREATIVITY PACKAGE. Contains "Thunder Thought", a tool for computer-aided brainstorming, developing and refining ideas.
CRTV-3.ZIP209525Mar 17 1992Part 3 of the CREATIVITY PACKAGE. Contains "Versifier", a poetry writing program that works with your creative vocabulary to produce pree-verse or Haiku poetry.
CRYFAQ.ZIP19746Feb 21 1993FAQ on Cryonic suspension. Freeze your head. Feb.93'.
CRYPTAID.ZIP80385Aug 18 1987Aids in solving substitution cyphers.
CRYPTFAQ.ZIP12492Dec 4 1992FAQ on cryptology.
CRYSTAL.ZIP90855Sep 16 1988Display crystal/molecular structures.
CT.ZIP153560Sep 12 1989The K1EA CQ WW Logging Program Version 4.18 - a CT contest logger for HAM radio.
CURVE11.ZIP23721Sep 7 1993Linear & Nonlinear curve fits to user's equation.
CWSEND.ZIP38741Jan 4 1992CWTSR was designed to allow software which does not have the capability of sending morse code (CW) to be able to send morse.
DA16.ZIP117143Jul 29 1989The Data Analyst is a program designed to let users analyze data in x-y pairs by simple statistical tests and regression techniques.
DAD20.ZIP92910Sep 11 1991DAD'S CHOICE is an educational tool for children of all ages.
DANCE253.ZIP284837Jun 3 1992Dance the Planets. A dynamic model of the solar system. VGA and a 387 is recommended. Very educational.
DANFIRST.ZIP79309Aug 18 1992Danny's First Program 1.0: Computer fun for toddlers & parents age 1 and up; even babies can play it. 26 delightful graphic images & songs, one for each letter of the alphabet, and a keyboard piano, too. EGA (VGA recommen
DAYLIGHT.ZIP19881Jul 20 1989Calculates when sunrise and sunset is. Includes TP source code.
DB4DXCC.ZIP110990Mar 12 1990DBase IV Ham Radio DX Century Club Award Tracking System. All bands (incl. WARC), reports by band or overall. Source included.
DB4HAMLG.ZIP87460Mar 8 1990DBASE IV Ham Radio Log System. Straightforward logging plus status reports & QSL card label printing routine. Source code included.
DB4WASLG.ZIP70244Mar 8 1990DBASE IV Ham Radio Worked All States (WAS) Tracking System. Tracks contacts & confirmations on all bands 160-10 meters (incl. WARC bands). Source code included.
DB4WAZLG.ZIP99838Mar 12 1990This is a simple HAM Worked All Zones Award Tracking System for dBASE IV, using the Applications Generator. Include dBase code.
DCXINFO.ZIP462571May 29 1993DC-X SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) rocket - pictures, artists renderings, textual info, slides.
DEADMEAT.ZIP12754Jun 3 1989Program To Determine Life Expectancy.
DEERHNT2.ZIP35212Sep 28 1988An expert system that helps you prepare for a deer hunting trip. Seems very useful, and shows the power of a well designed expert system.
DESCEND.ZIP23099Mar 17 1990DESCENDency Chart Maker/Printer for Personal Ancestral File data files.
DESERT12.ZIP195180Feb 28 1991Desert Storm - Farewell to Babylon. Information system on the Middle East complete with maps, weapons specs, animation and more.
DIABETIC.ZIP3971Feb 16 1988Track BloodSugar + Insulin.
DIC2-A.ZIP198641Apr 7 1991English to Chinese dictionary. Part 1 of 2.
DIC2-B.ZIP259099Jun 2 1988English to Chinese dictionary. Part 2 of 2.
DIETPLAN.ZIP53352Aug 5 1989A program for that will help you plan a balanced diet.
DIF.ZIP177950Apr 29 1988A calculator for differential equations.
DISABLED.ZIP17655Sep 26 1989Interesting text files explaining some new bills that protect the diabled's rights and personnel freedoms.
DNA.ZIP30003May 26 1985Matrix 2.0 is a high resolution dot matrix DNA sequence analysis program.
DOSQUIZ.ZIP26265Dec 15 1991Quiz yourself on your knowledge of DOS commands.
DRAW.ZIP47548Dec 6 1990Drawing program with source; written with small (<2 yrs) children in mind. Takes input from joystick or keyboard. Includes TP source code.
DRUG.ZIP40234Jun 2 1985This program is for finding drug interactions possible with patients taking multiple drugs.
DRUGMAN.ZIP242250Feb 5 1989Interesting HyperText demo. Displays hundreds of drugs, and their uses.
DS3D401.ZIP927382Mar 28 1994DEEP SPACE is an EXCELLENT Astronomy program. It can produce pairs of star maps which show up in true 3-D when viewed with a special 3-D viewer. Very interesting program.
DSM3R688.ZIP96348Jul 30 1988This program provides a computer assisted method for exhaustive diagnosis of mental disorders.
DUATLOG.ZIP71899Mar 21 1990Translate aviation weather briefings.
DXER133.ZIP94231Jan 10 1991The DXer concentrates several functions of interest to the serious DXer into one easy-to-use program.
DXSHOW3.ZIP6821Dec 15 1991Jiffy SHORT WAVE Listening Guide as of 12/91.
DYNAMICS.ZIP157079Dec 15 1988Yorke's chaotic dynamics plotter. As addicting as Mandelbrot! CGA/EGA/He.
DYNAMIND.ZIP194047May 16 1989Tool to help focus problem solving activities. Answer questions and respond to suggestions.
EARSHS25.ZIP79044Feb 1 1994The Earth Centered Universe for Windows v2.5.
EARTHW20.ZIP176002May 27 1992EARTHWATCH is a graphic program that presents in real-time a dynamic (updated every 2.5 minutes) Mercator Projection map of the world and includes almanac.
ECAP301.ZIP176961Jan 24 1994PC-ECAP v3.01 Linear Circuit Analysis with graphics. Calculates and plots Gain, Phase, Group Delay, VSWR, Return loss and Transient response.
ECB.ZIP121190Jan 18 1990Excellent EGA + Mouse Coloring Book for the young kids - excellent program to interact with the computer.
ECON.ZIP63618Jan 11 1992Program to model the behavior of the economy, based on a few pertinent economic indicators and ratios.
ECONV10.ZIP263967Feb 28 1991ECONOMIC is a software tool for the management and display of various economic data. Very nicely done.
ECU15.ZIP360088Feb 17 1994Windows astronomy program with Meade LX200 controls.
ECUSHARE.ZIP308595Apr 23 1993ECU is a Sky Visualization Program capable of simulating many of the phenomenon of the country night sky.
EDITPCBI.ZIP193288Oct 6 1990EditPCB Intro is a printed-circuit board (PCB) design package.
EED-LIB.ZIP16993Aug 22 1991More libraries for the EEDRAW electronics CAD program.
EEDRAW.ZIP189248Apr 18 1990EEDraw is a simple parametric drawing program, specifically designed for EE (Electrical Engineering) type of drawing. The program fully allows new parametric types through library mechanisms, and in fact all the EE types a
EEF202.ZIP84853Feb 10 1992Electronic formula calculations.
EEPUB05.ZIP163659Mar 18 1987Disk 5 from the E.E. Public Domain Library.
EEPUB06.ZIP186673Apr 21 1988Disk 6 from the E.E. Public Domain Library.
EEPUB07.ZIP219772Apr 21 1988Disk 7 from the E.E. Public Domain Library.
EEPUB08.ZIP177429Apr 21 1988Disk 8 from the E.E. Public Domain Library.
EEPUB09.ZIP170168Jul 3 1976Disk 9 from the E.E. Public Domain Library.
EEPUB10.ZIP117815Apr 21 1988Disk 10 from the E.E. Public Domain Library.
EGACORR2.ZIP54704Oct 26 1988EGA regression analysis designed for two variable correlation analysis. Looks excellent for students, etc.
EGAGRAPH.ZIP58055May 20 1988Display equations in graphic format.
EGALIFE.ZIP30140Aug 8 1989EGA version of the simulation LIFE. Very nice graphics.
EGAPERIO.ZIP41093Aug 2 1987Periodic table of the elements in EGA.
EGATESTS.ZIP52765Oct 5 1989EGATESTS is an easy to use teacher's tool. It provides descriptive statistical analysis designed to facilitate in the evaluation and assessment of classroom tests.
EGB11.ZIP65539Apr 8 1992Easy GradeBook provides the ability to store a class list and grades. Easy GradeBook automatically calculates student averages for the scores input into the program.
EICAI125.ZIP526080Jun 9 1994ETCAI ELECTRONICS TRAINING SYSTEM v1.25 (ESC) 31 exercises to help you learn or teach electricity or electronics.
EKG.ZIP96766Dec 21 1990A review of the chambers of the heart and the large blood vessels entering and leaving the heart. EKG readings.
EKGPOWER.ZIP74141Jul 18 1943This program will allow you to study twenty-two of the most common EKG rhythms that you might see. Includes TP 5.0+ source code.
ELECLERN.ZIP59262Jul 31 1985A basic OHMS law tutor.
ELECTRON.ZIP65365Jul 16 1989Program to calculate various electronic problems.
ELEM.ZIP25138Jan 1 1980Chemistry Element chart - in color.
ELEMED.ZIP91242Oct 31 1990Elementary education program.
ELEMENTS.ZIP55127Aug 15 1989Excellent tutor that will help with learning the various elements.
ELETUT1.ZIP121965Apr 28 1990A simple Electronics tutor. Part 1 of 3.
ELETUT2.ZIP130665Apr 24 1990A simple Electronics tutor. Part 2 of 3.
ELETUT3.ZIP154592Jun 28 1991A simple Electronics tutor. Part 3 of 3.
ENERGY.ZIP130016Oct 13 1986Telisolar is a program which provides the user with an easy, and fast method of evaluating energy-saving in the areas of hot water usage, building heating/cooling load, and solar collector design.
ENIGMA.ZIP27119Dec 20 1985Software simulation of WWII German code cipher machine.
EPA-MODL.ZIP41217Aug 31 1990Applied Modeling Research EPA Pollution Models, info and code sources, catalog lists, and two files with descriptions and information.
EPHEM425.ZIP123790Nov 15 1990Displays Ephemerides for all the planets amd 2 additional objects.
EPI_PAK.ZIP127578Jun 11 1990This is a collection of statistical analysis programs useful in epidemiologic analysis.
EQUATR13.ZIP7846May 2 1994Equator, v1.3. A freeware, RPN-style calculator for Win31.
ESEE109G.ZIP106551Jun 6 1992Editor for sequence information in Proteins and Nucleic acids.
EVAL108.ZIP33310Jul 17 1992Command-line math expression evaluator; has user-definable variables, complex number support, recursion ability, 30+ functions, more.
EVOLUTI.ZIP33697Jun 2 1989Bugs program from May 89 Scientific American w/pascal source.
EVOLVE13.ZIP50676Apr 26 1989A simulation exploring growth & containing many causal factors which can be modified by the user.
EXTOL.ZIP52872Nov 9 1987Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) program with examples and documentation.
EYES11.ZIP127592Jan 14 1991Eye motion demonstration and educational tool for medical students. This has great graphics for showing off animation. Works on CGA, EGA, and VGA.
EYESIG.ZIP177965Apr 12 1989Demonstration of various image-processing methods for robotics. Great!.
EZ-FIT.ZIP113509Feb 15 1989Used to fit experimental data into a variety of model equations.
EZT.ZIP27884Mar 6 1988EZ-Tree is a genealogy program to track and report on family trees. Simple, and very easy to use.
EZT211.ZIP115678Apr 11 1993EZ-Tree 2.11 Genealogy/Family Tree Tracking & Reports.
EZTREE.ZIP36683Apr 13 1987Family tree generator.
FA94.ZIP96365Feb 7 1994Almanac for 1994 by the Naval Observatory.
FAA-TEST.ZIP74172Apr 10 1989Primes you for your FAA pilot exam.
FACTOR.ZIP30910Jul 14 1990Factorial calculator that includes C++ source code.
FACTORS.ZIP12526Apr 7 1992Factor numbers the easy way. Includes C source.
FASTYP.ZIP281960Jul 1 1992PC-FasType/VGA is an easy-to-use menu-driven interactive typing tutorial designed for use by computer enthusiasts who wish to improve their typing skills.
FATBEAR.ZIP1397945Sep 18 1993Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise DEMO - This demo appears to be a problem solving type game, probably for ages 5 - 8. Best used with sound card. Excellent animation and sound. Very short though.
FBI10MST.ZIP111047Aug 14 1988FBI 10 most wanted list - bios & mugshots (HERC or CGA).
FCC115.ZIP233773Jun 28 1993Scanner frequency retrival system, comes with example database.
FCCEXAM.ZIP121465Sep 22 1990Practice exams for FCC Ham radio license.
FCNPLT40.ZIP98293Oct 29 1988Plot any function or equation and then print the graph.
FELT20.ZIP198474Feb 14 1994FElt ver 2.0. An introductory level Finite Element Analysis Program. Part 2 of 3.
FELTDOC.ZIP284811Feb 13 1994FElt ver 2.0. An introductory level Finite Element Analysis Program. Part 3 of 3.
FELT_1ST.ZIP2127Apr 1 1994FElt ver 2.0. An introductory level Finite Element Analysis Program. Part 1 of 3.
FEMIS.ZIP241713Dec 29 1993FEMIS 1.00.16: The Finite-Element Matrix Interpretive System proides iteractive, tutorial computon for users interested in finite element technology. Shareware ($50)m CTDC.
FERRITE.ZIP14056Jan 14 1987Assorted Ferrite core calculations.
FFTMORSE.ZIP26096May 1 1992This program will decode morse code coming from your short-wave receiver using a Sound Blaster and real-time FFT routines.
FFTUTIL.ZIP11301Jan 5 1989Utilities for COMPFFT make input files, forcing functions, convolve sign.
FGC10.ZIP72235Jan 4 1990"Fast Geo-Chronometer", display world times on map.
FGSMMF.ZIP57500Jan 12 1992Melissa's Music Flash cards - Provides an entertaining environment for children to learn musical notes. Requires EGA/VGA.
FHH.ZIP49572Jul 3 1992Family History Hypertext. Hypertext help for geneology research.
FILTDES.ZIP129187Dec 1 1987Active filter design program.
FIM100.ZIP194563Oct 24 1989A Database Management Program that stores Functional Independence Measure (FIM) information. For Doctors.
FINDA-F.ZIP275647Apr 16 1993Genealogy Aid. Find County for most cities and towns in the US. States A-F.
FINDG-K.ZIP300812Jun 1 1994Genealogy Aid. Find County for cities and towns in states starting with g-k.
FINDM.ZIP252079Nov 20 1993Genealogy Aid. Find Counties for most cities/towns in states starting with M.
FINDN.ZIP239068Nov 20 1993Genealogy Aid. Find county for cities/towns in states starting with N.
FINDO-P.ZIP219214May 23 1994Genealogy Aid. Helps find county for towns/cities in states starting with O or P.
FINDR-T.ZIP189660Apr 16 1993Genealogy Aid. Find County for towns/cities in states starting with R-T.
FINDU-W.ZIP284902May 23 1994Genealogy Aid. Find County for towns/cities in states starting with U to W.
FIR.ZIP38840Feb 1 1994Program to Design a FIR filter.
FIRSTAID.ZIP30753Jun 19 1991First Aid Tutor "Basic Techniques to Handle Common Emergencies".
FIT2_11.ZIP79059Aug 31 1990FIT2 is a tool that allows you to find closed-form solution to both linear and non-linear modelling problems.
FLAGS604.ZIP162261May 13 1989Display all the flags of the world in full color, very educational.
FLASHER.ZIP51416Nov 12 1992FLASHER 1.51 allows the user to experiment with brainwave stimulation. The user selects flashrate, color, and pattern to induce alpha, theta, or delta stimulation.
FLTPLN.ZIP18338Jul 24 1985Flight Planning Program for the busy pilot. Simple to use.
FMATE26.ZIP265115May 13 1993FitnessMate version 2.6. VGA multiuser multisport fitness activity diary relational performance evaluation tool for elite athletes & regular gals & guys. VGA 640x480 graphics & mouse required.
FOTRAVEL.ZIP376348Nov 30 1992Travel Points of Interest searches for the areas and types you want. Provides names, addresses and descriptions.
FOURIER2.ZIP62949Jun 26 1989Fourier data smoothing program.
FRACTION.ZIP28353Jun 21 1992Fraction calculator. Includes C++ source with Fraction Class.
FREN1-23.ZIP58995Mar 1 1989Bartorillo's French Tutor V 2.3. Part 1 of 2.
FREN2-23.ZIP57489Mar 1 1989Bartorillo's French Tutor V 2.3. Part 2 of 2.
FRENCH1.ZIP35189Aug 17 1985French tutor.
FRENCH2.ZIP30993Nov 12 1985Helps drill you with your French (Use with French1.arc).
FREQ.ZIP185477Mar 11 1995FREQ 2.1 for Windows is a data analysis tool which determines wh sine was make up a data set or time series: periods, phaseslitudes, % relative power). Specify a range of periods, and FRelects waves to build a revealing po
FREQTEXT.ZIP20408Jun 12 1991Various text files that may be of interest to HAM operators.
FRET10.ZIP23951Dec 30 1992Nice guide to playing guitar chords. Windows 3.x.
FRQSGALR.ZIP87908Mar 15 1993Scanner frequencies galor. Help tips, tricks and freqs for scanners.
FSB202A.ZIP327702Mar 25 1994FSB Version 2.02 Geneology Database. Multiple Databases of 99999 persons, any number of events and sources. Numerous Reports. Part 1 of 3.
FSB202_B.ZIP153424Mar 25 1994FSB Family Scrap Book Version 2.02. Part 2 of 3.
FSB202_C.ZIP341699Mar 25 1994FSB Family Scrap Book Version 2.02. Part 3 of 3.
FSCAL.ZIP37939May 23 1991FSCAL FreeStyle Calculator has Tape (standalone & TSR).
FT119C.ZIP166187Nov 7 1989Family Ties Genealogy program version 1.19C. This is an excellent program, easy to enter data and navigate around your "Family Tree".
FTJ10.ZIP419895Feb 28 1993Family Tree Journal Version 10.0 - great program for recording your family history.
FTREE610.ZIP160854Feb 10 1990Family tree V6.1. Organize your geneology and print trees.
FUNFAC.ZIP279618Nov 26 1990Fun-Face allows children to create animation style faces without requiring them to possess strong artistic skills.
FUNLL.ZIP96862Oct 25 1990Fun with Letters and Words by Wescott Software. Pretty old program but good for teaching little kids to read.
FUNNELS.ZIP42921Apr 1 1990Very good math tutor for 2nd and 3rd grade level.
FUNYFACE.ZIP79924Sep 2 1989Mr. Potato Head type of game for the youngsters.
FUSION.ZIP38931Apr 10 1989Cold fusion discussion/speculation captured from FidoNet Messages.
FV2-1A.ZIP216936Nov 8 1992Family View, v.2.1, genealogy program. Allows multiple database all linked through 1 main program. File 1 of 3.
FV2-1B.ZIP18577Nov 8 1992Family View. File 2 of 3.
FV2-1C.ZIP10498Nov 8 1992Family View. File 3 of 3.
FWW102.ZIP434990Apr 22 1993First Words for Windows - family growth and activity database.
G3ZCZTLM.ZIP38661Feb 13 1990Microsat telemetry decode/display program version 0.6 by G3ZCZ. Does not need KISS mode.
GALILEO.ZIP33074Apr 10 1991Plots the motion of the four largest of Jupiter's moons -- the Galilean Satellites.
GAMEPT16.ZIP48517Apr 7 1988Hook sensors up to your game port! Temperature, etc.
GASTC.ZIP40350May 19 1987Nice program which provides thermal conductivities for a wide range of gases over a wide range of temperatres. Shareware from Pacific Engineering.
GC3D.ZIP37317Nov 8 1988Simulate the collision of two galaxies in 3-D.
GENKIT16.ZIP58800Feb 14 1990Excellent toolkit of genealogical utilities. Highly reccomended.
GENSOFT2.ZIP41764Oct 20 1986Review of some Genealogical Software packages.
GEOCHRON.ZIP45198Aug 27 1987This program is an EXCELLENT world-view chronometer. It allows you to alter the baseline city, as well as the cities, and their times, that are displayed.
GEOCLK51.ZIP311189Oct 28 1993GeoClock sunlight clock v5.1 for EGA, VGA and 800x600. The current sun position is displayed and the parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight are highlighted with local sunrise/set times around the world.
GEOVIEW.ZIP145166May 3 1989Simulate view of earth's surface from satellite.
GERM2-25.ZIP58650Apr 11 1992Latest Version of Bartarillo's German Tutor. Includes colorized menus.
GMS.ZIP70822Jun 13 1989DSI's Grade Managing System demo (for teachers K-6).
GM_21A.ZIP136453Feb 26 1994GeneMaster v. 21a. A DOS-based genealogy program created in Virginia. Seems to be mostly table-based (no GUI).
GOOGOL.ZIP163724Mar 1 1990Great educational games for kids to learn math, good graphics and sound.
GPA1207.ZIP23261Dec 14 1991GPA V2.0. GRADE POINT AVERAGE finder for students in HS or College.
GR105.ZIP61134Jul 9 1992Graph 2D-3D-polar math functions; save screen to GIF file. Works with most graphics adapters. Options for color, scaling, resolution, etc.
GRADE3.ZIP91424Mar 5 1989Excellent teachers grading system, written by college professor.
GRADEP4N.ZIP264404Mar 26 1995GRADE BOOK POWER 4.16 : Use either two 9-week or 3 6-week terms per semester. Create over 30 different reports. Individual progress reports include assignment date, title, points possible, points earned, letter grade
GRAPHH.ZIP37660Feb 11 1988Graphing program for Hercules monochrome graphics adapter.
GRAVITY2.ZIP112780Apr 12 1990Planetary Gravity Simulator (EGA). Great planet simulation. You place the planets where you like, and then start them in motion. Comes with several demos.
GRAVLENS.ZIP58806Nov 19 1993Visual simulation of warping which occurs near a black hole.
GRAVSI.ZIP9006Sep 26 19893-D planetary motion simulation with full C source code.
GRDSCN30.ZIP78170Feb 20 1989Excellent grading program for Teachers. Keeps records of grades, etc.
GRFX2.ZIP19825Aug 3 1989Grfx is an educational program to plot mathmatical functions of the form "Y = F(x)".
GSFCTV26.ZIP517Mar 8 1994Goddard SFC Display file for STSORBIT PLUS.
HAMCOM1.ZIP85989Mar 31 1989A utility for HAM packet radio operators. Handles QSO cards.
HAMFLASH.ZIP158426Nov 5 1990FLASHCRD -- Flashcard quiz used to prepare one to pass the FCC written tests for an amateur radio operator's license.
HAMLOG.ZIP74255May 4 1991Ham radio logging program with range, bearing, & MUF calculations. Prints QSO listings by date or Callsign and prints QSL labels/cards.
HAMPAK5.ZIP82201Jun 24 1987Study guide, and tutor that will help you get though the standard HAM RADIO TEST.
HAZ-CHEM.ZIP139624Dec 28 1988Hypertext representation of hazardous chemicals.
HC21DEMO.ZIP160997Nov 28 1993Demonstration program: full house automation using X-10 modules. Complete programmability on a room-by-room or group basis. Can set various modes (e.g., Wake up the house in the morning).
HDFNEWS.ZIP22211Oct 26 1990HDF Newsletters from National Center for Supercomputer Applications.
HEIGHT.ZIP5866Feb 16 1988Calculates the height of a child when fully grown.
HERB.ZIP51658May 1 1988A herb & spice informational program.
HERB300.ZIP215203Jul 19 1991Herbology and Natural medicines hyperhelp v3.0.
HERBAGE.ZIP198982Feb 14 1995Description of some useful herbs.
HFMAGIC1.ZIP11388Feb 28 1990Predict radio wave propagation in the HF ham bands. Very accurate results.
HICN0234.ZIP23532Sep 17 1989Health Info-Com Newsletter Vol 2, Issue 34.
HICN0235.ZIP27979Sep 25 1989Health Info-Com Newsletter Vol2, Issue 35.
HNLNBIB.ZIP16611Apr 9 1989General bibliography of books and selected articles by and about R. A. H.
HOHMAN.ZIP1418Mar 29 1989BASIC program to compute Hohmann circular and bielliptic transfer orbits.
HOMEWORK.ZIP92857Feb 7 1990HOMEWORK HELPER is a collection of handy programs to help children learn and practice basic skills.
HOT_COLD.ZIP31181Jul 10 1993Program to determine the heat index of current hot weather conditions.
HOUSE.ZIP32226Dec 22 1987Draw your own floor plans for your dream house, and compute energy costs.
HP28C.ZIP124295Dec 6 1989TSR version of the Hewlett Packard HP-28C calculator.
HPCLIB.ZIP49383Sep 7 1994Library for building applications for the HP100LX/200LX.
HST-A.ZIP138810Jul 18 1994Hubble space telescope shot of impact of first comet collision with Jupiter.
HSTPRESS.ZIP42582Mar 28 1990More than you wanted to know about Space Telescope launch on April 12 - from NASA press release.
HUBBLE.ZIP74693Jan 13 1994Graphics from NASA's Hubble Telescope.
HURRTR40.ZIP273458May 17 19931993 VERSION (4.0) of HURRTRAK. Very detailed VGA tracking charts, with the ability to customize and add your own location. Can view wind structure of hurricane including location of deadly eye.
HYDROFLO.ZIP91082Oct 19 1987A small hydraulic design tool dealing with pipes, pumps, valves, outlets, etc. A demo version, but works.
HYPV1N1.ZIP34762Feb 1 1989An interesting discussion concerning HyperText.
IANSGAME.ZIP43047Sep 11 1990An interactive game for ages 1 to 3 years old - nice graphics that hold the interest of that age group.
IC-TUTOR.ZIP171438Mar 25 1995Learn Integrated Circuits using CAI to teach both theory and LAB Projects. Goes from "raw" beginner thru intermediate levels. Requires VGA and hard drive.
IC735CTL.ZIP49395Jul 10 1989ICOM ham radio RS-232 control/interface program in Quick Basic.
ICELAND.ZIP6445Jun 2 2000History of Iceland, politics, religion, etc.
ICOM20A.ZIP24990May 22 1990ICOM ham radio RS-232 computer interface/control program with C source code.
ICOMRS.ZIP6120Apr 2 1989Info on how to interface/control ICOM radios via RS-232 port.
ICOMSCHM.ZIP1346Apr 9 1989Schematic of ICOM RS-232 intreface/control circuit.
IGI25549.ZIP169694Nov 20 1993Display and search extracts from Family History Center IGI Listing - Geneology.
IIR.ZIP34232Jan 29 1987Program to Design an IIR filter.
IMAGE10.ZIP148131Aug 6 1989This image processing program is an advanced mathematically oriented package designed to provide image processing functions. Very Good.
IMAGPLAN.ZIP12916May 1 1992Plan slide images for planetarium or large theater. Will calculate image on film, image on screen, or lens focal length given other two parameters.
INET-LIB.ZIP62409Feb 15 1991Listing of INTERNET accessible libraries and data bases.
INTAIR.ZIP1816Dec 18 1989International Airline Frequency List for the HAM hacker.
INTRSCAN.ZIP6279Jun 12 1991A text file that is an introduction to radio scanning.
INTSIG10.ZIP35209Jun 23 1991Interval signals for shortwave stations. Includes *all* the interval signals listed in WRTH '89. Very useful for SWL's and others.
IQBUILD.ZIP24600May 17 1985Tutor to build up IQ.
IQTEST1.ZIP104139Jul 11 1985Self-take IQ Test. See how smart you really are.
IRAQHIST.ZIP4770Jan 20 1991Brief history of IRAQ from the flood to now.
ISLAM.ZIP32024Jun 23 1990Some interested background on the religion of Islam. These are text files from several books. Timely information.
ITALIAN1.ZIP36677Feb 22 1986Italian language tutor.
J-CEMTRY.ZIP121322Jan 2 1994Listng of world-wide Jewish cemetaries. For those doing Jewish genealogical research.
JAPANESE.ZIP103153Nov 2 1986Japanese language tutorial.
JLP10.ZIP51063Apr 9 1990Julia's Letter Processor 1.0 - EGA/VGA Kiddie alphabet game with music. TC 2.0 source included.
JMOONS1.ZIP61979Oct 30 1980A orbital clock for Jupitors moons. Will show you exactly where they are in relationship to each other at any time.
JOBBOOK.ZIP92160Oct 10 1991Job Hunting Manual for Middle Age Unemployed.
JPL9209.ZIP161401Feb 24 1992Clock used for timing various missions at Nasa's Jet Propultion Laboratory.
JUPSAT.ZIP22336Apr 20 1989Calculates the position of the 4 Galilean satellites orbiting Jupiter, and displays their position graphically.
K-CLOCK.ZIP56176Feb 16 1992Katie's Clock (KC) is an excellent tool for helping parents teach their children how to tell the time of day from conventional analogue clocks.
K1EA.ZIP138337Feb 12 1989HAM radio real-time logging program with packet dx window.
K9EXCE.ZIP37370Aug 23 1992Complete electronic manual on how to train your dog.
KANJVIEW.ZIP133100Nov 19 1988Display Japanese text on IBM-PC.
KAPIAN.ZIP146638Mar 13 1991A chinese flashcard type program.
KARN_111.ZIP40303Mar 11 1993Karnaugh Map Generator. This program will quickly K-map a logic expression with up to 11 logic variables. Handles an infinite number of variables but limited only by VGA display of 80x60.
KDCALCG.ZIP45820Apr 17 1989KDCG is an EGA/VGA graphic implementation of a hand-held calculator. It will add, subtract, multiply and divide. Scroll-back tape function.
KEIRSEY.ZIP67384Aug 11 1987Computerized version of Meyers-Briggs Personality Test.
KEYPAD10.ZIP41702Mar 31 1992KeyPad is an RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) scientific calculator.
KGB.ZIP5887Nov 15 1989Bibliography of books that have information about the KGB.
KIDSPAPR.ZIP1071Dec 28 1989KIDSPAPR generates lined paper for children learning to print. It prints a solid line then a dotted line then another solid line.
KIDSTUFF.ZIP20434Jun 2 1986Educational programs for kids.
KILOMARK.ZIP14657Mar 20 1988KiloMarker is a program that is designed for scientist's that do agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis using linear regression.
LAPLACE.ZIP45378Sep 16 1987Solves Laplace's equation in two dimensions.
LATDCT11.ZIP37227Feb 18 1995Fully functional Latin Dictionary for DOS. Includes ICO files for Windows.
LAUNCHER.ZIP51564Aug 25 1987GREAT launch simulator for Space Buffs.
LAYO1.ZIP337493Oct 1 1991This is a vector based PCB circuit layout program for designing printed circuit boards. It contains auto-routing functions as well as parts libraries and a number of other functions. Part 1 of 3.
LAYO2.ZIP289955Sep 25 1991Part 2 of PCB Layout program.
LAYO3.ZIP304477Oct 22 1991Part 3 of PCB Layout program.
LEAN151.ZIP227588Jul 18 1991Leaner version 1.51. Motivation for weight control.
LIE33.ZIP82672Jan 13 1992A program plus examples of performing LIE ALGEBRA on differential equations.
LIFEPAS1.ZIP25407Sep 2 1988The classic Life simulation and an interesting Predator simulation. Includes TP 4.0+ source code.
LINALG2.ZIP149976Apr 20 1989Linear algebra program - matrix and vector operations.
LINKAGES.ZIP141314Sep 13 1987LINKAGES will create and maintain genealogical records using a computer. It does not require expert knowledge in either the genealogical or computer fields.
LIQVIS.ZIP40899May 19 1987Liquid viscosity reference program. Shareware from Pacific Engineering.
LNAP_TF.ZIP63231Oct 15 1987Linear Electrical Network Tranfer Function Conputations and Plots.
LOCATO.ZIP24605Mar 15 1990Helps to determine Latitude and Longitude when working with maps.
LOGBOOK.ZIP143432May 6 1990The PC-HAM Logbook is a complete menu driven computerized logbook.
LOGIC.ZIP74797Oct 4 1988Program to learn logic.
LOGSIM.ZIP38023Mar 5 1989Logic simulator. Used for circut construction and chip design.
LONGMATH.ZIP5632May 13 1986Perform math on numbers of 100 digits or more. BASIC source.
LOUD30.ZIP77955Nov 28 1991Loud speaker design program.
LOUDSPKR.ZIP16519Oct 5 1988Helps in creating custom speaker enclosures. Very good.
LROOM.ZIP66911Jan 21 1991The Listening Room helps determine suitable speaker and listener positions so as to avoid the negative effects associated with standing wave buildup within the listening environment.
LSCAL100.ZIP125382Aug 28 1990LS-1.00 Plus scientific calculator.
LSDFAQ.ZIP27059Mar 3 1993FAQ on LSD (the drug).
LSIGN20.ZIP72934Oct 20 1990Learn Sign Language v2.0 - includes finger spelling & word dictionary.
LSS.ZIP72729Dec 7 1986LSS will allow your computer to model and analyze digital logic circuits. It is intended to provide an alternative to breadboards and extensive measurements. Excellent program, but this is a partial demo.
LUNCHBOX.ZIP118383Nov 17 1990Great game for kids - pick letters on keyboard.
MANAGER.ZIP153982Aug 14 1988Mangement training program. Helps in becoming a better manager.
MANAGING.ZIP153712Aug 14 1988This program is designed to help a person improve their overall management abilities.
MAPMAKER.ZIP136830Jan 1 1980A graphic mapmaker program.
MAPPER-1.ZIP142128Oct 6 1987Program to determine DX propagation, Lat/Long, coordinates, etc.
MAPPER-2.ZIP121672Oct 1 1988Program to determine DX propagation, part 2 of 2.
MAPS3-5X.ZIP52818Mar 26 1993Maps for GeoClock version 5.0.
MAPSTAT.ZIP79688Jul 6 1988MAPSTAT is a very serious multivariate statistical analysis package capable of meeting most users' analytical needs.
MAPVU20.ZIP192783Jan 13 1989Excellent World Map viewer, quite interesting.
MARS-OBS.ZIP21157Sep 9 1992NASA Press Kit for Mars Observer, the first U.S. mission to Mars since Viking in 1976. Launch window is from Sept. 16 to Oct. 13, 1992.
MATH.ZIP73030May 3 1988A mathematical single-variable function interperter. Very professional.
MATH100.ZIP16281Jun 9 1991A very simple mathematics program. Adds, multiplies, etc.
MATHEE.ZIP21604Feb 11 1989Mathematical expression evaluator that can be run from the command prompt. Very handy for quick calculations.
MATHFC21.ZIP26856Apr 25 1991Math v2.0 command line calculator with 10 user-defined functions. Perform complex calculations from the DOS prompt.
MATHGA.ZIP112084Apr 12 1993A math game for kids ages 3 to 8.
MATHGAME.ZIP36578May 14 1991Math tutorial with games. For ages 7-10.
MATHLOG.ZIP103376Jan 10 1990Math & Logic Games for Kids. Six games to challenge a child's Math & Logic skills. Grades K-6.
MATHLOGI.ZIP116688May 30 1991A math-logic game for kids. Can be difficult.
MATHMAZE.ZIP18627Jul 13 1989Educational Math Strategy Game.
MATHPL32.ZIP125487Dec 12 1992MATHPLOT allows you to specify complicated mathematical functions using ordinary algebraic expressions and immediately plot them.
MATLAB.ZIP200264Sep 14 1989MATRIX LAB: matrix manipulation and symbolic math - very elaborate.
MATRXWKS.ZIP93739Jul 21 1990MatrixWorks 1.01 is a ful featured matrix manipulation program.
MBTYPE12.ZIP113436Mar 12 1990Myers-Briggs type indicator - full blown program with 160 questions.
MCCSTS49.ZIP8302May 12 1992Mission Control Center status reports 1-12 (thru 5/11/92) for Space Shuttle Mission 49--Intelsat Rescue.
MECHAN93.ZIP281433Feb 1 1993Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Planar Mechanisms - Ver 93-1.
MED2GO.ZIP57410Jan 21 1991A Medline File Conversion Utility 1/91.
MEMMASTR.ZIP141255Jul 18 1990Memory Master is a tutorial on how to improve your memory.
MERLIN15.ZIP175925Jul 8 1993MERLIN is an easy to use hurricane/tropical storm tracking tool that provides the user with current information about the selected storm, in an easy to understand text report and tracking map.
METEOR93.ZIP14882Jun 15 1993Listing of meteor showers for 1993.
METRIC-X.ZIP133452Oct 1 1991Metric-x is a comprehensive metric/english conversion program. Accuracy is excellent and works either way metric/english or english/metric. Converts almost any unit of measure. Complete documentation included.
METRICON.ZIP36033Mar 23 1994Windows unit converter, 332 units in 41 categories. Need VBRUN300.DLL.
MICAL.ZIP376432Jul 15 1986Excellent medical diagnostic tutor. By UpJohn, very interesting.
MICFFT11.ZIP47221Mar 31 1993Turns Soundblaster into a spectrum analyser.
MICROM.ZIP56965Jun 24 1993Teaches People How To Read A Micrometer.
MIDEAST.ZIP15998Jan 13 1991Here is a very important list these days. It is a list of frequencies (shortwave) and times for programs broadcast from the Mideast.
MIPROPS1.ZIP113299Mar 25 1988Properties of gases part 1.
MIPROPS2.ZIP85227Jan 23 1987Properties of gases part 2.
MITERBOX.ZIP34811Jun 28 1991A program that calculates miter and bevel angles to cut any size crown molding for any angle corner.
MMANIAC.ZIP129096Dec 25 1992Mad Math - great elementary math algorithm game with great graphics.
MMWCALC.ZIP156279Oct 15 1990Millimeter Wave System Calculator from HUGHES Microwave Division.
MOCKBIRD.ZIP190650Nov 14 1991Reader's guide for "To Kill a Mockingbird". Includes quizes and games.
MODSTAT2.ZIP175928Apr 13 1989Excellent and complete statistical analysis package. These programs were developed during the teaching of various courses in statistics at the university level by Dr. Robert C. Knodt.
MODSTAT3.ZIP199644Nov 1 1991Complete statistical program. Programs were developed for university level course use by Dr. Robert C. Knodt. Programs dated 11/01/91.
MOHRS.ZIP40124Sep 8 1994Program to calculate stresses using mohrs circle for principal stresses.
MOLWIN20.ZIP67221Jul 9 1993This is a program to display and rotate a molecule under Windows 3. The program reads a datafile with atomic coordinates and display a molecule.
MOM351.ZIP84114Jan 12 1990SCHOOL-MOM is an excellent educational tool for children ages 4 to 14. Its main options are Music, Art, Spelling, English and Math.
MOMENT.ZIP32074Feb 9 1987Develop area, centroid, and moments for any polygon.
MOONA.ZIP51873Apr 8 1990Plot the moon to your screen with the locations of 600+ craters as well as the Apollo landing sites. Find and zoom functions and much more.
MOONBEAM.ZIP82991Mar 14 1985Calculate the phases and location of the moon.
MOONFAZ.ZIP54414May 10 1990This program will calculate and display graphically the moons phase for any date and time. It requires a minimum of EGA graphics or better.
MORSE-FE.ZIP51108Mar 31 1988Morse Code tutoral - graphed gains.
MORSE.ZIP15680Dec 26 1986Morse Code tutor.
MOTOROLA.ZIP437981Sep 29 1990Motorola's Complete Component Catalog. Includes tons of info.
MSA10.ZIP9142Apr 26 1988MIDI Stream Analyzer - great help when setting up a MIDI system.
MST15.ZIP115623Aug 30 1991Spell tester for kids (requires Soundblaster).
MUBAY.ZIP223095Feb 7 2006TNC radio packet controller for PCs.
MUGSHT11.ZIP37731Jun 28 1989Draw cartoon-like sketches of peoples' faces on your computer screen. Add ears, glasses, various hair styles, etc. Great for children.
MULT10.ZIP136675May 2 1991Multiplication teaching aid for kids.
MUSIC.ZIP62739Mar 9 1988Write music and words with graphics (works).
MX-202.ZIP134398Jul 2 1992Metric to customary Inch/Pound to Metric Conversion Utility.
MYIDEA.ZIP47666May 9 1994MyIdea v 1.1. Problem Solving. Takes your idea and helps you build on it. You write paragraphs, questions, answers and notes. Automatic report generated.
M_MM100.ZIP100000Feb 21 1993Me & My Metabolism examines basal metabolic rate, assesses total energy expenditure and evaluates eating style.
N2GTEPMS.ZIP1044856Jul 20 1991A DESQView-specific Amateur Radio Packet Message Switch system incoorporating TCP/IP & SMTP with AX.25 PBBS and Node. GTEPMS uses G8BPQ AX.25 Networking Software, v3.59, and modified KA9Q TCP/IP code. Will work without
NASA-LNK.ZIP21073Aug 20 1988Text info on NASA's LINK services at MSFC.
NASA827.ZIP35269Aug 27 1989NASA log from 8-27-89. Interesting information about the shuttles, Voyeger, the upcoming NASA budget, etc.
NASADATA.ZIP3655Jan 4 1980This is an ongoing listing of NASA data (text, charts, pictures, etc.) available on CD-ROM.
NASADATE.ZIP4771Mar 10 1990NASA launch dates for the space shuttles out to 1996.
NASASCH.ZIP7859Jan 31 1990NASA January Flight Manifest for the period of 1990-1995.
NASBIBLE.ZIP147462Sep 20 1989New American Standard computer Bible reference demo.
NASDA01.ZIP480Dec 29 1993Japanese Tracking Stations for STSORBIT PLUS.
NASM.ZIP66478Oct 14 1988Earth satellite orbits - requires CGA.
NAV-PAC.ZIP68034Nov 1 1989NAVAGATION PAC is for doing coastal and celestial marine navigation. These programs are for actually doing navigation at sea and also aid in voyage planning at home or in class.
NAVLOG.ZIP125212Feb 19 1992Aviation navigational aid - excellent, replaces your E6B calculator.
NBN120T.ZIP129064Dec 20 1991Note By Note 1.20t - learn to read music - displays keyboard or guitar - and teaches musical notes as they correspond to the keys on the keyboard or guitar.
NBSCOM.ZIP41837Jan 8 1989NBSCOM sets your PC's time to the National Bureau of Standards time service in Colorado. Includes C Source.
NETWORK2.ZIP88365Oct 30 1988A spice like network analyzer. The program determines the frequency response of an electrical network containing amplifiers, transistors, and passive l-r-c components. A plot of the response can be obtained vs linear and l
NGP1.ZIP128639Sep 25 1989New General Program for non-stellar astronomical objects. [1/5].
NGP2.ZIP147235Sep 25 1989New General Program for non-stellar astronomical objects. [2/5].
NGP3.ZIP147235Sep 25 1989New General Program for non-stellar astronomical objects. [3/5].
NGP4.ZIP111316Sep 26 1989New General Program for non-stellar astronomical objects. [4/5].
NGP5.ZIP127731Sep 25 1989New General Program for non-stellar astronomical objects. [5/5].
NOCODE.ZIP14552Jan 21 1991Text file that contains information on the new HAM license. Entry level license does not require Morse Code test.
NOTES.ZIP50129Nov 10 1988Practice Sight Reading Musical Notes.
NOW-WX11.ZIP301950Nov 6 1991Generates weather maps based on data from on-line $ervice.
NUMISORG.ZIP7389Jan 21 1990List of ALL major U.S. numismatic organizations, alpha-by-state. Useful for coin collectors.
NUMORS.ZIP127321Mar 29 1993Morse Code Trainer for WIN 3.1.
NUTRDR.ZIP1162491Nov 20 1993Nutrition Doctor. Automated tool for optimizing your nutrition/health.
NUTRIENT.ZIP96513Mar 7 1986Track daily nutrition intake.
ODE26.ZIP156462Apr 23 1992A program for the interactive solution of systems of ordinary differential equations
ODES.ZIP89022Oct 10 1988Differential equations tutorial.
OE9233A.ZIP145627Aug 12 1992Orthographic Earth, v 9233a A demonstration of the orthographic projection method of displaying the Earth. The orthographic projection used here does not include perspective; it assumes you're far from Earth and can see a
OHMCALC.ZIP62398Mar 16 1988Performs Ohm calculations, and is designed to perform most common electrical contracting calculations.
OHMSLAW.ZIP18643Sep 30 1989Calculates results of various values input into traditional Ohms law results.
OLEBON.ZIP249692May 1 1994Bon! Rewarding French and Ol! Rewarding Spanish are foreign language drills that feature several units with various levels of difficulty.
ORBIT11.ZIP73952Mar 7 1992A VGA demonstration of gravity.
ORBIT23.ZIP25836Mar 26 1987Locate satellites in orbit.
ORBMECH.ZIP24293Feb 17 1986Program Demonstrates Orbital Mechanics - Requires CGA.
ORCAD.ZIP137893Mar 10 1989Demo of ORCAD PC Board Layout.
ORCAD_SH.ZIP176990Oct 18 1990Demo of ORCAD schematic Design Tools SDT III.
OVERINC.ZIP11640Aug 24 1987BASIC version of the Inclusion Test. This test was originally designed to be used as a tool in analyzing schizophrenic patients.
P-POP.ZIP155447Dec 2 1991VGA screen designer. Fun and learning for kids. Version 1.2.
PAC-INTR.ZIP7149Mar 2 1986An very nicely done introduction to packet radio.
PACKETUT.ZIP9118Mar 1 1987Aninformative Packet Radio tutorial for the beginer.
PAD201.ZIP18598May 22 1988Calculator, nice interface, with C source code.
PAFVW13.ZIP224588Mar 15 1993PAFVW version 1.3 - The Personal Ancestral File Viewer for Windows allows viewing of and printing (including cascading) from your PAF data base under Windows 3.x.
PAKTRM2A.ZIP116239Feb 18 1990A host mode terminal program for the PAKRATT-232.
PAPT_160.ZIP161279Feb 1 1992PERSONAL APT is a complete NC/CNC programming and tape preparation system.
PARAGON2.ZIP160407Mar 3 1989Amateur radio Ten Tec Paragon xcvr control program.
PARENT21.ZIP63085Aug 31 1991PARENTS is a Windows application that was designed to help make collecting and organizing your genealogy easier.
PARWN306.ZIP90036Nov 7 1993Yet another windows-based genealogy program. Nice interface, easy to use.
PASCASTL.ZIP125575Nov 27 1989A pretty good math game for children.
PB911221.ZIP86645Dec 21 1991PB is an groundstation program for receiving messages and message directories from satellites running the PACSAT Protocol Suite. Part 1 of 2.
PC-CAI10.ZIP157198Nov 8 1989PC-CAI is a computer language specifically designed to allow you to create computer driven tutorials, tests, and demos.
PC-STUDY.ZIP47762Nov 18 1986Learning/Study Aid - Great for students.
PCB.ZIP185146Aug 15 1989This is a printed circuit board CAD package. It consists of : a rat nester, an autorouter, a board viewer, a board printer, a postscript filter, a file packer, and a file unpacker. Includes full C source code.
PCBLOX10.ZIP120741Sep 1 1993PC-BLOX is an easy and fun 3D solid modeling program for kids and adults. A Virtual Reality CAD program based on a unique building blocks metaphor instead of the "traditional" wire-frame concept.
PCJIGSAW.ZIP94651Feb 22 1989Manipulate a Jigsaw puzzle on your screen. Well done program!!.
PCL54.ZIP225030Jun 13 1991PC Learn v5.4 computer tutorial system.
PCQUIZ20.ZIP58657Jun 15 1987Quiz making program - Very Nice!.
PCROUTE.ZIP96551Nov 1 1989PCROUTE is a computer aided design program for making circuit boards. It contains board layout routines that should prove to be quite adequate for most purposes.
PCT214.ZIP378983Jan 8 1992PCTRAK will graphically track your favorite terrestrial satellites with ease, accuracy, and money left in your pocket. Requires EGA or VGA.
PDCHEM.ZIP27534Mar 10 1993This is a listing of chemistry-related public domain software, freeware, and shareware for MS-DOS and Macintosh computers.
PDRALL.ZIP692602Apr 21 1991The side effects and drug interactions from the 1990 Physicians Desk Reference. This is not a substitute for physician or pharmacist consultation concerning medicines.
PDSCI.ZIP155326Mar 10 1993This is a listing of science/math/engineering public domain software and shareware for MS-DOS and Macintosh.
PENNANTS.ZIP109086May 26 1992US Navy Flag & Pennant Drill Program.
PER-APT.ZIP137521Oct 5 1988PERSONAL APT offers 2 1/2 axis NC part programming capability and a powerful set of mathematical functions and geometry descriptions to aid in the solution of complex problems that are often encountered in Engineering, Des
PERF450.ZIP220325Mar 13 1990Design and build your own speakers to fit your needs.
PERIOD.ZIP95920Feb 20 1990Pop-up periodic table, very useful for chemistry students.
PERIOD11.ZIP45765Apr 10 1988Periodic table of the elements with lots of information on each element.
PERIOD15.ZIP64388Dec 10 1991A periodic table of the elements for Windows.
PERIODIC.ZIP42871Dec 2 1989Periodic Table of the Elements in VGA.
PFSA.ZIP124235Oct 26 1987Symbolic math and equation solver (like MuMath).
PFT_ABG.ZIP100000Feb 21 1993This program will accurately interpret arterial blood gases in terms of both oxygenation and acid-base status. The adequacy of oxygenation is based on the relation that a normal PaO2 = .9*(104.2-Age*.27) and a normal aA difference= .9*(2.5+Age*.21). The p50 is calculated from the knowledge of the normal oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve. Oxygen dosing is prescribed on the basis of the Alveolar Air Equation. The acid-base determinations are derrived from a number of published equations.
PG910909.ZIP63756Dec 21 1991PB is an groundstation program for receiving messages and message directories from satellites running the PACSAT Protocol Suite. Part 2 of 2.
PHYSCSXA.ZIP252819Oct 19 1992Physics tutorial, graphic oriented hypertext.
PHYSIC.ZIP124889Sep 9 1986Physics tutorial.
PHYSICS.ZIP36065Jun 1 1991A simple physics tutorial on dynamics and electronics.
PHYSTUT.ZIP92599Jan 4 1993Physics Tutor: Great physics help for high school & college students.
PI.ZIP8692Nov 17 1986Calculate PI to whatever number of places. Neat.
PLANETAR.ZIP88435Jul 26 1991PLANETARIUM - Excellent program showing planets and stars.
PLANETS.ZIP137257May 14 1987Adaptation of P. Duffett-Smith (Pract. Astr.) for major planets (by L. P.
PLEGUIDE.ZIP7576Jun 21 1989Animated, color guide to the stars in the Pleiades.
PLY_LRN.ZIP149000Feb 21 1993This disk contains Play 'n Learn which includes Amanda's Letter Lotto and seven other games for the very young.
PMI_CATL.ZIP104209Apr 2 1989On-Line Electronic parts catalog. List all common IC's, etc.
POLY360.ZIP46396Feb 27 1989POLY Ver 3.60 fits a polynomial or rational polynomials to a set of data.
POLYGLOT.ZIP33617Oct 29 1986Vocabulary tester, very good.
PREGNANT.ZIP174302Feb 22 1989A pregnancy planning tool for woman. Helps determine when ovulation takes place. A unique use for computers.
PRES-BIO.ZIP165858Jul 10 1988Educational software to teach anyone about the U.S. Presidents!.
PRESDNTS.ZIP233649Dec 19 1989This program provides short biographies of all the Presidents and presents tests and quizzes in various ways so that the user may review in a non- threatening atmosphere.
PRESID.ZIP109272Nov 1 1988Good program on presidents, very educational.
PRIME11.ZIP25105Jan 2 1991Prime number finder, very fast, good C code.
PRIMES14.ZIP7562Oct 29 1991Prime number calculator, with ASM source, Version 1.4.
PROB.ZIP15611Mar 9 1991Deterimine the probability integral for Gaussian distribution. Includes TP 4.0+ source code.
PROGEN.ZIP94180Dec 13 1986PROGENITORS - A comprehensive genealogical database program.
PSYMED2.ZIP125739Aug 20 1988PsyMed is a quick reference guide to the psychotropic medications.
PTRNS11K.ZIP94398Jan 25 1994Artificial intelligence based program to help chart out a weight reduction program based on exercise and diet information.
PYROFAQ.ZIP19716Feb 21 1993FAQ on Pyrotechnics. Feb.93'.
QUIZM2.ZIP106472Jun 16 1991QuizMaker v2.0 educational quiz/test generator.
QUIZMK21.ZIP106625Jan 11 1992Quiz making program. Excellent, can either have fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice. Plus add extra information to each question.
QUIZZE.ZIP30887Jun 2 1988The math quizzer is a flashcard style game program to encourage mental computation of simple math problems for children grades 1 to 6, although some children in higher grades might find it useful.
QUIZZIA1.ZIP88272Sep 5 1991Quizzia 1.1 - A fantastic trivia learning game. Shareware. Comes with nutrition questions. Very educational.
R-5000.ZIP5353Jun 19 1990Information on how to modify a Kenwood R5000 shortwave receiver for better performance. In-depth text file.
RADFAX.ZIP49520Nov 8 1989This program provides reference data for thirty-four radioisotopes commonly used in research, including half-life and physical data.
RADIOLOG.ZIP69267Aug 20 1992Local radio frequencys with database program.
RADIX1.ZIP10465Oct 13 1991RADIX 1.0 is an easy to use decimal, hex, octal, binary and character conversion calculator.
READING.ZIP15505Jul 13 1992Recommended reading - many areas, w/descriptions & info to obtain.
REMEDIES.ZIP39007Nov 12 1989Herbal remedies for various ailments.
REMEZ.ZIP54181Nov 29 1986Design Digital filters.
RESCALC.ZIP48538Feb 16 1991A calculator for electrical engineers. Does resistor calculations using standard values. Great time saver.
RFHELP14.ZIP64084Feb 17 1990An excellent tool for RF systems design. Computes Gain, NF, Dynamic Range, Ripple, etc.
RFP-06.ZIP60865Oct 28 1989RFP-06 is an electronic magazine with a professional quality reader program included. This issue deals with Robots & Computers - covering the topics with editorials, quotes, and books.
RFP-07.ZIP72332Nov 23 1989Reading For Pleasure (RFP) is an electronic journal with articles, shorts, book reviews and quotes. This issue, #7, deals with the traditional holiday subjects and more.
ROBFAQ.ZIP37013Feb 21 1993FAQ on Robots. Feb.93'.
ROBOCOPY.ZIP27513Sep 22 1990Program for decoding morse code from shortwave radio into English on your PC. Encludes information on magazine article for constructing simple interface.
ROCKS1.ZIP119721Mar 11 1990Rock collectors program, disk 1 of 3.
ROCKS2.ZIP54093Jan 9 1990Rock collecting program, disk 2 of 3.
ROCKS3.ZIP116273Feb 7 1990Rock collecting program, disk 3 of 3.
ROCV5.ZIP77427Oct 15 1988Analyze ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves) that one can derive from catagorical data.
ROO10.ZIP89598Feb 7 1992Simple yet entertaining way of teaching young children computer programming.
RPN30DOC.ZIP12979May 29 1990Documentation for RPN30EXE.ZIP--simulates HP scientific calculator.
RPN30EXE.ZIP47682May 30 1990Emulates HP calculator, many math, stats, and business functions.
RSA-1.ZIP53031Aug 16 1988RSA is an implementation for IBM-compatible microcomputers of the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman public-key cryptographic system.
RSC300.ZIP63245Mar 1 1993Resident Scientific Calculator, shareware from Russia.
RT20EGA.ZIP600961Mar 12 1992Russian Tutor, version 2.0.
RTP100.ZIP158363Nov 16 1988RTP is a terminal program written for the application layer of a packet radio station.
RULERTCH.ZIP61732Jun 15 1993Teaches People How To Use A Ruler.
RURODE.ZIP89129Oct 10 1988Ordinary Differential Equation Tutor - from the Univ. of Arizona Math Department.
RUSSTUTR.ZIP109818Jan 22 1989Russian language tutorial. Drills on verb conjugation, vocab, phrases.
SA87.ZIP104186Feb 26 1988SA is a program for performing Fourier and time series analysis.
SAGITTAR.ZIP17486Sep 27 1989Animated guide to the constellation Sagittarius: stars, galaxies, etc.
SAT5.ZIP53737Sep 17 1988Satellite dish locater program for antenna positioning.
SATFLY11.ZIP17130Apr 13 1989Calculate drag from Atmosphere on Satellites.
SATGEN-0.ZIP47994Jul 24 1991GM4IHJ's bulletins on satellites for TVRO and OSCAR.
SATHOW2.ZIP8494Oct 7 1989Text file telling howd to track a weather satellite, decode NOAA/Soviet meteorological satellite telemetry, and then perform Digital Image Processing of satellite pictures on your PC.
SATINTA.ZIP232788May 26 1994Satinit is a full featured program to display and report information about weather satellites. Operates both as a standalone and a BBS door.
SATPRACT.ZIP26976Dec 7 1987SAT Test practice [in BASIC].
SATTRAKA.ZIP80947Apr 19 1989Very good satelite tracker. Provides data on where satelites are.
SATVIEW.ZIP188860Jun 15 1991Demo of a nice display program for satellite images - can do GIF, too.
SCALAR1.ZIP20754Jun 12 1991Scalar wave theory on time and space.
SCANFREQ.ZIP180569Jun 16 1990Scanner Finder allows you to create a data base of radio frequencies for use with a scanner.
SCAN_311.ZIP249722Oct 30 1990Scanner frequency database and organizer.
SCAN_41A.ZIP70876Jul 12 1992SCANNER is an icon driven program to aid in locating specific frequencies and various topics accessible on scanners and multiband radios.
SCH-DRW2.ZIP69931Nov 6 1989SCH-DRW2 allows the user to create electrical schematics on the monitor, to save them to disk, and to print them.
SCHEM2.ZIP32558Nov 20 1990A useful schematic drawing program with a small IC database and user add on data base. Very good, excellent for the do-it-yourselfer.
SCHEMA.ZIP117520Feb 19 1986Working Schematic Demo Program.
SCHMON.ZIP156164Apr 3 1991Schoolmom. Learning game for children.
SCIAMER.ZIP91226Feb 17 1989Db index for scientific american from 73.
SCIEQS13.ZIP42285Aug 6 1989SCIEQS is a sophisticated scientific calculator using algebraic notation. Built-in functions include trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential, logarithmic, and roots.
SCIFAC12.ZIP148023Mar 11 1990Scientific calculator that will find factors. Very handy.
SCOGUIDE.ZIP5283Jun 21 1989Animated, and in color, guide to the constellation, Scorpius.
SCOPES.ZIP9016Jan 14 1989A discussion about rifle scopes. Text file.
SCULSCN.ZIP285733Feb 11 1994SKULL SCAN takes you on a journey through the human skull. It is a simulation of Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. Windows 3.1.
SDIG4.ZIP64706Aug 26 1992SMALLDIG 4. Get points from graph using digitizing tablet. Also gives areas. Partial Ftn and ASM source included.
SEESAT2X.ZIP57974Dec 5 1989SEESAT is a public domain tracking program for visual observation of earth satellites that uses NORAD's SGP4 orbital model. Includes complete C source code.
SEESPELL.ZIP33751Jun 13 1986Educational Program For Kids 2 To 10.
SEISINFO.ZIP37164Aug 30 1991Information about seismology.
SEND.ZIP4751Jul 2 1987Short and elegant Morse Code utility.
SFPAK3.ZIP434851Apr 30 1992Science Formula Processor for Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Conversions, Units, Quadratic, Vectors, Optics, Quantum, Relativity, Matrix Rotations, Formula's and Much More.
SFS0001.ZIP142511May 15 1989Space Flight Simulator - CGA/Herc/EGA/VGA.
SFSOO2.ZIP108708Aug 1 1989A Space Flight simulation program, good graphics, and very accurate. Very educational, and fun to play with.
SHAKAI.ZIP22076Jul 10 1988Earn Japanese in Hypertext.
SHAPES.ZIP298511Sep 25 1990A program which teaches shape and color identification using a colorful menu system designed for children. Each shape that is correctly identified combines with other shapes to make a picture then the picture becomes a min
SHARKS.ZIP34497May 10 1989Sharks is a Predator-Prey simulator that creates a graphic population model. EGA/VGA required.
SHIPS.ZIP14779Dec 27 1989"Ships-on-Coins" (and Medals!): A "Want List" for Collectors.
SHPLTR.ZIP47776Nov 3 1990Pre-K to K: Shapes, Colors, Sounds, Numbers, Face -- let's kids see an effect of pushing keys on keyboard.
SHRTWAVE.ZIP15242Jan 9 1986A shortwave frequencies listing, and various logging utilities.
SHUFFLE.ZIP105588Nov 9 1989A very well-done matching game, 5 levels (kid to master), supports all video cards and a mouse(optional). Come with three sets of objects and a demo of other stuff available.
SIGN51-1.ZIP103692Sep 5 1991Sign Friends 5.1 Sign language tutor. Part 1 of 3.
SIGN51-2.ZIP98920Jul 12 1991Sign Friends 5.1 Sign language tutor. Part 2 of 3.
SIGN51-3.ZIP105584Jul 20 1991Sign Friends 5.1 Sign language tutor. Part 3 of 3.
SIGNLANG.ZIP62937Aug 7 1989American Sign Language (ASL) tutorial. Written in BASIC, but clear.
SIGNON20.ZIP8386Jan 25 1989Sign-on Version 2.1. Displays a message with your name or call sign and then sounds your name or call sign in morse code.
SIGNRUN.ZIP228242Dec 28 1991SignMaster for Windows 3.0 is a tutor for sign language.
SILENT.ZIP11371Nov 7 1989This is a paper on the debate as to whether silent meditation in public schools is Constitutional.
SKEM10.ZIP111999Aug 11 1992SKEM is an easy to use (user friendly) schematic drawing program designed to provide the user with the ability to produce high quality printed schematic drawings.
SKILLS3A.ZIP238430Jan 4 1995GRADING SKILLS POWER 3.01 : Teacher-developed database designed for Outcome-Based Education (OBE). Printed reports of achieved skills can be used as an alternative or supplement to a regular gradebook program. From Wi
SKY.ZIP10412Oct 11 1985Neat Sky Viewer - See Constellations.
SKY121P.ZIP166075Sep 16 1989SKY - a planetarium simulator. Works with CGA, EGA, or VGA.
SKYEXTRA.ZIP108952Sep 14 1992Extra star data for SKYGL35.ZIP. Requires SKYGL35.ZIP.
SKYGLO36.ZIP361739Oct 15 1993A very good display of star fields from many cities, including the Baltimore/Washington area.
SKYMP21A.ZIP633162Jul 7 1994Version 2.1a of Sky Map an astronomical observatory for your PC 1/2.
SKYMP21B.ZIP642873Jun 30 1994Version 2.1b of Sky Map an astronomical observatory for your PC 2/2.
SKYPLOT.ZIP157446Oct 11 1987Simulate a planetarium. EGA/VGA required.
SLIM303.ZIP420375Oct 30 1993Slimmer Diet Program with calorie counter & food tables. Tracks weight, calories, chol, fat, prot, carboh, sodium, potass & fiber. Graphs Mono thru VGA. UnZip, then use GO to install. Shareware.
SLOGRO.ZIP55039Nov 26 1988SLOGRO fractal generation routines from Scientific America. Pascal src.
SM404.ZIP162490Apr 14 1993Super Morse - Morse code trainer now can use Sound Blaster Card. This is a new version (4) with bug fixes.
SMCALC.ZIP98382Nov 24 1986Scientific Math Calculator, will compute most common formulas and functions, including many conversions.
SNOWMAN.ZIP61855Dec 1 1988A graphical storybook for children about building a Snow Man.
SOLAR.ZIP10529Jun 19 1990A very complete glossary of solar-terrestrial terms.
SOLSYS.ZIP56754Jul 23 1989This program will create and simulate a solar system for you. Includes complete C source code.
SOLUTION.ZIP969068Feb 20 1994Solutions is a Windows mathemetical program. It works with algebraic numbers, matrices complex numbers, lists, strings and more. You can plot graphics, derivate equations step by step or in one operation.
SOLVE310.ZIP92254Dec 18 1989A circut analysis program. Handles resistance, capcitance, inductance series, and parallel.
SONSPOT.ZIP7354Feb 17 1992This is a ASCII file with sunspot numbers.
SOP9242A.ZIP275812Oct 14 1992Part 1 of 2 of a shareware program Space Shuttle Orbit simulation.
SOP9242B.ZIP166375Oct 14 1992Part 2 of 2 of a shareware program for Space Shuttle Orbit simulation.
SORT-OUT.ZIP60886Jul 1 1989A graphical comparison of numerous sort techniques (requires ega or vga).
SOTCALC.ZIP86500Mar 15 1993SOT-Calc v2.0 * The most feature-rich Windows calculator ever developed. Features robust Scientific, Business, Unit Conversion, and Statistics modules, plus: a new "tape file" feature, nearly 100 new functions, a special
SPACEFAQ.ZIP74237Feb 21 1993FAQ on Space. Lots of NASA source info. Feb.93'.
SPAN1-23.ZIP60447Mar 1 1989Bartorillo's Spanish Tutor V 2.3. Part 1 of 2.
SPAN18.ZIP43854Nov 26 1993Spanish language vocabulary flashcard program.
SPAN2-23.ZIP57776Mar 1 1989Bartorillo's Spanish Tutor V 2.3. Part 2 of 2.
SPANMATH.ZIP32789Jul 15 1991SpanMath v1.0 Spanish/English math tutor.
SPARKY.ZIP256337Apr 3 1993Excellent EGA children's game for learning arithmetic.
SPELLGA.ZIP142860Jan 1 1990A spelling game for kids 3 to 8 years old.
SPIA.ZIP151629Jul 31 1987Program to define and study waveforms - very good.
SPICE.ZIP364481Dec 18 1992Spice TR3e2bl is a 32-bit version of SPICE 3e2, a general-purpose circuit simulator for non-linear DC, non-linear transient, & linear AC analysis. Req. 386/486, 4 MB, VGA & Postscript. Shareware from Howard LeFevre.
SPNSH102.ZIP92127Feb 13 1992ULTIMATE SPANISH v1.02--Learn basic Spanish vocabulary and verb conjugation. Excellent for students or travelers.
SSFREQ.ZIP1777Aug 6 1989Frequencies listing for NASA and Space Shuttle. (TEXT).
SSIIM11.ZIP491902Oct 19 1993Sediment simulation in intakes with multiblock option. For use in River/Environmental/Hydraulic/Sedmintation Engineering. Requires OS/2 2.x.
SSTV2.ZIP59444Jan 16 1987A slow scan television program for HAM hackers.
STAR1089.ZIP5216Oct 12 1989This Oct 89 edition of STARGAZING NOTES is one of a monthly series.
STARAT.ZIP277942Feb 10 1990Statistical Analysis for the Researcher -- A package of Statistical Programs.
STARRY64.ZIP201296Oct 10 1991Astronomy program that shows night sky.
STARVIEW.ZIP29340Aug 3 1985Draws a map of stars/planets using CGA mode.
STATES.ZIP76981May 11 1989"ALL ABOUT THE STATES" is an educational learning game about our 50 states.
STATES20.ZIP56386Aug 22 1991Learning States and Capitals, version 2.0. Excellent tutorial for learning location and name of states and their capitals.
STATES25.ZIP118544Jun 6 1989Interesting information on all 50 major US states. Educational.
STATREGR.ZIP74143Apr 27 1990Very nice multiple linear regression statistics program.
STATZ13.ZIP50347Feb 7 1987STATZ is designed to do simple keyboard-entry statistics; it is menu-driven and easy to use. Quick Basic source is included.
STDYAID2.ZIP72842Aug 7 1988A great study aid that lets YOU add questions and answers to study with.
STORM5.ZIP156040Aug 4 1988Interesting hurricane tracking programs. Plot the path of hurricanes on your display, plots can also be printed out.
STRBLAST.ZIP51198Feb 17 1990Star Blaster is an educational math game that is an effective tool for kids from fourth grade on up.
STS-37.ZIP30692Apr 1 1991NASA Press kit for shuttle mission S-37. Includes details of the Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO).
STS-41.ZIP36330Oct 5 1990Press kit for Space Shuttle Mission 41 (Ulysses).
STS-42.ZIP64678Dec 30 1991NASA Press Kit for Space Shuttle mission STS-42. Primary payload is the International Microgravity Lab. (Included is black & white GIF of mission patch.).
STS-43.ZIP23830Jul 25 1991NASA Press Kit for Space Shuttle Mission 43.
STS-46.ZIP40403Jun 30 1992NASA Press Kit for Space Shuttle Mission STS-46 to be launched July, 1992. This mission will deploy the Tethered Satellite System and place EURECA in orbit.
STS-47.ZIP25664Aug 14 1992NASA Press kit for shuttle mission STS-47 to be launched Sept. '92 carrying Spacelab-J.
STS-49.ZIP41110Apr 21 1992NASA Press Kit for Space Shuttle Mission 49--Intelsat Rescue. (Included is black and white MAC format of mission patch.).
STS-50.ZIP54393Jun 11 1992NASA Press Kit for shuttle mission STS-50 (late June '92).
STS-51.ZIP53114Sep 13 1993NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-51, launched 9/12/93. Included is a .MAC format picture of the mission patch.
STS-52.ZIP59296Oct 6 1992NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-52 to be launched Oct. '92.
STS-53.ZIP21469Nov 5 1992NASA Press Kit for Space Shuttle Mission STS-53 to be launched Dec. 2, 1992. Primary payload is for the Dept. of Defense.
STS-54.ZIP27119Jan 11 1993NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-54. Primary payload is TDRS. Launch scheduled for January 13, 1993.
STS-55.ZIP39594Mar 9 1993NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-55. Payload is Spacelab D-2. Launch will be in March, 1993.
STS-58.ZIP208137Sep 13 1993NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-58. (Launch Oct. '93) Included is GIF of mission patch. This is a two week life sciences mission.
STS-61.ZIP30278Nov 15 1993NASA Press kit for space shuttle mission STS-61. This mission, scheduled to launch 12/1/93, is the first Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission. Five space walks will be performed to replace HST instruments and compone
STS-68.ZIP350565Oct 6 1994NASA Press Kit for Space Shuttle Mission STS-68 (launched Sept. 30, 1994).
STS32.ZIP29022Dec 5 1989Press release for the Christmas 89 flight of Columbia.
STS60PK.ZIP152595Feb 2 1994NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-60 (launched 2/3/94). This mission features the Wake Shield Facility and the first Russian cosmonaut to be launched by the U.S.
STSORBIT.ZIP108054May 6 1989Excellent program that tracks the Space Shuttle's Orbit.
STTNG-1.ZIP26837Apr 8 1989StarTrek Next Generation 1st year episodes.
STTNG-2.ZIP34500Apr 8 1989StarTrek New Generations-episodes 2 of 3.
STTNG-3.ZIP14263Apr 8 1989StarTrek New Generations-2nd season.
SUGREAD.ZIP14069Dec 6 1989Suggested reading for COIN COLLECTORS. Especially useful for BEGINNERS (e.g., Boy Scout working on Merit Badge, etc.). Includes commentary on each reference.
SUNCLOCK.ZIP67675Mar 26 1991Sun clock for DOS with C source.
SUPCNBIB.ZIP62448Apr 9 1989General bibliography of books and articles on superconductivity.
SUPERCVS.ZIP59989Aug 6 1988A comprehensive conversion system. It will convert to and from most units of measurement.
SURF1311.ZIP90311Dec 4 1987SURMODL Ver 1.31 solid modeling. Program 1 of 3. Includes TP source.
SURF1312.ZIP112816Dec 7 1987SURMODL Ver 1.31 solid modeling. Program 2 of 3. Includes TP source.
SURF1313.ZIP179501Dec 7 1987SURMODL Ver 1.31 solid modeling. Program 3 of 3. Includes TP source.
SURF5D.ZIP100631Dec 10 19883-Dimensional Surface Plotting f(x,y,z) in TP5.
SURF87.ZIP6939May 1 1987Nice wave generator for use w/ a 8087 processor.
SURFACE.ZIP104943Sep 23 1987Graphic surface modeler, interesting.
SURFM201.ZIP215344Mar 3 1989Surface modelling version 2 part 1.
SURFM203.ZIP125716Mar 3 1989Surface modelling version 2 part 3.
SW-CLUBS.ZIP2165Mar 19 1991Listing of short wave listeners clubs nationwide.
SWBC01.ZIP4487Nov 9 1990Collection of short wave radio frequencies around the world.
SWL-0991.ZIP8939Sep 19 1991A list of Short-wave broadcasts in English, 9/91.
SWRADIO4.ZIP27033Oct 15 1993Build a shortwave receiver for as little as $5.00. Also other files of interest to SW listeners. This is the latest (10/15/93) update. All the info you need, including schematics, parts sources, etc., is here.
TANNIN.ZIP77421Nov 30 1988Hypertext on tannin and strengths.
TART10.ZIP72524Jul 17 1988A traffic accident reconstruction tool (TART) program for people who allready are familiar with the standard equations and terms used in the field.
TBRL253.ZIP75656Aug 20 1990Turbo Braille is a computer program which is designed to produce Grade II English Braille.
TCHRAVG9.ZIP2933May 28 1992New teacher grade averaging program, including single keystroke entry, error correction, and variable letter grade breakpoints.
TDBV830.ZIP133845Oct 4 1987Student seating and grading database for teachers.
TDD.ZIP23603Apr 18 1985Lets IBM jrs and TRS-80's to act as teletypes for the deaf.
TDT110.ZIP166728May 1 1991The Personal Test Development Toolkit allows you to create and take tests on a PC. It features pull down menus, mouse support, short-cut hot keys, a full-featured editor, on-line context sensitive help, print spooler and
TEACAIDE.ZIP68288Sep 23 1988Teacher's aids package.
TEACH1.ZIP346161Nov 6 1992Teaching program for children using sound board. Part 1 of 2.
TEACH2.ZIP352218Nov 6 1992Teaching program for children using sound board. Part 2 of 2.
TEACHFR.ZIP112661Jul 2 1992The Ultimate Language Tutor was designed to help you learn words from foreign languages like Spanish, French and German through quizzing.
TEST.ZIP98550Nov 29 1988Excellent study aid for students. Creates multiple choice study question.
TESTGEN.ZIP41055May 27 1991Creates, maintains, and randomly prints database of multiple choice questions.
TESTWRT2.ZIP68608Feb 17 1989A quasi-word processor that assists in writing tests or exams.
THAILAND.ZIP69369Dec 13 1989Three Text files About Thailand.
THELAW1.ZIP57161Sep 30 1988Some interesting information for potential lawyers. Explains some legal terms and process's.
TIDES.ZIP135734Jun 23 1988Predicts tide strength. Quite interesting.
TIMETRAV.ZIP41993Nov 20 1985Adventure Maze that teaches American History.
TIMEZONE.ZIP51438Jan 9 1988Very nice world display marked by timezones (like GEOCLOCK) but uses text mode. Will run on any monitor..
TLPR12.ZIP97100Mar 4 1994TelePrompter 1.2. If you have a video camera you will absolutely love this software.
TPL.ZIP72665Apr 23 1988NBS/DES+ file encryption/decryption menu driven easy to use.
TPNCALC.ZIP46254Sep 4 1984A medical file. Used to calculate additives in a Total Parenteral Solution infusion. Good for pharmacists.
TRACKER1.ZIP174185Jun 1 1989Tracker is a complete Tropical Cyclone Database and Mapping system. Tracker plots cyclone data on maps that you create with MAPPER, a special mapping program. Part 1 of 2.
TRACKER2.ZIP172078Jun 1 1989Hurricane Tracker. Part 2 of 2. Documentation.
TRACKER4.ZIP51503Jul 26 1994Display a few of the features on Jupiters southern hemisphere as seen from Earth. Including the SL-9 impact sites.
TRAK270.ZIP324261Jun 7 1991Satellite Tracking program 2.70. Includes many observation stations and satellites.
TRAN.ZIP33679Sep 10 1988An excellent PC text-to-speech program. ASCII files to speaker.
TRANS13.ZIP56169Aug 3 1987Trans 1.3 can translate a document from one language to another. The program comes with an English to Spanish translation file, but you can easily create your own language translation files.
TRANSLTR.ZIP113959Jun 15 1991English -> Spanish -> English translator. Of limited usefulness.
TRD100.ZIP313720Aug 9 1994Family tree - geneology program for Windows.
TRICALC.ZIP19335May 15 1988Scientific Calculator.
TRIGON.ZIP90070Oct 29 1991VGA Trigonometry Fundamentals, version 1.1.
TRUTH.ZIP20878Jul 16 1989Prints Truth Tables from Boolean Operations!.
TTALK120.ZIP337255Aug 5 1992TINYTALK V1.20. A powerful screen reader for blind users. This version adds an independent audio cursor, user-defined punctuation pronunciation, and much more.
TTT50.ZIP53364Apr 26 1993Touch Typing Tutor version 5.0 much improved with logging, testing, and more customizable options.
TUFSPELL.ZIP152198Sep 23 1993Spelling tutor; grade7 to adult.
TUNE-IN.ZIP81127Aug 9 1993Scanner Radio Frequency Database system for scanner listeners. Print convenient pocket sized cards or full size reports of all you scanner frequencies.
TUNES300.ZIP151276Dec 29 1993Tunes 3.00 enhances traditional guitar and piano music theory with an entertaining new audio/visual approach. Display, print & edit chord & scale diagrams. Shareware ($15) from Jeffrey Dmochowski.
TURING.ZIP33969Sep 18 1989A simple Turing Machine. Useful for experimentation.
TUT.ZIP27097Dec 10 1984Fun and challenging history tutor for students.
TUTSIM.ZIP21256Feb 20 1989Analog simulation modeling program.
TW20.ZIP313603Dec 3 1990TutorialWriter is an Educator's Toolkit for Computer Assisted Instruction. Simple Commands placed in a Text file allow the non-programmer to create Tutorials.
TYPEEN52.ZIP88358Dec 7 1993GREAT course in TOUCH TYPING (v5.20). For novices AND for advanced typists. Exercises with separate characters, words and sentences, if desired with your OWN external ASCII files.
TYPING26.ZIP15806Dec 8 1993Typing Tutor for smaller children.
UC20.ZIP85796Apr 13 1992Universal Converter 2.00 gives you over 600 standard and not so standard calculations at you fingertips from a menu of 85 catagories. U.S. lengths, liquid, weight, temperatures, plus musical freqs, fractions, etc, etc.
UCALC28.ZIP98803Mar 13 1995Ucalc is a high precision scientific calculator which can evaluate expressions, solve equations, perform numerical integrations, and summations.
UFIXIT.ZIP106166Jul 17 1991Inexpensive and safe way to learn how to troubleshoot electrronic circuits. Includes a simulated two-stage audio amplifier.
ULABEL.ZIP30241Aug 11 1987Converts between many differnt kinds of measurements - Tempature-etc.
ULTRAFAQ.ZIP5328Feb 21 1993FAQ on Ultralight airplanes (handgliders w/ motors). Oct.92'.
UMAGUIDE.ZIP15734Jun 21 1989Color, animated guide to the constellation Ursa Major.
UNIT.ZIP30243Aug 11 1987Conversion program for just about any unit of measurement.
UNITS-UA.ZIP118787Dec 23 1990Nice menu-driven utility for converting between various measurements of volume, length, energy, speed, even spice. From the University of Arizona.
UNITS.ZIP105845Jan 25 1988Conversion for varied measurements.
UNITSZIP.ZIP105246Mar 31 1989A units conversion program.
USA_GEO.ZIP130430Feb 13 1992ULTIMATE GEOGRAPHY v1.02--a complete USA geography teacher and tester. Learn states, capitals and trivia.
VBUILD10.ZIP120136Oct 18 1992Vocabulary Builder - Contains 1900 multiple choice questions. A good study aid for the SAT or GRE exams.
VCRP11.ZIP39145Jan 22 1993Encode/decode VCR Plus codes found in TV Guide. Includes C source code.
VCTCLC10.ZIP30367Sep 19 1989Simple, yet effective vector calculator. Great for students.
VERNIER.ZIP56631Jul 1 1993Teaches People How To Read A Vernier Caliper.
VERSAMAP.ZIP265269Sep 21 1991Generate world wide maps with variable levels of detail.
VGENE5.ZIP102980Apr 3 1993Visual Genealogy. Allows you to view your genealogy from 3 viewpoints-your ancestors, your descendants, and your personal data. Has the general feel of a Mac or Windows application, but without graphics.
VITALITY.ZIP27752Oct 7 1991Cardiovascular risk assessment and diet analyzer.
VITAMIN.ZIP13456Jul 1 1988A description of vitamins, uses, and sources.
VOCAB.ZIP15164Dec 22 1985Increase your vocabulary -- French.
VOCAB10.ZIP53689Jun 23 1990Vocabulary tutor. Helps tutor for the SAT's.
VOCAB20.ZIP115514Jun 12 1992Vocabulary builder version 2.0.
VOCABP2E.ZIP144860Nov 22 1994VOCABULARY POWER 2.15 : Automatically create matching and multiple choice quizzes, word searches, cryptolists, vocabulary bingo cards, flash cards, and word juggles from your words and clues. Supports foreign language
VOCP10.ZIP61061Jul 17 1991"Vocabulary Primer" for grades 9-12.
VOCP11.ZIP62160Jul 27 1991Vocabulary development and improvement system.
VOCROOTS.ZIP156220Sep 23 1993Vocabulary builder : grade 7 to adult.
VORTEX1.ZIP433933Nov 7 1995Vortex machine assisted reading program, shareware/demo version. Very good for learning to increase your reading speed. Requires Win 3.x. 386 or better to ensure accurate timing.
W9ZRX89.ZIP336805Oct 15 1989The W9ZRX Linked PBBS List for HAM radio operators.
WARMAP.ZIP27598Dec 9 1990A graphical map of the Middle East. Looks great under VGA.
WATOR.ZIP28186Feb 25 1985This is an interesting 'variation' on the game of "Life". You decide the makeup of a universe that consists of sharks and fish.
WBOOK1.ZIP128053Mar 14 1991Five colorful fun learning games for kids 3 to 10.
WDBDISK1.ZIP224918Aug 3 1986Part 1 of 5 World Map CIA data base.
WDBDISK2.ZIP216490Jun 15 1986Part 2 of 5 World Map CIA data base.
WDBDISK3.ZIP228217Jun 15 1986Part 3 of 5 World Map CIA data base.
WDBDISK4.ZIP247672Jul 1 1986Part 4 of 5 World Map CIA data base.
WDBDISK5.ZIP129441Aug 3 1986Disk 5 of the World Data Bank map database.
WDPUZ1.ZIP81248Jan 15 199312 rebus word puzzles. Only the intelligent need try. If you get more than 8 right, consider MENSA. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered.
WDPUZ2.ZIP95540Jan 23 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ3.ZIP98040Jan 23 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ4.ZIP93732Jan 30 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ5.ZIP84422Jan 30 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ6.ZIP96303Jan 30 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ7.ZIP87094Jan 30 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ8.ZIP82161Jan 30 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WDPUZ9.ZIP87251Jan 30 199312 rebus word puzzles. All are in .GIF format so a viewer with zoom is prefered. They should print out to one page. Only the intelligent.
WHATSUP5.ZIP94843Sep 26 1990WHATS-UP, version 0.4, allows you to capture, decode, display and extract for analysis telemetry from the Digital Voice Encoder (DOVE) OSCAR 17, Fuji-OSCAR 20 spacecraft.
WHIZQUIZ.ZIP161845Sep 16 1989WhizQuiz 6.0 is an easy to use multiple choice test program. It allows the user to create tests. Should be useful for teachers.
WINDCHIL.ZIP20694Dec 18 1990Simple wind chill calculator. Includes C source.
WINE.ZIP113940Sep 28 1989This is an expert system shell developed by NASA. Included are rules for choosing wines or playing tic tac toe.
WINFIT96.ZIP60722Sep 9 1992A general purpose Non Linear Weighted Least Squares Fitting program for Windows.
WINTIDE.ZIP17328Mar 21 1991WinTide is a linear tide clock for Windows 3.0 that let's you estimate the present or predicted relative tide height, and the times of the next corresponding high and low tides.
WIZQUIZ.ZIP38359Jan 1 1980A elementary school mathematics exerciser for child and parent to work t.
WM110.ZIP140887Oct 7 1994WinMatrix v1.10 Softw'r for linear algebra computation Matrix computation with an easy to use Windows 3.1 interface.
WMOMENT.ZIP6791Apr 26 1994Calculate Moment of Inertia of composite shapes in Windows. Need VBRUN300.DLL.
WORDGALL.ZIP326912Jan 19 1992Word Gallery - Children's Educational Shareware - Spelling, etc.
WORDHIDE.ZIP38942Aug 8 1989WordHide is a word game that will take a list of up to 20 words that you provide and hide them in an unpredictable square of random letters. Useful educational tool.
WORDMS.ZIP171037Apr 10 1991Vocabulary building program.
WORDS12.ZIP198115Apr 2 1990Vocabulary database/Vocabulary builder. Improve your eloquence.
WORDUSE.ZIP162586Sep 23 1993Word use skills tutor; grade 7 to adult.
WORDY2.ZIP284419May 17 1993Educational word construction game, of special interest to Scrabble (tm) players. This is much improved & updated version. Uses 94,000 word dictionary to check entries.
WORLD297.ZIP166211Jun 13 1989An Excellent Geography Program of the World with many features like map zoom, calculates distances, and shows traks of hurricanes. Version 29.
WORLDCD.ZIP48147Apr 17 1989WCD, The World City Distance Computer, is designed to provide distance and travel time information between over 400 different world cities, including most major US cities.
WRDALIVE.ZIP329993Apr 18 1993Speaking animated word game - learn spelling, typing and telling time.
WRLDINFO.ZIP73655Jan 23 1991World Info (v1.0) world maps, data, and quiz. Very interesting.
WRLDTIME.ZIP53003Jan 9 1988Terra*Time is a program which tracks and displays the local time in as many as 44 cities all around the globe. Terra*Time accounts not only for time zone effects but also for daylight savings time at each city.
WX60.ZIP58469Jul 21 1990A very accurate weather predicter. Includes Basic source.
WXRDR3.ZIP122907Mar 3 1989Weather Radar Graphics - Version 3.
WXVIEW.ZIP172611Apr 7 1993Allows you to view data that you download from weather services such as DUAT or Weathermation. Very nice, for a demo program. The Zoom feature on this program is also good.
WYEAST.ZIP7103Oct 31 1992Characteristics of various yeast strains. Beer making info.
WYNFLAG.ZIP272003Jul 1 1991WYNDWARE Flags of the world (and US) including over 200 flags and data on each country.
X10EC102.ZIP271451Jan 7 1994X10 Home Control Events Pgm for CP-290.
X10FAQ.ZIP21987Jun 7 1994Frequently asked questions about the X10 remote control system. Describes various components of the system, sources of supply, etc. Contains information about programming the CP-290 controller.
X10XA200.ZIP132460Oct 16 1993Send X10 commands from command line or from script file.
X10_TSR.ZIP31397Aug 3 1991TSR program to control X-10 modules.
XACT.ZIP181114May 8 1990PC Emulated versions of the Hewlett-Packard 11C, 12C and 16C calculators. Mapping of the keyboards are given with each calculator display.
XS-BEGIN.ZIP2818Jun 27 1994Cross Stitch Fabric Preperation, Needle Selection and "Making the 'X'".
XS-FRACT.ZIP1478Jun 27 1994How to Create Fractional Cross Stitches.
XS-ODDS.ZIP2987Jun 28 1994Corss Stitch Odds n' Ends in Floss, Silks, and Signing.
XYSEE30A.ZIP141634Nov 6 1992XYSee v3.0A - useful tool for learning & reinforcing Mathematics skills in such areas as Algebra & Trigonometry.
YAESSCHM.ZIP955Apr 16 1989Schematic for control of YAESU radios for RS-232 intreface/control.
YAGICA.ZIP110872Jun 23 1991A fantastic CAD program for designing Yagi antennas for Amateur Radio use. Includes a module to plot radiation pattern for any type of yagi just by entering data about it. Features: can max or min gain, F/B ratio, boom lgt
YAPP.ZIP40566Dec 18 1986Yapp Ver 1.1 protocol for packet Radio binary file transfer.
YOGI.ZIP227691Apr 15 1991For kids - Yogi the Bear romps through math games - EGA/VGA. Great!
YP150A.ZIP42502Feb 12 1994Young Piccasso v1.5a childrens drawing game.
ZOO.ZIP109084Mar 8 1992Electric Crayon goes to the Zoo, great game for 4 year olds and up.
ZPELL200.ZIP225167Apr 12 1992Improve spelling and vocabulary skills with this online tutorial.
ZPELR200.ZIP227197Apr 12 1992Zpeller 2.00 Spelling & Vocabulary Teacher. Handles up to 19 students, student enters correct spelling & definitions of up to 32000 words. Seven types of tests, tracks wrong answers for immediate re-test, test for problem