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Central air conditioning system trouble shooting program.
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Central air conditioning system trouble shooting program.
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Contents of the CENTALEX.DOC file


CENTALEX is actually two programs, CENTRAL and ALEX, running
concurrently. Function key F1 toggles from one to the other.

CENTRAL is a menu driven, graphics oriented central air
conditioning system troubleshooting practice program. Pressing * at
the opening screen will enable the user to select from a list of 25
faults for diagnosis. Pressing any other key will cause the computer
to select from the same faults list at random.

ALEX is a simple expert system capable of diagnosing the air
conditioner faults in CENTRAL. ALEX makes statements which the
troubleshooting technician identifies as true or false based on
observations and measurements in CENTRAL. By following the logic
ALEX uses in narrowing in on the fault, the novice gains insight into
how faults may be rapidly diagnosed. Pressing ESC will cause ALEX
to restart from his initial greeting.

To exit the program before completion, press ESC while ALEX is on
screen until the DOS prompt appears.

NOTE: CENTRAL.SIM and AIRCON.EXP must be on the logged drive when
CENTALEX is run. CENTRAL.SIM is the screen image file used by
CENTRAL and AIRCON.EXP is the rules file used by ALEX.

CENTALEX, CENTRAL and ALEX were developed and placed
in the public domain by:

Robert A. Plett
Route One, Box 203A
Inola, Okla. 74036

Inquiries may be sent to the author at the above address
or at:

Tulsa Junior College
Northeast Campus
Science & Engineering Dept.
Air Conditioning & Heating Technology Program
3727 East Apache
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115-3101

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