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Simple Math Calculator. Supports most common function and operators.
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Simple Math Calculator. Supports most common function and operators.
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Contents of the CALC10S.DOC file

Command Line Calculator
Shareware Version

Copyright (C) 1990, Avis-Hill, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This is a SHAREWARE product. This means that you may try it, make
copies for friends, upload it onto bulletin boards, and distribute
it to user group libraries. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS FREE!
Avis-Hill, Inc. intends to continue developing our calculator
products and making them available for very low cost. To do this,
we need your help. After trying the shareware version of CALC 10S,
register the product and receive the full extended function version
for $15.00 plus shipping. It's a deal!

The non-shareware version (CALC 10CL) includes full ANSI C source
code. You can use this as a model for including mathematical
expression parsing in programs that you develop. It also includes
the following functions which are not available in the command line

ABS Absolute value
ACOS Arccosine
ALOG Antilogarithm (base 10)
ASIN Arcsine
ATAN Arctangent
COS Cosine
COSH Hyperbolic cosine
DEG Radian to degree conversion
EXP Antilogarithm (base e)
LN Natural logarithm
LOG Logarithm (base 10)
RAD Degree to radian conversion
SIN Sine
SINH Hyperbolic Sine
SQ Squaring function
SQRT Square root
TAN Tangent
TANH Hyperbolic tangent

More features will be continually added.

Using CALC 10S

Expressions to be evaluated are entered on the command line in
algebraic form. Valid operations include:

+ Add
- Subtract
* Multiply
/ Divide
^ Raise to a power

Parentheses can also be used to group expressions. A typical
execution of CALC 10S might be:

CALC (2.49+1.08E-3)*4/(3.1E+2-4.09)

CALC 10S responds:

Expression: (2.49+1.08E-3)*4/(3.1E+2-4.09)
Result: 0.0325727174659214

Notice that exponents can be used in numbers. 1.08E-3 means
1.08 x 10^(-3)

Order of operations.

CALC 10S follows strict procedures for evaluating expressions. '^'
operations are evaluated first. Unary minus (a negative sign on an
expression) is evaluated next. Multiplication and Division are then
evaluated. If there are multiply '*' and '/' operations in
succession, these are evaluated left to right. Next, addition and
subtraction are evaluated left to right.

You can change the order of evaluation by adding parentheses around
expressions which you want to be evaluated first. CALC 10S sees
'()', '[]', and '{}' as equivalent.


1/2*3 Evaluates as (1/2)*3 = 1.5
1/(2*3) Evaluates as 1/6
1+2*3 Evaluates as 1+(2*3) = 7
-1+2 Evaluates as (-1)+2 = 1
2^1/2 Evaluates as (2^1)/2 = 1
2^(1/2) Evaluates as the square root of 2


Numbers may include a mantissa and an exponent. The mantissa can include an initial minus sign ('-') if it is negative, digits and
a decimal point. Mantissas are what we usually call ordinary
decimal numbers such as 3.1416, 2.71, and -1.414.

Very large and very small numbers can be expressed by adding an
exponent. To add an exponent to a mantissa, follow it immediately
by a letter 'E' and then the signed value of the exponent. A
negative exponent means the decimal point should be evaluated to
left of its position in the mantissa, and a positive exponent means
the decimal point will be evaluated to the right of its position in
the mantissa. The number of places to move is given by the number
specified for the exponent.


1.14E+4 means 11400
1.14E-4 means 0.000114
-2.414E0 means -2.414 (here the exponent is not
-8.9E+27 means -8900000000000000000000000000


You will get various errors if you attempt to do undefined
operations such as dividing by 0 (CALC 1/0) or taking the square
root of a negative number (CALC (-1)^(1/2)).
Registration Form

Send To: Avis-Hill, Inc.
7131 Owensmouth Avenue Suite A69
Canoga Park, Ca 91303

Or Call: (805) 259-6943 for phone orders.

Upon registering CALC10S, you will receive at no extra charge a
copy of extended function CALC10CL, including full source code.

Your Name: ___________________________________
Company: ___________________________________
Address: ___________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Site License Fees:

Number Price Each

1 $15.00
2-9 $12.00
10-49 $9.00
50-199 $8.00
200+ Flat fee of $1600.00

US: $4.00
Canada: $5.00
Other: $12.00

Number of installations: _____ at $_____ each = $________
Shipping ....................................... $________
California residents add 6.25% sales tax ....... $________

Total .......................................... $________

Payment Method: COD ___ Check Enclosed ___
MasterCard ___ Visa ___

Credit Card must complete the following:

Card Number __________________________________ Exp. Date ________

Name on card: ___________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________

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