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Visual simulation of warping which occurs near a black hole.
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Visual simulation of warping which occurs near a black hole.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The General Theory of Relativity - Visualized!

These two programs, checker and gravlens, will display the appearance
of the visual distortion caused by a black hole. The calculations
of the angle of deflection by the light beam are accomplished by an
equation published in Algorithm, vol 4.2, page 16, by James C. Wilcox.
I then did a little elementry ray tracing and produced an image distorted
by those angles of deflection.

The calculations and image require a fairly fast machine unless you want
to let your computer run all night. But even then it is worth it!

Please feel free to improve the code (included), add other images,
whatever. Just send me a copy of your improvements! You can reach me
on GEnie as M.Chesney.

The code was generated using Turbo C++. If you own that compiler you
can monkey with it by making a project and including the file egavga.obj
with either checker or gravlens. Happy coding!

Murphy A. Chesney, III
7446 Myrtle Tr
San Antonio, TX 78244
(210) 662-0458

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