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Typing Tutor for smaller children.

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Typing program for smaller children. They
can't hurt anything with this. Mono/Color

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Typing Tutor for smaller children.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Typing program for smaller children. They
can't hurt anything with this. Mono/Color
Version 1.0. First public release of program.

Version 2.0. Built in a timer routine to force the program to run
the same on all types of computers. When I upgraded to a 386/33
computer I discovered that a lot of things in the program were a
little too fast! I added a screen for credits and while it is
being displayed (the wait) the program checks the time and creates
a delay value that is used later in the program.

Version 2.10. Discovered a display error with long user's names. I
tested it with the default values and it was okay. My grandson
ran it and boy was it messed up. Also did some work on the typing

Version 2.20. Purchased the new Borland Pascal programming package
and found that they did something with the delay command. I found
that 2.10 ran real s-l-o-w on my machine (386/33). So I removed the
routines that I wrote for the delays and used only Turbo Pascal's
delays. If anyone has any problems with this on slower machines
please let me know. It is my hopes that it runs about the same speed
on all systems considering the variances in display speed, processing
speed, etc.

Version 2.30. Did some more adjustments on displays (some now have more
colors), timing loops, key sounds, etc. This is more a maintenance
release than anything else. Also changed the command line input so that
it is no longer converted to uppercase. I had removed the spaces I added
to the names and forgot to update the .DOC file. As I did this is I
thought it better that the names were left as the user typed them in.
Now if the user wanted their name in upper case that is okay to. The
program does not change the case. I have tried to make it more enjoyable
for small children.

Version 2.40. Made the border flash every five (5) seconds of inactivity
while waiting for the user to respond. I thought this would look better
than the screen just sitting there and might encourage activity or even
to create something to just watch. (grin)

Version 2.41. Changed the way the program prints the user's input. Made
the program not make a click sound on a space unless it was followed by
another space. This was to insure that if a user typed in a bunch of
spaces that it would still click, but on a single space the program would
be silent making the playback sound more like a typewriter.

This was an upgrade after 2.40 was already released and too late to add
it at that time. This is sort of an in between release.

Version 2.5 minor internal program updates. If a user pressed the return
key as the program started there would be a tone when the program reached
the main screen. I have changed the program to prevent this from
happening. Documentation has changed as well as the contents of the actual

Version 2.6. Some display changes in an attempt to make the program more
pleasing to young users. Changes are mostly in colors and blinking text.
I think it looks better with this release.

James Huckabey
3621-A Fraser Street
Bellingham, WA 98226-2473 U.S.A.
(206) 671-2868 (voice)

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