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Helps to determine Latitude and Longitude when working with maps.
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Helps to determine Latitude and Longitude when working with maps.
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Contents of the LOCATOR.DOC file

Map Coordinate Locator

The operation of Locator.exe should be more or
less self-explanatory. The user is prompted for the
following input:

Longitude East: This is from the right-hand margin of the map.
Longitude West: This from the left-hand margin of the map
North Latitude: Top of the map.
South Latitude: Bottom of the map.
Width: Width of the map in mm (this eliminates the need for
inputing a decimal point).
Height: From bottom to top of map.
Location: Whatever identifier you choose (up to 20 letters).
Distance from
South margin: Distance from page bottom in mm to location.
Distance from
East margin: Distance in mm from location to right hand margin of map.

This program was written because I found it a terrfic pain in the neck
to constantly have to do these calculations manually from maps of all
different types, and scales, for input into various programs. I hope it
will be very useful for anyone using Astronomy, Satellite, DX terminator-line,
programs or anything else that requires you know exactly "where you are at."
There are no begging screens attached to the program or any guilt trips
included. If you find it useful and want to support further development.
Send me a check for $15. If you want the source code to include in one of your
applications send me $25. That's it.
Locator was written in Turbo C Version 2.0. I can be reached with
questions, comments or curses on Compuserve, ID# 73310,3066.
Have fun:

Charles Drago
Accurate Information
RD # 1 Box 148
Greenwich, New York

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