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Vocabulary tutor. Helps tutor for the SAT's.
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Vocabulary tutor. Helps tutor for the SAT’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEMO100.VDF 10671 4918 deflated
JUNIOR25.VDF 2665 1328 deflated
ORDER.DOC 1843 501 deflated
README.1ST 630 352 deflated
VOCAB.DOC 16984 5707 deflated
VOCAB.EXE 64022 36715 deflated

Download File VOCAB10.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

Just in case you are worried about viruses, the original files have the
following sizes and dates:

VOCAB DOC 16984 6-20-90 12:01a
VOCAB EXE 64022 6-23-90 11:44p
ORDER DOC 1843 6-21-90 9:14p
JUNIOR25 VDF 2665 6-20-90 12:01a
DEMO100 VDF 10671 6-20-90 12:01a

If your extracted files are different, then they may have been
corrupted. Please do not use them and notify me.

Yong Choe
P.O. Box 3302
Glendale, CA 91221


CompuServe ID: 76257,3416

Thank you for your support!

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