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Good program on presidents, very educational.
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Good program on presidents, very educational.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


Place disk either in Drive A or Drive B. At the prompt type Pres
. The program will load and create two index files (the index
files are created only once). Once loaded you will see the first
record in the database George Washington.

To begin your search touch the F key. The prompt is positioned at
presidential ranking.

To get to know this program and what it can do, enter the number
sixteen (16) and touch the PgDn key. The screen should show
Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States.
You can also find on last name of the president.

To go between the screens enter the screen number. The screens
contain the following information:

Screen 1 - Presidential Information.
Screen 2 - First Lady Information and President's parents,
Screen 3 - Election Data and Vice President Information.
Screen 4 thru 6 - Members of the president's cabinet.
Screen 7 - Message Screen - Author's name.

You can search on any data element. The F(ind) feature gets you
to the record a little faster. As mentioned earlier you can
F(ind) on either the president's ranking (1 thru 40) or by the
president's last name. Spelling counts, but if you don't know how
to spell Thomas Jefferson's last name, just enter a J. The pro-
gram will go to the first record containing the letter J. The
same is true for Harrison, Hays, Hoover, Harding, and Harrison.

Let's try another search. We'll search on the president's wife
name. At the prompt type 2. You should be at Screen 2. The only
way you can conduct this search, is to enter the letter M(asking)
at the prompt. Touch the enter key several times until you are at
the element call "Wife's Name." Type in the following name Smith
and touch the PgDn key. The program is now searching for the name

The system found three records with the last name of "Smith." To
see each record enter N(ext) at the prompt to go to the next
record and the next, etc.

You should always return to return to Screen 1. At the prompt,
type M(asking) again and it will exit you from the masking fea-
ture. The masking feature is very handy to search on the presi-
dent's birth month, his state, his party, cabinet members, etc.

While masking, you can have the system count the records based on
your search criteria. At the prompt type F(ind) and type the
number 1 at presidential ranking and touch PgDn. The screen is
displaying data facts on Washington.

At the prompt type M(asking) and conduct a search on presidential
party. You need to cursor down by touching the enter key. At the
party element type Democrat and touch the PgDn key. The program
will go to the very first president who was a Democrat (President
Jackson). To count how many presidents belong to the Democratic
Party, enter C(ount) at the prompt. The system will count and
flash quickly the number 13 at the right hand corner of the moni-
tor. This is fast so pay attention.

Anytime you want to see the next record or the previous record,
type P(revious) or N(ext). Begin at the first record, George
Washington, and type N at the prompt for the next record. The
same is true if you wanted to review the previous record type P.

At the prompt enter N for next record.
At the prompt enter P for prior record.
At the prompt enter T to go to top of file.
At the prompt enter B to go to bottom of the file.
At the prompt enter C to count records (need to map first).
At the prompt enter M to mask.
At the prompt enter F to Find a record.
At the prompt enter ? for the help menu.
(Disregard the ESCape key to exit program.)
At the prompt enter Q to quit and return to DOS.

In closing, remember to touch the PgDn key to conduct searches.
The enter key to tab to the next data element. And the number 8 on
the key pad to go back a data element.

Please send $10 to:

Ed Bogdan
448 West Maple Road
Linthicum, MD 21090

Let me know what improvements you would like to see.

This program is Copyrighted.

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