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Excellent study aid for students. Creates multiple choice study question.
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Excellent study aid for students. Creates multiple choice study question.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Version 1.0
Copyright 1988 (c), William Shipley

This program is distributed as shareware. It may be freely copied and
distributed as long as this READ.ME file is included. If you find the program
useful, you may send $10 to

William Shipley
798 Blenheim Ct.
Severna Park, Md. 21146

Please include suggestions for future upgrades.

This program is intended to be a study aid, particularly for students who
have a problem studying on their own. Once the questions and answers are
entered, the computer can provide the student with a structured approach to
learning the given set of facts. Typically, the student could first take a
multiple choice test which is relatively easy. Next the question and answer
test could be taken, followed by additional question and answer tests on
incorrect responses until all answers have been given correctly. Details on
the use of the program follow.

Copy all of the files onto a floppy disk or into a single sub-directory
on a hard disk. Change to the appropriate disk and sub-directory before
executing the file TEST.EXE.

You can create a number of separate test databases. Select CREATE TEST
from the MAIN MENU to create a new test. Databases are created by providing
any number of questions and answers (up to 160 characters each). Questions
can be in any form that you want - they can be straight questions, fill in the
blanks, or math problems. Word wrap is not automatic so add spaces at the end
of the first line of an entry if necessary. When you are finished entering
test data, just press return on question and answer without entering data.

The completed database can be reviewed by selecting REVIEW from the MAIN
MENU. Questions and answers can be edited during the review by pressing ^E at
the "Press any key to continue" prompt. You can delete the question by
answering the "Delete this question ?" prompt with a "Y". If you answer "N",
you can edit the question and answer. Press return after you are finished
editing each one. You can abort the review at any "continue" prompt by
pressing ESC. At the end of the review you have the opportunity to add
additional questions.

The test database in use can be changed by using the SELECT TEST option
on the MAIN MENU. When prompted for a test name, you may see all the test
files by entering a "?". Do not include the .DBF extender when entering a test
name. The REF.DBF file is a template only and does not contain any data.

Multiple choice tests are given by providing four possible answers to each
question. The three answers given in addition to the correct one are selected
from the remaining answers in the database. You can abort the test by
pressing ESC at any "continue" prompt.

Question and answer tests provide questions in random order and show a
highlighted area for the answer. The answers are checked for an exact match
except that case is ignored. If you disagree with the computer when it says
"INCORRECT", press ^C and you will be given credit for a correct answer. After
you complete the test, you are given a choice to either take the entire test
again, take a test on only the questions that you answered wrong, or go back
to the MAIN MENU. You can continue to take the test on only the incorrect
answers until all are correct. You can abort the test at any "continue" prompt
by pressing ESC.

Use EXIT when you are finished so that any data entered while in the
program is saved.

A sample test file is included. When prompted for a test name, enter
"capitols" to use this file.

William Shipley

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