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Prints Truth Tables from Boolean Operations!.
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Prints Truth Tables from Boolean Operations!.
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Michael P. Kelly COMPUSERVE 73747,420


I wrote TTM to generate boolean algebra truth tables in my
digital design and electronics courses. It eliminates the boring and
sometimes tedious task of having to do it yourself by scratch. Some of the
expressions can get rather complicated and large. There are shortcuts,
of course, but why bother when this program will do it for you in the wink
of an eye, right?! Then you can reduce the expression yourself or whatever
you chose to do.
Many courses require you to turn in truth tables as part of your
homework or labs. This program will handle that for you or at least
check out your answers for you. I have tried TTM on all the problems I
have seen in my 2 textbooks on Digital Computer Design and it has evaluated
them all successfully.
However, I am sure that someone will attempt to molest or try to
push this program to the limit by typing in all 26 variables and using all
80 characters that are allowed hoping to crash it. Then call me back and
say "Hey, it doesn't work, this program sucks, it's garbage!" This sort
of individual is the kind of person who will always try to push a button
that a sign says "DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON", or go down the up escalator, etc.

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