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Creates interesting biomorph creatures. (Scientific American).
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Creates interesting biomorph creatures. (Scientific American).
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Contents of the BIOMORPH.DOC file

This program comes from Scientific American "Computer Creations" in
an issue between May and July 1989. I loaned out the magazine so I
am not sure which.

Recomended starting settings:

Formula Z^3 Z^5
Real seed .5 1
Imaginary seed 0 1
XMIN -10 -3
XMAX 10 3
YMIN -10 -3
YMAX 10 3

Once plotting starts pressing any key will pause or the program will
pause an display the complete image. Strike any key again and a grid
of lines will appear. Center coordinates and the distance between grid
lines appear at the top of the screen. These can be used for "zooming
in". Press any key and the program ends.

For a high resolution system the 4 color CGA mode can be used to make a
fast "check" plot.

Coming soon: Faster execution and more formulas.

Timothy Brown

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