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Working Schematic Demo Program.
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Working Schematic Demo Program.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


This disk is a demonstration disk of SCHEMA, a schematic
processing program that lets engineers quickly and easily
create schematics, wire/net lists, bills of materials and
other engineering documentation on a PC.

This demo disk contains three programs:

1) A self-running demo of SCHEMA's Schematic and Object
editor program, SCHDRAW. This program, SCHDEMO, runs itself
and shows many of the capabilities of SCHDRAW.

2) A demo version of SCHEMA's post-processor, SCHPOST. The
SCHPOST program does not require any user interaction and
automatically generates a complete set of post-processor
outputs from a schematic.

3) An interactive version of SCHEMA's editor program,
SCHDRAW. This program allows you to actually use the editor
and create schematics and objects.

The SCHDRAW and SCHPOST programs are demo versions of two of
the six programs that comprise SCHEMA. SCHDRAW is SCHEMA's
schematic and object editor. SCHPOST is SCHEMA's post-
processor, providing design checks, wire/net lists, reports,
and bill of materials extraction from SCHDRAW-produced
schematic drawings. The standard SCHEMA programs that are
not provided on this disk are SCHPRINT, SCHPLOT, SCHLIB, and
SCHCFG. These programs provide batch printing, plotting,
object library management, and configuration file management
functions, respectively. The SCHDRAW version on this disk
is identical to the actual version, except no disk-write or
printer operations can be done.


The following hardware is required to run the demo disk

IBM PC/XT/AT, COMPAQ, or other compatible with at least 512K
RAM, DOS 2.0 or above, and one of the following graphics
adapter types: IBM Standard Color Graphics Adapter, IBM
Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA), or Hercules.

A Microsoft or Mouse Systems mouse is required to run the
interactive version of SCHDRAW.


To run the automatic demo, do the following:

1) Boot the system normally.

2) Place the SCHEMA demo disk in drive A and type
A: (this selects drive A).

3) Enter one of the following commands, depending
on the graphics adapter type in your system:



HERCULES (Hercules)

TECMAR (Tecmar graphics master)

SIGMA (Sigma Designs 400)

AT&T (AT&T 6300)

A batch file is invoked and the demo program starts. You
are asked one question pertaining to execution speed. If
you have a standard speed PC or XT respond with 'A'. If you
have a faster PC, such as an AT or COMPAQ DeskPro, respond
with 'B'. The 'B' response slows the program down for use
on these faster machines. After you have run the program
once, you may want to use the 'C' response. This takes out
the wait times and executes the demo at full-speed. The
demo program can be paused at any time by pressing any key,
it continues by again pressing any key.

NOTE: The AT&T 6300, Sigma, and Tecmar demos run in the
standard IBM Color compatible mode. While the interactive
SCHDRAW demo (see below) runs in their higher 640 x 400
resolution modes.


SCHPOST is SCHEMA's post-processor. SCHPOST automatically
produces six different outputs, derived from an input set of
schematic drawings. These six outputs include a list of
Routing Errors, a set of five Design Rule Checks, a Wire
List, a Net List (a machine-readable form of the Wire List),
two useful Reports, and a Bill of Materials (BOM).

A two-page sample schematic (LOGIC.P01 and LOGIC.P02) has
been included on this disk to let you run the post-
processor. To run, enter:


This invokes the post-processor (SCHPOST), informs it of the
schematic name (LOGIC), and runs all (A) six 'sub' post-
processors, each one automatically creating one of the
outputs discussed above. All readable outputs are sent to
the screen as SCHPOST executes. Also, a file, LOGIC.NET, is
created which contains the net list. Use the LOCK> keys to control output viewing. If desired, make a
hardcopy of the output by entering:


This time, when SCHPOST runs, all output is sent to your

NOTE: The Bill of Materials output is 120 columns wide, so
the appropriate printer mode or wide paper is required.


The file SCHDRAW.DOC contains documentation on using the
interactive SCHDRAW program. SCHDRAW.DOC should be printed
out before attempting to use this program.


Feel free to make as many copies of this disk as you want
and freely distribute them. To order SCHEMA or for more
information, contact:

Omation, Inc.
1701 N. Greenville Ave., #809
Richardson, TX 75081


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