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An interactive game for ages 1 to 3 years old - nice graphics that hold the interest of that age group.
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An interactive game for ages 1 to 3 years old – nice graphics that hold the interest of that age group.
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Contents of the IANSGAME.DOC file


(C) Copyright 1990 Mark L. Smith

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This is a game that I wrote for Ian, my sixteen month old son. He had
seen the rest of the family using the computer, and had become more and
more curious about it. He finally got to the point of throwing
screaming fits to play on the keyboard. However, when I checked around,
I could not find any software usable by such a young child! It just
seemed outrageous to waste all the enthusiasm that he was showing;
especially for an activity (i.e. computer use) that will be so crucial
for all kids. I don't know how old a child might have to be to play
this game, but probably the capability to sit up and explore the
keyboard would be needed. That potentially could be quite young! Drop
me a note to let me know what happens.

The game uses bright colors, sounds, and basic shapes which change in a
semi-random order in response to any key press. The hardware
requirements are minimal; a CGA display is needed. I have not tested
the game on EGA or VGA, but it should work there too, since the
medium-resolution graphics mode is supported by those displays. The
game speed should be fine on all different speed PC Compatibles.

Files included:

IANSGAME.EXE - The game itself
IANSGAME.DAT - A data file used by the game
IANSGAME.DOC - This file

To run the game:

1. From diskette

Place the EXE and DAT files onto your diskette. Change to the
drive in which you have the diskette, type IANSGAME and push

2. From hard drive

Copy the EXE and DAT files to the directory of your choice.
Change to that directory, type IANSGAME and push ENTER.

If you have questions about these procedures, consult your DOS manual.

To exit the game:

The only way to quit gracefully is to press the CTRL + BREAK keys. I
did not disable the CTRL + ALT + DELETE combination for a re-boot, so
you can use that to quit not-so-gracefully! If you would like the
re-boot combination disabled, let me know. I am prepared to modify the
game if there is enough demand.

This game is written as shareware, which means that you can try it for
evaluation purposes. If you find that it is useful to you, please send
a contribution to:
BUFORD, GA 30518

I suggest that $10.00 would be appropriate, but whatever you can afford
will be appreciated. As an encouragement, I will notify those people
who register of the procedure to configure the program to skip the
opening announcement screen. I will also give those folks one free
upgrade to any future versions of the program, if I make modifications
or improvements (you will have to supply a disk at that time).

You may freely copy and distribute this program under the following

1. No remuneration may be accepted, other than a nominal fee to cover
the costs for media and copying.

2. All files must be included without ANY modifications.

I would welcome any feedback about the game, or suggestions for
improvements. I can be reached at the address listed or via Compuserve
User No. 70357,1215.

In case you are curious, my son's reaction to this game was all that I
had hoped! He made the connection between keyboard activity and the
audio-visual fun very quickly. Judging by the laughter and keyboard
pounding, he finds it very entertaining (I hope the keyboard survives!).

I hope that your kids will have just as much fun with it! If they do,
then please support the shareware concept by registering the program.

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