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Family tree V6.1. Organize your geneology and print trees.
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Family tree V6.1. Organize your geneology and print trees.
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FTREE1.COM 39970 21000 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Dear customer,

This is a shareware distribution disk for FAMILY TREE. It con-
tains all of the program files necessary for full operation.

You may input information for up to 32767 family members and
produce books based on this information in a variety of formats.
These books make unique gifts and are sure to become the topic
of conversation at many family gatherings.


Use the normal procedure to bring your computer up to the
prompt. Insert the FAMILY TREE disk into drive A (or B) and type
A: (or B: ) .



You will be asked if you want to print instructions. These
instructions, which require a little over 20 sheets of paper,
will provide you with all of the information required to use

I would also like to suggest that the program could provide the
basis for a school project, either as something that could be
used in a computer literacy course where a class of students
could use the program to input their own information, or as an
individual project in a history, literature, creative writing,
or similar course. The program would provide a vehicle for the
students to learn about themselves and their family as well as
communication skills in researching libraries and court records
and corresponding with relatives. The program is easy enough to
use by almost any grade level from elementary through college
graduate students.

If any teachers or educators are interested in using Family Tree
as part of a school curriculum, I will provide special discounts
and/or group registrations for that purpose.

I think that you will find that FAMILY TREE is the finest
genealogy program available on the market. If you have any
problem or suggestions, please write or call after 5:00PM EST.

Rick Cherry
Cherry Tree Software
Post Office Box 964
Reynoldsburg, Ohio


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