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A host mode terminal program for the PAKRATT-232.
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A host mode terminal program for the PAKRATT-232.
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Contents of the README file

PAKTERM Installation Version 2.0

1) Delete all previous files except for note files (PKNOTE.1 & .2)
and message files (PKMES.1 and etc.) This includes all help files,
.DEF, and .CFG files !

2) Copy all files to where ever you want to run pakterm from
(floppy or harddisk).

3) Run PAKTERM. PAKTERM will create PKHELP.1 from HELP.FIL. Once
PKHELP.1 has been created, HELP.FIL can be deleted. Always keep
a copy of this file (HELP.FIL) somewhere in case PKHELP.1 needs
to be re-created. PKHELP.1 is useable only on the drive it was
created on. I.E. if PKHELP.1 was created on a harddisk, it can
NOT be used to run PAKTERM from a floppy and visa versa.

4) When you 1st use the QSO Log routine, an error message
is displayed about the default file being missing. Choose
the DEFAULT item from the menu and then choose the 1st item
from the DEFAULT menu to set up your station information
file (default file). The message will then go away.

5) It is probably best to look at the manual, lotsa new stuff

and things work slightly differently.

6) Have Fun...

Dick KD4JP

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