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Pre-K to K: Shapes, Colors, Sounds, Numbers, Face -- let's kids see an effect of pushing keys on keyboard.
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Pre-K to K: Shapes, Colors, Sounds, Numbers, Face — let’s kids see an effect of pushing keys on keyboard.
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Shapes & Letters

An educational game for children from ages 1 and up.

My son Kevin always loves to bang on my keyboard, yet he wasn't old
enough to really understand some of the other kids games. He was just
learning his letters and numbers so I decided to create a simple graphic
program that just displayed the letter pressed in a large and colorful
format. Here is the result, and even I am surprised at how much he loves to
play with this game. (Almost every time he sees my computer on!)

Minimum requirements:
Graphics Adapter: CGA or above (Hercules not supported)
Operating System: DOS 2.0 or above
Can be run from floppy or hard drive

It's simple to run, just invoke the program by typing SHP&LET at the
command line and let your kid do the rest. Every time a letter is pressed
it will come up about screen size on the display with a random foreground
and background color as well as a random tone! Number keys also generate the
corresponding number on the screen. Other keys, such as the function keys
and punctuation display different shapes for the child to learn.

To return to DOS you must depress CTRL-F10, this way your kid won't
unexpectedly end the game sending him or her into the worst temper tantrum
you've every seen.

The title screen reflects my son's name Kevin (you can also see the title
screen by hitting the ESC key). If you'd like to have a personalized copy,
please send in the registration card below with your kid's name printed in
the space provided, along with a $7 registration fee to:

Shapes & Letters
c/o Bryan Barrett
5433 Endicott Lane
Columbia MD 21044

Please specify media size (5-1/4 or 3-1/2 inch disks). Also a Tandy 1000
version is available (uses Tandy's sound chip). If you have any problems or
suggestions for more educational software you'd like to see for the young
ones, feel free to write to me at the above address or Email me at my
Compuserve Address 76120,2375.

Shapes & Letters Registration

Name _____________________________ Child's Name __________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State ____ Zip ________________

Media Size: 5-1/4 ___ 3-1/2 ____ Version: IBM ___ Tandy ___

Computer Type ____________________ Graphics Adapter _______________

Send this Coupon and $7 to:
Bryan Barrett, 5433 Endicott Lane, Columbia MD 21044


This product is COPYRIGHTED to the author with all rights reserved.
This fee, when paid, entitles you (a single user) to full usage of this
product as long as it remains unaltered. This package may be posted on
any BBS or shareware system as long as no fees are charged for distribution
and handling, and the package is distributed in it's entirety along with
this documentation file..

Use of this product by schools or other groups must be registered with the
author. Commercial use of this product is forbidden without the expressed
written consent of the author.

This product is presented as is and with no warrenties expressed or
implied. The author assumes no responsibility for its use, misuse or
otherwise non-use!

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